baking book giveaway

What to Bake & How to Bake It: Baking Book Giveaway

This book has a completely different feel to other baking books – Both in its content and the actual texture of the book. I was intrigued as soon as I opened my copy – Its a substantial sized book – If you gave someone this for a gift, they would feel they had got a… 

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chocolate orange pumpkin bombe halloween

Chocolate Orange Pumpkin Bombe #UnileverHalloween

I’ve been wanting to make a Bombe for ages. I knew it wouldn’t be super easy, otherwise everyone would be making them, wouldn’t they? I was set the Halloween Challenge by Unilever when they sent me some products to come up with a Halloween creation. I decided to combine my Bombe with a Pumpkin and… 

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vita coco kids

Autumn Picnics with #Vitapicnics

I’m going to let you into a secret – There’s a place I know. Its rather perfect. Don’t tell everyone – They’ll all want to go. If you’re thinking of setting out on an autumn picnic over the half term – you may want to think about going. Let me tell you about Hell’s Mouth… 

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monkfish linguini

Monkfish Linguini – Foodie Friday

I’ll never forget the first time we had Monkfish. We had not long bought our first house and we were starting on our cooking journey – I’d just about mastered a chilli and Sweet n Sour, but wanted to experiment with fish. Someone had told us to try Monkfish saying how meaty it is and… 

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homemade takeaway ideas

Makeaway v’s Takeaway with Sainsbury’s

We don’t have traditional Saturday nights – We area back too late from Synchro trainings and have to be up at 6am on Sundays. It often means that come Sunday nights, we need something really simple and quick. I’m a bit of a one for a takeaway but Derm is always conscious that they are… 

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double choc chip oaty cookies

Double Chocolate Oaty Cookies – Bake of the Week

My kids are going to love me when they get home tonight – A true family favourite are these Oaty Cookies. I forget how much the kids love these – they were actually one of the first recipes I ever made. I think I added some nuts but have done without today. These are also… 

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belVita #morningwin

#MorningWin with Belvita

Ah, mornings – don’t we all just love them? Here’s how they go in our house … If we wake before 8.30 If the uniform is not dirty. If the ham is still in date, making lunch won’t make us late. If we find shoes, left and right, If the kids don’t start to fight…. 

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apple date cinnamon flapjacks

Apple, Date & Cinnamon Flapjacks – Bake of the Week

Sometimes you should just accept that things are not going to go your way – The first 2 times of making these Apple, Date & Cinnamon Flapjacks was one of these times – I came down with a rotten cold on Sunday evening but tried to ignore it. Not feeling quite right, I thought I… 

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chorizo, pepper chutney puff pastry

Welcome to Foodie Friday! Chorizo, Pepper & Chutney Pinwheels

I’m very pleased to have joined up forces with the lovely Otilia from Romanian Mum in celebrating all things food. Every Friday we will be taking it in turns to lead the Foodie Friday linky. We would love as many people as possibly to join in and share what you are cooking with us –… 

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pecan maple brioche bites

Pecan & Maple Brioche Rolls – Bake of the Week

Oh my! This just might be my favourite thing I have ever baked (I’m sure I’ve said that before?!) These Pecan & Maple Brioche Rolls aren’t necessarily the quickest bake ever but they are more than worth it. You do need to do the preparation a couple of nights before to get the brioche dough… 

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bacon balsamic black pudding risotto

Bacon, Balsamic & Black Pudding Risotto – Organic September

We are coming towards the end of Organic Food Month and I’ve been trying to do my bit. I will admit to thinking in the past, that organic food was mainly for the rich and picky, expensive cuts of meat and teeny vegetables. I have been educated over the past few months though, and it… 

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