cooking with kids smoothies

Homemade Ice Lollies: Peach Melba Smoothies – Center Parcs Family Blogger Challenge

  The last in my monthly Center Parcs Family Blogger Challenges – Its been a brilliant experience making blog about various challenges and being involved with the Center Parcs crew. This month’s challenge was just up my street – We had to get in the kitchen, with the kids and come up with some Homemade… 

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hotter comfort shoes

Hotter Shoes – Not Old Lady Shoes! Win a £20 Voucher.

There’s a major bonus to working from home … you can wear your slippers to work! Now you can picture just how glamorous I am, can’t you? Seriously though, I have noticed a massive change in my feet since I left office work and stayed in my kitchen. I used to be a heels girl,… 

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piñata birthday cake

Chocolate Piñata Cake

EDIT: The story behind the Chocolate Piñata Cake …Maybe not the neatest or best decorated cake I’ve ever made but certainly one of the quickest. I’d made the cakes on Friday morning (2 shallow and one deep in case you are interested) then I had 15 minutes to decorate on the Friday afternoon before we… 

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cadbury's twirl ice-cream cupcakes

Cadbury’s Twirl Ice-Cream Cupcakes – Bake of the week

There’s not just Cadbury’s Twirl ON these cupcakes, there’s Twirl IN them too! AND in the sauce! A triple dose of chocolatey-ness! Last week, Cadbury’s asked me if I could find it within myself to come up with a recipe using their chocolate bars. I managed to drag myself off the sofa to stick the… 

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toffee pecan caramel roulade

Toffee & Pecan Roulade – Bake of the Week

Remember the caramel recipe from last week? I promised that there would be follow up recipes, using the leftover caramel (well, the bits I didn’t eat straight off the spoon!). This is a dessert that me & Mr C buy as our treat once in a while. It bugs me every time I buy it… 

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For the first time in its 138-year history, Warburtons is changing its name to Warbeartons on over 6 million Half & Half products to celebrate it's partnership with Paddington Bear 7

Paddington Bear joins forces with Warbeartons

Psst! Don’t tell my kids but I’m rather partial to a Bear. Not just any old bear, but Paddington Bear. Just the sound of his name and the sight of his blue duffle coat transports me back to my childhood. It was always a disappointment that I just wasn’t that keen on marmalade. I’m the… 

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lemon raspberry cream sundae

Lemon & Raspberry Cream Sundae – Summer Sweet Treats with #MorrisonsMum

This is the perfect dessert for a warm and sunny afternoon – Tangy raspberries with luscious dreamy lemon cream. The addition of toasted marzipan provides a wonderful texture and chewiness. We use homemade lemon curd which adds an extra wow but if you were really stuck for time (dreaded surprise visitors?) a jar would do… 

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toasted coconut sponges

Toasted Coconut Sponges with Caramel Sauce – Bake of the Week

This Caramel sauce is definitely my new addiction. Paired up with the delicious taste (and chewiness) of Toasted Coconut in a light sponge – You have a dessert made in heaven. These little cake are just as good made into a large cake (I have a large version cooling in the kitchen as I type)… 

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white chocolate hazelnut churros

Churros Bites with White Chocolate & Hazelnuts

Impossible to eat only one, I tell you! I much prefer smaller Churros to long thin ones – They are so much more convenient to eat. These are quite delicious on their own, simply rolled in sugar but for extra wow, try them dipped first in white chocolate, then chopped hazelnuts. I’m all about luxury… 

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cherry loaf cake

Cherry Streusel Loaf Cake – Bake of the Week

The Costello Kitchen was closed for a few days last week (to baking – we still manage to eat other things than cake!). BritMums and school stuff seemed to take over. The ovens are back on with a vengeance today though. I started with something hearty and easy to make – I reckon we can… 

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britmums live business card

The Disorganised Blogger’s Guide to attending BritMums Live

Well, its here. The night before BritMums . Bloggers up and down the land are prepared for trundling along to London in the morning. Blog posts have been written for weeks introducing sponsors, describing outfits, even detailing what has been packed in their bags. I’ve seen perfectly manicured nails through the wonders of Instagram. I… 

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