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Smokefree for Children #brakesonsmoking

See these kids? They are as safe as you can get in a car … dangers on the road aside, at least we know that the air they breathe is clean. As non-smokers we’ve never really had to think about our kids being exposed to passive smoking in our own car. We don’t really ever more »

Eisberg Wine Giveaway

Eisberg Non-Alcoholic Wine – Blog Anniversary Giveaway #1

Its fair to say our weekends are slightly out of the ordinary – We do not often manage to make nights out but like many others, enjoyed a drink at home on either a Friday or a Saturday. Dermot has to work on Saturdays and now I drive Millie to Leeds (1.5 hour journey) every more »

blog anniversary

7 years of blog posts – Happy Anniversary Casa Costello!

Casa Costello is 7 this week! Yay and Happy Blogiversary to me Its been 7 years of really good fun – I started off as a Celebration Cake blog telling the behind the scenes tales of cakes customers had ordered, for example, why someone chose a Most Unusual First Holy Communion Cake and have covered all more »

lemon basil muffins

Lemon & Basil Muffins – March Secret Recipe Club

I’ve been wanting to be a member of the Secret Recipe Club for a year now. A huge group of likeminded bloggers who are assigned a fellow member’s blog and can choose from their vast collection, which recipe to make. The waiting list is enormous as it is such an illustrious gang to be part more »

stuffed meaty mushrooms

Stuffed Meaty Mushrooms – #FoodieFriday

One of my most favourite recipes ever! If there is stuffed mushrooms on any menu when we go out, you can guarantee I’ll be ordering them – Indian, Italian …even those breaded ones on most pub menus! The good news is this recipe is even better than the bought versions. The quantities given are enough more »

minion birthday cake

Minion Birthday Cake & Party – Bake of the Week

Well, its a bit of a different Bake of the Week from me this week. I hadn’t realised how long it had been since I did a properly decorated cake until Tara said ‘Wow Mummy, did you do that ALL by yourself?!’ Bless her! We had our crazy happy week last week, when Tara & more »

costello children alton towers

What we learnt from a visit to Alton Towers

We are just back from spending a couple of days at Alton Towers – We stayed overnight in the Alton Towers Hotel and had a day each in the Splash Landings Waterpark, then today at the theme park. We’ve been to the hotel quite a few times before but haven’t visited the theme park as more »

vegetarian spring rolls

Vegetarian Spring Rolls – #JLCook

I’m a big lover of Chinese Food but don’t often get round to making it from scratch. My ultimate in a lazy night is a Hot & Sour Soup with a portion of prawn crackers to dip in. Can’t say I’m not classy! To become more proficient at cooking chinese dishes is definitely on my more »

dulce de leche kisses

Dulce De Leche Kisses – Bake of the Week

There are some things I make that surprise even me, how popular they are. These Dulce de Leche kisses never fail to disappear and I’m always surprised how quickly they do! I have a confession though, I used shop bought Dulce de Leche instead of making my own. I’ve had a huge tub that I more »

cherries in kirsch

In My Kitchen February 2015

Is anyone else finding it REALLY difficult to type February this year? I type all sorts of combinations before I get it right. Just me then?! Anyway, let’s get on … I used to periodically join in with one of the most fascinating linkies around, In My Kitchen hosted by Fig Jam & Lime Cordial. more »

minted scallops mixed vegetables frozen

Minted Scallops with Mixed Vegetables & Buttery Mash #CoolCookery

One of the biggest changes of recent years in our house is how we use our freezer. It used to be the area of the kitchen that was the most empty – We had Ice-cream, frozen pies, the obligatory chicken nuggets and not much else. As we started to cook more ‘proper food’ our freezer more »