Seems like yesterday!

Cherishing Family Milestone Moments with Fairy

I like to think I don’t take any of my children’s milestones for granted. Everyone always says how quickly time goes by and that you will never get those childhood years back (I’m never quite sure how to take that!) Parents of teenagers are quick to tell me that the toddlers years are the best… 

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ok magazine competition

Win 1 years subscription to OK! Magazine

Now I know I talk a lot about wine and gin, but even I have an alcohol free night sometimes. My mum isn’t a drinker either so we always have some soft drinks in for such occasions. I first tried Shloer 13 years ago when I was having Millie – I have to admit it… 

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non alcoholic bellini cocktail recipe

Non-Alcoholic Peach/Mango Bellini Cocktail

One of my most favourite cocktail experiences ever was visiting The Living Rooms in Liverpool having their Peach Bellinis. Over the years (and it is years since I was in there!) I have messed around with various recipes to recreate the magic. I’m pretty chuffed with my non-alcoholic Bellini for taste, speed and appearance. Definitely… 

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apple pecan crunch crumble sundae

Apple Pecan Crunch – Bake of the Week

I promise you, you will never look the same way at Apple Crumble ever again after eating this! Much as I love a traditional dessert, sometimes they need a bit of refreshing. I suppose in posh circles this would be called a deconstructed Apple Crumble – Whatever you want to call it, its delicious. And… 

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edible muesli brandy snap baskets bowls

Muesli Brandy Snap Baskets – Eat Natural Cereal Review

You know I love a challenge, right? Well I do. I’ve challenged myself to come up with an alternative way of presenting and eating cereal – Eat Natural cereal to be precise. I love the idea of getting my girls to eat more cereals – Not the processed kind covered in chocolate but natural goodness…. 

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decorated cookies book giveaway

Book Giveaway: Deliciously Decorative Cookies

I’m well know for my love of books – Cookbooks, Cake Books, Reading Books – they are well and truly taking over the house! This book is one of the best I’ve seen so far though – I’m so pleased to be able to share a giveaway to¬†WIN ONE OF 3 COPIES OF DELICIOUSLY DECORATIVE… 

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sweet chilli oat crackers

Sweet Chilli Oat Biscuits – Bake of the Week

I’m so pleased with this recipe – Completely made up of course, but pleased nonetheless. I’ve been demolishing Tesco’s Sweet Chilli Oat Biscuits for a while and its been bugging me that I’m paying for such a small packet (There’s only about 10 biscuits/crackers in the box). I’m always up for a culinary challenge so… 

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soreen malt loaf rocky road

Soreen Malt Loaf Rocky Road

I’ve always been a fan of Soreen Malt Loaf – It was like a big treat when my Mum used to buy it when I was a child. I’ve passed that love onto my girls thankfully – We now have to buy Soreen in 2′s as they don’t last 5 minutes in this house. (Handy… 

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pear & caramel cake

Pear & Pecan Cake – Bake of the Week

I’m back! Still fighting my way through the mountain of washing and emails, but at least I’m back in the country. We had terrible internet connection in France this year so it definitely resulted in an enforced break from social media – I’d like to say my internet problems are behind me now but that… 

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sylvanian families forest nursery

When Sylvanian Families meet the Costello Family – Review

Sylvanian Family toys are huge favourites of my girls – they are just the sort of thing they love- lots of tiny pieces and many possibilities for variations. I’m not promising that they don’t occasionally find themselves hidden in a bike or a rogue dolls house too. They are really versatile. We were asked a… 

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lemon lime coloured cake swiss roll rainbow

Lemon & Lime Swiss Roll – Great British Bake Off 2014!

There’s much excitement in the Costello Household tonight – Series 4 of The Great British Bake Off is back! My girls have dictated that we MUST be sat down at 8PM to watch together. Of course, for any important viewing there has to be snacks – I’ve heard a little rumour that tonight is Cake… 

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