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Stollen is a German fruitcake said to sometimes contain marzipan – Sometimes??? Every time in our house. I wasn’t sure whether it was classed as a bread or a cake but my research has declared that it is most definitely CAKE.

All other Stollen recipes I have ever seen have contained mixed peel. I have tried my best to learn to like mixed (or candied) peel but I just can’t. There is nothing like the disappointment of tucking into a delicious treat/slice of cake to get a mouthful of bitter peel. Eew! I’ve learn to adapt quite a few recipes over the years – My fruit cake recipe doesn’t contain peel either. Stollen is one of my hidden gems – I always think it doesn’t look that impressive but the taste makes up for it.

I love the red flecks of the glace cherries and the icing sugar on top is just a delightful treat. I’ve just given this recipe a test at our WI’s Cake and Bake night when the theme was ‘Christmas Bakes’ – I’m pleased to say that it went down really well.

We are having visitors tonight for the annual Christmas present swap – I’d love to think I’d be able to knock one of these Stollens up by then but its not likely with the 3 Amigos off school!

Stollen Recipe - with no Mixed/Candied Peel

Stollen Recipe - with no Mixed/Candied Peel


  • 100ml lukewarm milk
  • 1 sachet dried yeast
  • 200g Bread/Extra Strong flour - I see Tesco's Own
  • Pinch of salt
  • 25g Ground Almonds
  • 2tsp Mixed Spice - I used Steenberg's
  • 70g sultanas
  • 70g raisins
  • 50g glace cherries (I cut into halves)
  • 30g Flaked almonds
  • 50g melted butter
  • 2 medium eggs (whisked)
  • 350g - 400g Natural Marzipan (I have been known to use a full 500g packet so go for your life if you like more)
  • 3 Tbsp Icing Sugar


  1. Mix the yeast and the warm milk together in a jog and leave to rest for approx 10 minutes - It should be foamy when you return.
  2. In the meantime, mix together the flour, 1 tsp of the mixed spice, sugar, dried fruit, salt, nuts & butter in a large bowl.
  3. Make a well in the bottom and add the eggs & yeast/milk mixture and fold in.
  4. Knead well for at least 10 mins if doing by hand, making sure that all the fruit is evenly spread throughout the dough.
  5. Leave for at least 30-45 minutes to prove - I was in a rush in this picture and didn't leave it nearly long enough. Your dough should have doubled in size.
  6. When your dough has doubled, knead again for approx 3 minutes.
  7. Roll out your marzipan into a rectangle - The length should be around 8 inches.
  8. Flatten out on a lightly floured surface until it measure at least 8 inches in length.
  9. Lay the marzipan over the top, covering 2 thirds of the dough and fold over the side that does not have the marzipan on it towards the middle. Fold the other third with the marzipan on top of this third so you have a zig zag of marzipan inside the stollen loaf.
  10. Flip the dough over so the seal is on the bottom - Don't worry if some of the marzipan tries to escape during cooking.
  11. Leave to prove again for between 45 mins to 1 hour in a warm place.
  12. Bake at 170C for 50 mins - This recipe takes slightly longer than other stollen recipes due to the extra marzipan. It should lovely and golden when it comes out of the oven.
  13. Mix the remaining tsp of mixed spice and the icing sugar together and when the stollen has cooled for around 10-15mins, sprinkle over the top.
  14. Leave to cool completely, slice and enjoy with a cup of tea!


  1. Joanne says

    This looks a great recipe and have everything ready to try it then realised in your main text you say about adding all dry ingredients to mixing bowl and mention sugar, could you please confirm sugar is needed and if so the quantity, many thanks Joanne

    • Helen says

      Hi Joanne,

      Thanks so much for pointing out the error. Somehow I’ve mixed up the sugar and the flour – It should be 500g plain flour and 200g sugar. Hope the bake turns out well for you xx

  2. says

    I wish I had seen your recipe last week when I made my Stollen with my dad (the whole experience, recipe and photos, as well as a little story about Stollen are in my blog). Now I have to try yours!

  3. says

    Are you in the WI? In St Helens? Are you in WiSH? I’m in the WI in Woolton…. we might have met at sometime (like at the fun quiz in January 2015!) I’m visiting from my cottage to your casa!

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