Chocolate, Lime & Raspberry Petit Fours

chocolate cup with lime cream & raspberry

I’m well known for my love of The Great British Bake Off. Remember, I even had a section about it in my 40th birthday poem. Well, when we were on holiday, a new baking group was born in homage to everyone’s favourite programme.

I was chatting to my friend, Julia yesterday and she talked me into joining – she even went as far as adding me to the Facebook group so there was no chance of backing out. I was on a strict time limit though as the cut off to join in is tonight at 9pm – yep, in 50 minutes times.

The theme for this week is Petit Fours – I completely adore Petit Four week on the show. I intend on having a selection of Petit Fours available whenever guest come round but somehow it never seems to happen. Whatever I chose to make to join in with the group had to be quick so I chose Chocolate cases with a lime cream and raspberry garnish. I’m sure there’s a posher way of explaining it but that’s what they are!

I did a selection of milk chocolate and white chocolate cases which I let set for 1/2 an hour (I used my new silicone cases from Lakeland). I whipped up some double cream (about 200ml) and squeezed (I googled, its not Squoze!) the juice of 1/2 a lime in – Plonk on a raspberry and flick about some grated lime zest. Ta-Da! How do they manage to make such a song and dance in that tent? (I’m kidding – Mary Berry would reduce me to pulp)

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  1. says

    could i please reach in and grab one? i love the chocolate cases and the lime and raspberry topping aswell? mmmmm yes mmmmm
    thanks for linking up and well done on rustling these up so fast!
    next week – pies!

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