Raa Raa The Noisy Lion Cake – Cake of the Week

A totally new cake for me this week (Yay!) and the reason that Cake of the Week is running slightly late – Oops, we were out partying and then out with friends last night (Yep, we have some!)

Anyway, on with the cakes – I have to admit that I had to google Raa Raa the Noisy Lion as I had never heard of it. The eldest girls have moved on from CBeebies and Tara just isn’t interested in TV – weird, I know! Raa Raa seems like a friendly chap but the size of his head gave me cold sweats. Even with a creme egg body, I still struggled to keep him upright but managed to lean him next to the cake.

The colours on the cake matched Ruby’s napkins, tablecloths etc at her party – I was really pleased with the combination. The ‘tree trunk’ was made using a cake pillar and some leaves on wires poked into the middle.

The girls had the most amazing time at the party. Vi bonded with another little girl that she goes swimming with and Millie played Mum with Tara -bonus! And it was held in our close, so we didn’t have far to stagger home. Perfect.

Last week’s Cake of the Week linkup was brilliant – I’m loving exploring the new blogs I’m coming across and the creations out there are wonderful. ┬áKate from Five F’s gave us a wonderful sounding Lavender Cake – I’ve not used lavender in cake yet but keep intending to after the success of the Lavender Cookies. Lisa showed us her first attempt at a number 13 birthday cake for her son – she really made me laugh at her horror of the tins not having bottoms – we’ve all had the same thoughts, Lisa!


Julie from MyLifeandKids amazed me with this fantastic Peppa Pig Cake – I tend to shy away from Building cakes but from seeing this I want to give one a go.



And then I came across this from Angie at Cakesphotolife – Wow!! Angie says in her post that she is proud of this cake – and so she should be. I really must get to grips with my Giant Cupcake tin but seeing this wonder gives me the jitters. Just fantastic!

Thanks so much everyone who takes part in Cake of the Week, I completely love it that the cake community is so strong and supporting of each other.




  1. Karen says

    All just simply brilliant!

    Dying to link up to cotw when I’m back on my feet properly. Few ideas!


    K xxx

  2. says

    I love all the cakes from last week! Was pleased I could join in this week, and feeling I might do more cakes over the coming weeks :-) I love your cake Helen, I’ve never heard of Raa Raa the noisy lion either!

  3. zoe says

    hey there,

    where abouts do you live I really love the raa raa cake how much is it? please email me back i adore it, and my son would LOVE it xx

  4. Leah says

    Really like the raa raa cake my son would love it how much and how can I order? If you could let me know by email would be great thank you

    • Helen says

      Hi thanks for your kind comment about the cake. Unfortunately, I’m not taking orders at the moment for cakes – Having some time with my children and barely managing to get tea on the table! Hope you get sorted. Hx


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