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go ape junior

If you go down in the woods today … you’ll find a lot of people swinging about having a brilliant time! A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to the opening of the new Go Ape Junior at Delamere. You can only imagine how excited the girls were (and Derm). We are a Go Ape family – M has been desperate to go on the browns up version but just can’t grow quick enough. Derm and his family have been on the Go Ape at Grisedale but that was far too high for the littlies.

Go Ape Delamere Junior

So off we tripped. Fair to say that V (age 7) was a little nervous but I was reassured that she would be fine. You have to be 6 and over to use the new Go Ape Junior – There’s something quite surreal about watching these little tots high above you.

I'm so proud of this little monkey

I’m so proud of this little monkey

They soon pick up the swing of it though. Climbers (Ape’s?) start with an ‘easy’ route to build up their confidence. Lovely to see siblings helping and guiding each other across the ropes. The big finale is the zip wire and then you can go back round to 2 more tracks.

Sisters even help each other when you're that high up!

Sisters even help each other when you’re that high up!

The Forest helpers are just brilliant – So gently spoken but authoratative when they are doing the safety briefing and strapping everyone up. For any nervous parents (Me? Never!) they reassure you that you are strapped on at all times. There’s no clicking and unclicking yourself on the Junior Go Ape.

That is high!

That is high!

Dermot was a little concerned that he might be too big for the Junior version but that wasn’t the case either – there’s definitely the right amount of peril!

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Miss M is now pleased to announce that she is tall enough (just!) to go on the Big Go Ape so we will be revisiting in July for her 12th birthday. I will not be joining her up in the sky – brilliant as it is, my place is on the ground with a packet of crisps and a drink with Baby T!

The Rules Of Go Ape Junior

  • Age 6 +
  • Over 1 metre tall
  • One adult can supervise up to 6 juniors
  • Must be 1:1 for a 6yo first trip
  • £17 per person (well worth it!)

For more details visit


    • Helen says

      Oh Mich, I can’t say I was brave enough to go on it but having seen how much fun it was – it might be tempted next time. Try to persuade them! x

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