Halloween Cookies

Halloween Cookies Recipe

It’s been ages since I had time to have a play around with some Halloween cookies. I’d forgotten how time-consuming they can be but also how much fun it is getting stuck in, icing flowing everywhere and just generally messing around.

I used to make hundreds of Halloween goodies for a charity trade show I used to do at Littlewoods every year – I loved it there, they really went to town on dressing up both themselves and the building (An old airport hanger in Liverpool in case you are interested). We were never big ones for doing Halloweeny stuff at home – doesn’t sit well with Catholics but having 3 children sort of means I’ve got sucked in to the fun element. We do have a pumpkin outside and we do answer the door to the hundreds of trick or treaters that we get. I’m not sure I’d want to part with my Halloween cookies though!

Mummy Cookies

I will have to practice a bit more with my runny royal icing – I was running out so didn’t want to make it too runny so it ended up being a little bit thick. But never mind, they taste gorgeous!

I also used a slightly different recipe than usual. I made syrup Halloween biscuits from the Baking Mad website. They turned out really well and didn’t spread too much. Some were slightly rounded on top but delicious to eat and I especially liked that after cutting the shapes I didn’t have to put them back in the fridge before baking.

Many thanks to Baking Mad me to do this post and sending me a bag of goodies!


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