How to get children to drink in hot weather

children's drinks

How do you make sure your children drink enough? Especially toddlers? We are in the middle of a heat wave here in the UK (not a sentence I think I’ve ever typed before). We keep hearing about how important it is to keep hydrated. Not a problem when you are an adult but a wilful toddler is very different.

I’m interested to know what tips you have got for getting liquids into your children. Have you any magic potions or implements that work wonders?

Here are the Costello tips for preventing dehydration:

  • We try small portions of drinks and change them often – Its more work and washing up but at least the drinks are fresh and cool and don’t overface the kids.
  • Massive fans of crushed ice in this house. I’ve discovered bought ice for about £1 per bag this year which I love and just bash it in a food bag, wrapped in a clean tea-towel. The children think they are having an exotic cocktail instead of boring old juice.
  • Vary the flavours – we have a fantastic selection of juice flavours and mix and match them. 
  • Tara (aged 2) is into straws – last night she refused to drink unless she had 6 straws in her cup. Once the straws were in, she guzzled 2 whole cups full of juice. Mine is not the place to reason with a 2 year old.
  • We freeze everything! The drinks for school are frozen the night before and defrost in time for lunch. Squeezy yoghurts are still cool by lunchtime if they are frozen when they go in. Smoothies on sticks are great ice lollies.
  • Our children crunch on huge ice cubes – This completely goes through me but they love em and it keeps them quiet for ages!
  • Cheapo shop brand ice-lollies are magnificent value and quick if you’ve not made your own. The rate we are getting through them, we’d never manage to freeze new batches in time. Farmfoods are the best value I’ve seen so far and even branded ones are amazing prices too. (yesterday I got 12 FAB lollies for £1.97)

So, what tips have you got? Long may the heatwave continue but be careful out there. However, judging by the amount of water in the paddling pool Tara has drunk today she should be fine for the next week!


  1. Helen says

    Ha! Beth, compliant and my children are not normally words used in the same sentence! They certainly know their own minds. So far, the ice mixtures seem to be working best. x

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