Giant Zesty Lemon Fondant Fancy: Clandestine Cakealong

Giant Lemon Fondant Fancy Cake

I think I’ve found my new favourite cake (I’m also sure I’ve said this before!) No, seriously, I made a discovery yesterday that will change my ‘go-to’ cake whenever I have to take a cake somewhere.

The Lemon Fondant Fancy is one of those cakes that looks impossible to do but is really quite easy. It does help that the base cake is only 6″ square so when it comes to covering it, it isn’t too difficult to get neat.

I made the buttercream (for the bump) with more icing sugar than usual to make it extra hard. I was worried that with it being so hot at the moment, the weight of the covering might squash it down. But that didn’t happen.

I did cover the cake and the bump with marzipan before covering with the yellow fondant icing as I love the taste of marzipan and I wanted a really neat finish. I suppose if you didn’t like the taste of marzipan, a thicker covering of just fondant would do just as well.

Uses for marmalade

The recipe is the brainwave of Jini Mulukutla, who I will try to have interviewed in the next few days. Jini’s recipe says to spread lemon curd in the centre of the cake and to stick the fondant down with the curd also. I was lucky enough to be sent some marmalades and jams from the lovely people at Mackays last month though, and wanted to see what would happen if I used marmalade instead. I thought that maybe it would be too tangy – I think I had convinced myself from being a child that marmalade was too bitter a taste. How wrong I was! It added just the perfect zesty taste. I am definitely going to be using marmalade as a substitute for spreading jam on a cake from now on. I also have another marmalade recipe coming up in a couple of days … watch this space!

We had some very tasty looking bakes from our last Cake-a-long – The Torta Columbina Cake.
Victoria Murray gave us this very neat example.

Source: Uploaded by user on Pinterest



Rhonda Kirby gave hers a bit of bling with some purple sprinkles

Rhonda's sparkly Torta Columbina

Rhonda’s sparkly Torta Columbina

Katy Hough had so much more success with her sugar topping than I did.

Katy's tasty looking Torta Columbina

Katy’s tasty looking Torta Columbina

And last but not least is Cassandra’s delicious looking bake. Cassandra forgot to put on her topping and sugar beads. I love this as that is just the sort of thing I do. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to put a cake in the oven to find I’ve forgotten to add sugar or eggs!

Source: Uploaded by user on Pinterest



Our bake for the next fortnight (and I promise it will be a fortnight) is the Father’s Day Spiced Ale Cake. This is my lovely friend, Deb Connor’s cake and I’ve actually tasted this cake. Hope I can do it justice when I bake it for Dermot for Father’s Day this weekend. I will be back with the roundup and the next bake on Monday 24th June. Happy Baking!

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  1. Victoria Murray says

    This one was really nice. I didn’t use marzipan though and used lemon curd. It was my husband’s birthday and he loves lemon cakes.

  2. Helen says

    I loved it too Victoria. I was sure I’d mess it up but it was great and so much quicker than I expected!

  3. says

    I once made a lemon cake for some mums coming for lunch who I didn’t yet know very well. About 5 mins before the oven pinged I noticed the bowlful of sugar I had failed to add : ( Gave sucking on lemons a whole new meaning!

  4. Katy says

    Hi Helen, the fondant fancy was a fab cake, really lovely with the lemon curd. Is there a link to upload the pics for this one? Katyx

    • Helen says

      Hi Katy, thanks for your message. Not sure what happened to the linky – it should be back now. Thanks for letting me know. Take Care, Hx

  5. Victoria Murray says

    I tried the Father’s Day cake but it didn’t turn out well! I don’t know what I did wrong – it was really wet no matter how long I left it in the oven! Just gave up in the end though I may try it again. :-(

    • Helen says

      Oh No! I’m going to try to make it either tonight or tomorrow for Derm for Father’s Day (whether he wants it or not!) Will let you know how I get on! Hx


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