Project Complete – Lego Campervan Review

We are a massive Lego family – we have whole cupboards, huge boxes, small boxes and now a Lego Head dedicated to the stuff. Its become an important element of Christmas that on Boxing Day the dining room table is cleared and our comes the Lego kit that Santa delivered a day earlier (He’s never let us down yet!)

We’ve had alsorts over the years – A plane, An Airport, A House, Fire Station but I reckon this year’s is my personal favourite… A Lego Camper Van (I’m sure I’ve mentioned here before about our other obsession of VW Campers too – and yes, I still haven’t finished that knitted Camper!)

The kit came with over 1300 pieces and said that it was designed for age 16+ – Not a family to be deterred by a challenge, we set about it after our Boxing Day lie in.

There were about 12 bags of different sized Lego pieces (some of which were the teeniest I’ve ever seen). If you needed 3 of a certain size, you couldn’t guarantee that all 3 would be in the same bag – You have to be a Lego fan to know that this is the fun of the chase – the endless hours you can spend searching for that tall 2 piece with the rounded side ‘Nooo! That’s rounded on the right, we need left!’ Recognise it?

The Camper took a good few days to complete but didn’t drag on endlessly. The end seem to come quite quickly and we now have it on display – No-one is allowed near it!

Our favourite parts are the glass on the table, the fab retro curtains which really hang and being able to see the engine in the boot. Definitely a winner and a great investment for any VW Camper or Lego enthusiast.

We are now thinking forward to our next project – I’ve got my eye on the Town Hall or the Shop.

Disclosure: Father Christmas brought our Lego Camper – I believe he bought it from John Lewis for £79.95 and that it was worth every penny. We were not sent the Camper to review – I’ve just done so because I love it!


  1. says

    I love this! It certainly puts into perspective the half day my husband spent building the Helm’s Deep Lord of the Rings lego set I gave him. I have longed for my own VW camper van for years – this one is just about affordable! x

    • Helen says

      Blimey, that sounds like a project and a half! I’ve got a feeling that Santa will be bringing a number of Lego projects this way soon 😉

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