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Well, its been quite a week for sport putting it mildly. Although we are still in France, Olympic fever is still strong here (except for French TV not showing Tom Daley in the diving tonight but I won’t harp on about that!)

The beginning of the week started off with our Olympic adventure from Biarritz to London and back again within 36 hours (blog post to come soon!) and by Wednesday we were all back in the sea. Even Tara has developed a new obsession with the waves.

A long time ago you may remember me posting about my list of things to achieve before I’m 40 (53 weeks tomorrow by the way!) Having a go at surfing was on the list – I have to admit I’m not sure why, I’ve never been THAT desperate to have a go but on the list it was.

I was having a rare moment alone in the sea (anyone who has ever been on holiday with a 10,6 and 1 year old will know that you don’t get an awful lot of time alone) when Derm joined me complete with surfboard telling me I was having a go. Tara was being looked after by a friend and Vi was having her daily afternoon beach sleep. I started blustering about not being ready, not having the right costume on but it fell on deaf ears. My bully* of a husband said I couldn’t tell the girls to do new things if I wasn’t prepared to try so off I went.

I wasn’t a natural. I fell off. I nearly popped out of my cozzie. I didn’t manage to stand up. But it was really really funny. I will definitely have a go again and am so pleased my girls have seen me have a go. Millie has mentioned it is one of the highlights of her holiday so far. (So much for the amazing trip to the Olympics -it seems 10 minutes of seeing your mother look like a drowned rat beats that!)

Thankfully, there is no photographic evidence of my surfing efforts but I can leave you with a much prettier sight courtesy of our friend, Rob who was busy snapping the girls having fun surfing a day earlier.

I’m adding this post to Tara Cain’s Gallery as this week’s theme is Sport – I’m expecting tons of fabulous entries as the country seems so inspired by the fantastic Olympics.


* He’s not really a bully

P.S. Its raining tonight in Biarritz so I’ve taken the opportunity to catch up with a little internet time – Back soon!


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