Numberjack 4 Cake – Cake of the Week

A bold coloured cake can either be a complete success or a complete disaster in my experience. I had major doubts about this cake before I made it. The shade of blue and the shape of the 4 had to be spot on to do the number 4 justice.

There is nothing like a client under the age of 8 to tell you if the cake isn’t right either so added pressure there. Luke, the recipient of this cake is one of my favourite 4 year olds in the world – he lives right next door to us and I foresee many years of him popping in to play and just say Hi. My girls think he is great too and quite often pop into next door before entering our house, just to say hello to Luke. Apart from being a generally nice 4 year old, Luke is amazing with numbers. His favourite programme is Numberjacks and his 2nd birthday cake was Numberjack themed too.

I just had to go for it when carving the cake – I first baked a 10″ square cake and used near enough all of it to make the 4 shape. I didn’t want to hire a number tin as I didn’t think the shape would be right.

Luke had requested some other numbers around the side (which I believe he had great fun eating!) but I forgot to add my favourite character, Spooky Spoon! I wanted to make the board a bit more exciting than just a plain one, so added the stripes – Every time I do stripes I am reminded how difficult it is to get them neat.

What a fantastic week we had last week for Cake of the Week – some of your creations are amazing and I’m loving finding new people.

Our first entry, Rachel presented us with such a neat Ice Lolly Cake (For Liverpool readers, a Lolly Ice Cake! ;-)) Rachel says that she wants to try a Fab Lolly Cake next – can’t wait to see the sprinkles!

The blog post that accompanies Susan’s magnificent cake was epic and must have took forever but I urge you to have a read – there’s a recipe, a cake and even a comp in there. I have completely fallen in love with the bunting (well, hasn’t the whole country fallen in love with bunting?) and will be purchasing some soon.

The expression on the couple’s face on Jackie’s 40th wedding anniversary cake is lovely and the man’s watch is delightful! I know how long those details will have taken but they are so worth it.

And last but not least, a brilliant way to get the kids involved with cake making and celebrate Father’s Day. This made me ashamed that we barely did anything to celebrate Father’s Day in our house – sorry Derm!Mama OWL tells a fantastic tale of what each child wrote on the cake – Oh Jennifer will have you howling!

Casa Costello

Don’t forget, you are welcome to add the Cake of the Week badge when you have taken part (or even if you are just thinking about it!)

Thanks everyone for joining in – looking forward to seeing next week’s creations – better get on with one myself!


  1. MUM says

    hi Hel
    I agree with all you said about little Luke, he’s lovely.
    About this book…I thought it was a political thriller – am I missing something?
    Love from Ma.

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