How to make a Peppa Pig Cake Topper – Tutorial

I’ve made thousands of Peppa Pig cakes over the years (maybe a teeny exaggeration but not much!) so now it’s your turn. Here’s how to have a go at making your own Peppa Pig Cake Topper using our good old friend, the Walnut Whip (walnut gets removed and eaten!)

Equipment Needed: 1 x Walnut Whip, Red fondant icing, Pale Pink Fondant Icing, 2 small balls of white icing, Just under a malteser size ball of black icing, small rolling pin (or end of a paintbrush), sugar glue, small knife, paintbrush.


Step 1: Take Walnut Whip out of packet, Remove Walnut and eat – Take ball of red icing (for approx size needed see pic next to a walnut whip).




Step 2: Roll out red icing and cut a straight edge down one side. Paint around and on top of the walnut whip with the sugar glue.





Step 3: Wrap the red paste around the walnut whip and cut the bottom edge with knife to make neat.






Step 4: Pinch the top edges of the red icing together and cut with scissors or a knife. Flatten to make as neat and flat as possible. This will be covered by the head though so don’t worry too much what it looks like. If it is not going to be eaten you could insert a skewer or cocktail stick to make sure that the head stays on.




Step 5: Roll out the pale pink fondant icing. Use the side edge of your hand to make a tear drop shape with the top end being the fatter end. Press in the thin end to make a slightly flat nose shape. Keep messing about with it until you are happy with the shape. I sometimes like to have my nose facing upwards slightly as if Peppa is looking up.



Step 6: Use the pointed end of the rolling pin to make eye sockets – go quite deep with these (you will be filling them with white later)




Step 7: Roll two white balls of icing into pointed tear drops and insert into the eye sockets. Only paint the sockets with glue once you are sure they are the right size. Roll 2 very small balls of pink icing (slightly darker then Peppa’s skintone is best) and stick onto the cheeks with sugar glue.



Step 8: Stick the end of the small rolling pin into Peppa’s nose twice to make the nostrils (Do pigs have nostrils?) If you have a smile tool go under the snout and insert to make a smile – if not, cut a straw into a smile shape and push under the nose (slightly to the side is best) – Your Peppa will now be smiling.



Step 9: Stick your 2 tiny balls of black icing on top of the white eyes – at an angle is best. Looking straight on always looks a bit strange.






Step 10: Roll 2 small sausages of pale pink and flatten down halfway with the end of the paintbrush – stick to the top of the head.







Step 11: Roll 2 thin sausages of pink and attach to the cake (My Peppa is sitting on a dark blue puddle) Paint with sugar glue and stick your model on the top.



Step 12: Your model sitting in place – Nearly done! 2 balls of black with the bottom cut off makes the feet – always best done in situ as I always knock them.






Step 13: Roll 2 sausage shapes again and attach to the body. Make 4 more teeny weeny sausages and attach Peppa’s fingers. See there’s the smile!

Good Luck – Feel free to show me your homemade Peppas – You can start getting all creative and add bows and flowers on her head too!


  1. Susan Jones says

    As clear as your instructions are, mine would never look like that! You are really very artistic and talented.I’ve tried to shape playdoh etc. I am rubbish!!

  2. Lindsey says

    Wow, i have been worried just how poor my effort at modeling Peppa will be. I feel a little more confident now. So i’m off to buy all the items and have a go tonight. Thank you for sharing your secrets

  3. Lisa says

    Hi that’s a fantastic pepper the pig!! Is there any chance you might be able to help me create a raa raa the noisy lion with some directions like above? It’s my daughters 1st birthday coming up & she loves raa raa…?

    • Helen says

      HI Lisa, thanks for your message. I would have to have another couple of goes at Raa Raa but will definitely try to get a tutorial up soon. I do remember though that his head was REALLY heavy and had to be supported by the back of the cake. Hx

  4. Beverley Smith says

    Hello my daughter and I loved your two tier Peppa cake what size cake tins have you used and I don’t suppose you could let me have the appropriate sponge recipe this will only be the second time I’ve tried to make a birthday cake last year I made a number 1 cake for my grandaughter and I did struggle but was reasonably happy in the end. Thank you so much bea X

  5. Sabrina brewer says

    Hi, this looks fab, i’ll be having a go at this 😉 would u have any advice on how to make a george pig please ???
    it is coming up my Little girl’s second birthday, and she loves george and peppa, along with the dinosaur, any advice or tips would be very greatfully recived !!
    Thank you in advance

  6. charlotte says

    hi, i see that you were trying out a raa raa the noisy lion cake topper, im just wondering if you have managed to do it. loving the pepper pig, but my 2yo son LOVES raa raa. and i was thinking that becuase he head is so big maybe using tooth picks to keep him together?

  7. says

    Thanks for the tutorial. I had a go and was really pleased with the end result and my daughter absolutely loved it

    • Helen says

      Hi, I don’t think Walnut Whips actually contain any walnuts but if you need to be avoiding anything that walnuts have been remotely near, I would try mini mars bars/other mini chocolate bars. You would have to build up the bottom with sugarpaste though to make sure you get the right shape. Hope this helps!

  8. says

    I´m Cristina from Spain, is fantastic this tutorial, thaks so much.
    I have a blog in spain, and a Facebook page
    I would post your tutorial here

    Thanks a lot

    • Helen says

      Hi Cristina, thanks for your message. So glad you enjoy the Peppa tutorial. I look forward to seeing it appear on your blog page. Helen x

  9. Claudia says


    I’m about to decorate a cake for my niece and she wants Peppa Pig…I had no idea about how to make the topper…now I have and I can not believe it…a step by step! 😀 It’s fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing your talent and art with us!

  10. Tracey says

    Hi Helen
    This step by step is brilliant, I’ve only just started baking and I’ve offered to do my goddaughters birthday cake, I feel confident I can follow your instructions and can’t wait to do it next week! A quick question, I’m making peppa cupcakes too. I’m making flat peppa pigs for these if you know what I mean, can these be made a couple of days in advance???
    Tracey x

  11. Lynsey says

    Hi Helen
    Your tutorial is brill really easy to follow, looking forward to making one for my daughter Harriets 3rd birthday, just one question how long befor can u make the topper before applying to cake? Can it be done few days befor or just day befor? And then kept in fridge or not? Thanks look forward to hearing from you x

  12. Hannah says

    I’ve just made this for my daughter – the tutorial was great so thank you! I’m just going to try to work out how to post a picture of it!

  13. Teresa says

    Its great , I am doing cake next week for me little girl and she wants peppa and mates so will have a and send ya a pic when thank you x

  14. Monique says

    Thanks for this! I can’t see mine looking the same – and need to find a subsititure for Walnut Whip since we dont have them here, but it looks easy enough!

  15. Hannah says

    Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone. I made this for my daughter Willow’s 2nd Birthday. I think it took about an hour to make and looked amazing. I am not at all familar with baking or making cake toppers but was really easy to follow the instructions and the results are excellent. I urge you all to have a go at making them you will be chuffed with the results and the children will absolutely love their cake. Thank you again. Hannah

  16. Harmi says

    Hi I have been asked by a friend to make a jungle book themed cake. Have you ever made any of the characters?? Any advice!!

    • Helen says

      Ooh I’ll have a look in the morning and give you a shout. Had a total blank mind about which are the jungle book characters. X

  17. says

    Thank you for this tutorial. My husband and I just finished our daughters cake ready for her 2nd birthday and I know she is going to love it.
    We used matchstick chocolates around the sides and tied with a bow which looks like a fence. Also sat her in a muddy puddle with splashes on her dress and teardrop shaped brown icing as splashes held up with wire. Very effective.

    • Helen says

      Hi Rachael,
      That’s wonderful – thanks for your lovely message. Your design sounds amazing! I’d love to see a pic – feel free to add to the CasaCostello facebook page.

  18. Lozzie says

    Thanks so much for this tutorial, I’m going to attempt it for my two years olds birthday cake! How far can you make it in advance?
    Thanks x

  19. Shirley cottam says

    I cannot wait to use this model….thank you! My peppa twins are 2 on Saturday. Do you have a body suggestion for George please….a thimble?! Will send pics.

  20. says

    Just found your web page and I am glad I did. My granddaughter is 1 on Sun + I need to make a peppa pig cake ASAP. I had made a PP yesterday. Left it on the kitchen table to dry. Dog got at it and arms/legs + balloon have vanished. He couldn’t get it all as the body part was + still is stuck on the board!!!! That dog is such a thief! I am now attempting to make your Walnut Peppa. Hopefully I shall succeed. Will send you a photo of the finished cake. Thank you for the tutorial. Will b in touch.

    • Helen says

      Thanks Chris for your lovely message – Best of luck with the Peppa Cake – Please let me know how you get on. Your comment made me appreciate, not for the first time, why we don’t have a dog. 3 kids is more than enough to cope with! x

      • says

        6 grandchildren and 2 dogs. When the whole family is together we have 6 Grandch . 3 dogs 2 Guinea pigs and a hamster. Love it!!!! Nice ” talking” to you.

        • Helen says

          Sounds like my Mother-inlaw’s when all 10 grandchildren, a yapping dog and LOUD siblings are together – I will admit to taking paracetamol before big gatherings. And you!! x

  21. says

    Hi Helen. Can I use glocose syrup to put shine on my topper or would egg White be more suitable? Made the toppers and as soon as I have made and assembled the cake I shall send you the promised photo.. X

    • Helen says

      Hiya, I’ve never used Glucose Syrup as a shine before – I wouldn’t be too sure it wouldn’t start to dissolve the fondant? The egg white gives a good sheen as long as you can be sure no-one will pinch it off the top of the cake to eat (Its happened to me!) I never tend to bother making my toppers shiny but have done them after the cake has been eaten with confectioners varnish which I got from my local cake shop. Hope that helps! xx


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