When a baby stops eating baby food – Project 5/366

I’ll admit I’ve always been a bit meh about Baby Led Weaning. It just seemed like a trendy term to me and for people who used words like ‘holistic’ and ‘organic’ and didn’t want to tell their baby what to do. Ok, so you can shoot me now. I admit I had no evidence of why I felt like this, it just irritated me. Until today.

We have been struggling for a couple of weeks now to get Tara to eat baby food and the bits she would have are getting smaller and smaller. I thought at first it was the 4-6 month jars that weren’t tasty enough and that as soon as she ate some of my homemade puree she would be fine. It didn’t happen.

Tara has a wicked left arm – it can come out of nowhere and knock anything on a spoon across a room in an instant. Give her something to chew on herself though and she never knocks it back. I’m presuming this is Baby Led Weaning at its extreme – when the baby says, ‘sod off with your weedy tasting baby food- I want to feed myself’.

And so we are trying, but its really difficult. The list of food that seem ‘safe’ and won’t result in her choking is so small.

We are trying toast, cheese on toast, grated cheese, grated apple, grated carrot, biscuits and tonight’s new low (as seen in the picture above which is 5/366 of project 366) a Fishfinger and a couple of chips. Hardly healthy?

So my question to you is, what foods shall we try next? A friend suggested beans tonight – eaten with her fingers?? I need to make sure she is actually getting some volume of food as I don’t want her filling up on too many bottles. Surely on child number 3 we should have this sorted?

In the next instalment, controlled crying! We seem to be struggling with that too now! Brilliant!

By the way, Tara isn’t normally yellow – daft phone camera!