Littlest Pet Shop Kingdom Reviews

hasbro littlest pet shop toy review

Littlest Pet Shop toys came into our lives a couple of years ago with our eldest, Millie. A gift from her Auntie at Christmas, it was played with but never one of the massive favourites. I was asked a couple of weeks ago if my girls would be interested in trying out a new selection from the Littlest Pet Shop range. I have to say they have come a long way in those 2 years – I believe toys need a period of time to settle in, to see if they really are a winner, but so far they are doing quite well.

We were sent Blythe’s Bedroom and the Spa Style Scene along with a selection of figures and accessories. The bedroom alone contains at least 95 tiny pieces for personalising the look of your set. RRP £29.99 Age 6+.
The Spa Scene is RRP £14.99 and 6+.

assembly littlest pet shop

Violet (age 8) needed some assistance with the setting up of the Bedroom as there is quite a lot of assembly. This will depend on the individual child, how easy they find it. If you have a Lego lover, like my Millie then they will LOVE this bit. I loved the neatness of everything having a place and a slot to go in. There was scope for imagination though – Children can decide where to put the many tiny flowers that decorate inside and outside of the bedroom. There are also plenty of stickers so their imagination can go wild.

tara littlest pet shop review

While the ‘rooms’ were being set up, Tara busied herself by playing with the individual characters – I was amazed by how long they kept her interest. Who knew that putting earrings on and off a toy dog could keep a 3yo occupied for so long?! Obviously, I had to keep an eye on her as the pieces were absolutely tiny and she is only 3 but she loved it.

characters littlest pet shop

Being a bit of a tidy freak (when I get chance), I loved that the toys interlock – We put the Spa Scene directly on top of Blythe’s Bedroom.

What we liked:
* I liked Violet’s sense of achievement when she grasped the instructions about how to assemble the toy – She was slightly frustrated at first until she ‘got it’.
* The amount of decorations to design the bedroom how Violet wanted it.
* The quality of the toy – The connections seem really secure, the walls are not too flimsy either.

Time will tell how much the girls play with these sets – Tara has been found a few times having a play and Violet enjoyed telling her Dad how everything went together and what bits are for what.

opening our littlest pet shop Violet was rather pleased with her parcel – Ignore the 12yo to the side. She is obviously thrilled (in a 12 year old way!)

Disclosure: Sponsored Post – All opinions are my own (and Violet’s!)

Project Complete – Lego Campervan Review

We are a massive Lego family – we have whole cupboards, huge boxes, small boxes and now a Lego Head dedicated to the stuff. Its become an important element of Christmas that on Boxing Day the dining room table is cleared and our comes the Lego kit that Santa delivered a day earlier (He’s never let us down yet!)

We’ve had alsorts over the years – A plane, An Airport, A House, Fire Station but I reckon this year’s is my personal favourite… A Lego Camper Van (I’m sure I’ve mentioned here before about our other obsession of VW Campers too – and yes, I still haven’t finished that knitted Camper!)

The kit came with over 1300 pieces and said that it was designed for age 16+ – Not a family to be deterred by a challenge, we set about it after our Boxing Day lie in.

There were about 12 bags of different sized Lego pieces (some of which were the teeniest I’ve ever seen). If you needed 3 of a certain size, you couldn’t guarantee that all 3 would be in the same bag – You have to be a Lego fan to know that this is the fun of the chase – the endless hours you can spend searching for that tall 2 piece with the rounded side ‘Nooo! That’s rounded on the right, we need left!’ Recognise it?

The Camper took a good few days to complete but didn’t drag on endlessly. The end seem to come quite quickly and we now have it on display – No-one is allowed near it!

Our favourite parts are the glass on the table, the fab retro curtains which really hang and being able to see the engine in the boot. Definitely a winner and a great investment for any VW Camper or Lego enthusiast.

We are now thinking forward to our next project – I’ve got my eye on the Town Hall or the Shop.

Disclosure: Father Christmas brought our Lego Camper – I believe he bought it from John Lewis for £79.95 and that it was worth every penny. We were not sent the Camper to review – I’ve just done so because I love it!

Twinkle Tower Dolls House Review

It’s pretty safe to say that our house is a shrine to baby dolls and prams. Having 3 girls means they are everywhere. It may be a stereotype but the fact is that these are the toys that get played with the most. I’m on a constant search though to find something that little bit different that can be played with by a variety of ages.

When sent us a Twinkle Tower to review, we were happy to give it a go.
There was much excited in the Costello household the day it arrived – even Millie at 10 enjoyed setting it up. At under 50cm high and 22cm wide, I was pleased that it didn’t take up too much room. Setting up didn’t take too long either – the unit comes complete in the box – you just have to add the furniture and the dolls – but that’s the fun bit isn’t it?

The main thing I noticed was that the quality was lovely. Beautifully painted with smooth edges and good quality wood. I always think its really hard to judge those sort of things by just looking at a picture on the internet. The Budkin dolls (we got an extra one in addition to the one supplied with the Twinkle Tower) are just too cute! Fantastic details on her dress and roses in her hair – Baby T has been playing with her all day.

At £35.99 it is still within a reasonable price range for a gift for a special child. I’d be more than happy if someone had bought one of my girls one of these. Some of the little teeny pieces are a tad too small for Baby T who is going through a horrendous stage of putting everything in her mouth. After I’d removed the tiny cups and teapot (so cute!) I’m happy for her to play with it though. Violet at 6 maybe on the older end of the age range suitable for this toy but has still enjoyed it. I’d say its perfect for 3-5 years.

The Mini Costello Product Testers

We received the Twinkle Tower a couple of weeks ago – I have waited to post the review as I wanted to see if it still got played with (it does) and if it gets on my nerves hanging about the house (it hasn’t). We didn’t have to pay for the Twinkle Tower and all opinions are my own.