What do you want to be when you grow up?

Its a question I’ve asked myself for many years. I may be knocking on the door of 40 *weeps* but I still feel I haven’t settled on my true vocation. Even though I have stopped work for now to look after Baby T (and am completely loving it by the way!), it doesn’t stop me from thinking about what career choices lie in front of me. Its fair to say I’ve had some crappy jobs (Assistant Manager at a well known burger chain anyone?) so I know what I don’t want to do but I can’t say I’m 100% decided on any one profession.

I sort of ended up working with food but it has certainly opened doors up for me. I get involved with some brilliant projects, get to eat my work and am never short of something new to try. I may one day go back to cake-making but probably not to the extent that I was prior to having T. I will still have 3 young children for a number of years and when the time comes to look to go back to work, I want something that will be interesting, challenging but won’t occupy my brain 24 hours every day. Food technology sounds really interesting to me with a view to maybe going on to teach the subject (strictly adult learning only for me though!)
I know that my girls have got a number of years yet before they need to start thinking about what they want to be but I do know that I want to be able to offer them as much choice as possible and have as much information available to them. It must be easier in some ways if you know what you want to be when you grow up and can work towards it. Then again, if you have your heart set on a particular career path but don’t achieve the grades, the disappointment must be terrible.

What about you? Did you always know what you wanted to be? I think about Juju, a friend from Derby who is setting up her cake company and wonder if it is what she always wanted to do. Or Janine, who is embarking on a very exciting time opening up her own coffee shop. I’m really interested how people end up being in their particular career. For some, like my friend Wendy, it has been a life long ambition to become a doctor but how do others with less defined roles, end up in their jobs?

The Costellos Grow Up

Its been a pretty momentous month for us at Costello Towers. A month of things finishing and new beginnings.
Each of the mini Costellos seem to be that bit less ‘mini’ – Baby T finally started walking after nearly 19 months – We always knew it wasn’t a case of her not being able to, more of a case of ‘why should I bother walking, when everyone carries me everywhere?’

Millie has unbelievable gone into Year 6 – how did our little baby get into the last year of primary school so quickly?  We have brought the laptop downstairs as she is spending more time on it both for homework and exploring music and sport sites – We are more aware than ever that we need to be vigilant about what she is looking at and make sure our internet security up to date. Its great to see that the laptop is getting plenty of use – Both Mil & Vi spend time on it together (even without fighting!) We have realised, though, how easy it would be for them to find unsuitable and corruptable sites, if we hadn’t have been so careful – We hadn’t even got chance to get used to the idea of her being in top juniors before the letter inviting us to apply for a secondary school dropped onto the mat – so that is this week’s job, deciding which high school she will be going to. She seems to have grown up with it too, wanting to go off with her friends for the day at synchro and loving a good old chat.

Violet decided one evening she wanted to go out on her bike and wanted to do it without stabilisers – there was no wobbling about and panicking about falling off for V – She just said “Take them off” and away she went. How different to Millie a few years ago when we had 2 weekends of us all nearly being in tears trying to get her stabilisers off.

I am working on my final wedding cake this week – for a bride that I met in April. Its a 5 tier special with tons of flowers and sparkle – I look forward to sharing it in Cake of the Week. Its an understatement that I’m going out with a bang – no teeny wedding cake for this one! I’ve also been very brave and let my business website expire making it completely final that Aardvark Cakes are no more. A bit sad but such a relief – I now have no qualms about telling people enquiring about ordering cakes that I’m taking a couple of years off. Their reactions are varied to say the least!