Foodie Penpal – The Big Reveal

There’s a new craze sweeping the nation this month (No, its not queuing for petrol or pasties)..Its sending total strangers packages of food goodies. Carol Anne from This is Rock Salt has co-ordinated us all in joining in with an idea started by Lyndsey from The Lean Green Bean. Basically, we find out what sort of food our foodie partner likes and send them a mystery package. On the same day of the month, we all blog about it. Easy!

There’s always an air of expectancy and a slight frisson of nervousness with these things. What if I really hate my package? What if I get my package to send completely wrong and my partner hates theirs?

I needn’t have worried – I was really pleased with the package that I received from Rachel. So what did I get? A lovely Recipe Journal with a handwritten recipe for Bara Brith immaculately written inside, and some tea-soaked fruit (which smells divine) which will be used this weekend hopefully. I’ve been meaning to buy some marmalade for ages after going to a WI session run by an expert on Jams & Preserves – I have bad memories of tasting marmalade as a child and hating it. I’m hoping my taste buds have matured a bit now and as luck would have it, my parcel included some locally produced marmalade from Rachel’s area in Cardiff. Yay! A total success. Thank you so much.

In the package that I sent to Fiona, I included a chocolate transfer sheet, some bronze lustre paint, some jams and a book called Bite Size (which I believe she has used already). Just in case Fee was having a savoury day, I added a jar of Pesto. I put everything in a box that used to have cards in it to use as a recipe organiser. Fiona has embraced the Foodie Penpal group so much that she has started her own blog and her big Foodie reveal is going to be her first post! Looking forward to reading it!