Listography – 5 random things I like

I love a bit of random – its fairly common place around here for me to speaking to someone only to realise they’ve gone a bit quiet and are looking at me like I’m off another planet. Our job in this week’s Listography is to think of 5 random things about us, so here goes:

1. Me & my youngest sister frequently whistle the theme tune to the Antiques Roadshow in harmony – We have (not-so)secret ambitions of going on Britains Got Talent with this skill. I’ve been kind and attached the theme tune to this post so you can practise too – who knows, it might catch on?!

2. During my teens, I was ever so slightly over keen on the programme, Howard’s Way. I have no interest in sailing and its absolutely a million miles away from the programmes I usually enjoy, but I suspect this fella had something to do with it (Note: I do not find him in the slight bit attractive now!)

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3. “All the best!” I don’t know if this is just a St Helens saying but at Christmas, everyone says it round here. Don’t know why but it makes me pee laughing every time. Just imagine it being said in a reet northern accent.

4. I LOVE smelling my children and do so a couple of times an evening when they are asleep – I spend a huge chunk of each day smelling the baby (especially her chest) – weird? Nope, just got lovely smelly kids! In fact, I also love smelling other people’s babies too (only the ones I know ;-))

5. One of my favourite rituals of Christmas is drinking my first Port & Lemon of Christmas Day just before starting on the Christmas Dinner (Please note: This is normally after church and a LOT of present opening – I’m not one of those that starts on the dinner first thing in the morning!)

(Note: How to make the perfect Port & Lemon …
1. Wine glass with 2 fingers wide of port in the bottom, fill to the top with cold lemonade and top with a slice of lemon – no ice!)

And there’s my listography for this week – I could go on for ages about my oddities but may save that for another time! Head on over to Kate’s for more randomness – there’s some corkers.