Princess Castle Cake – Cake of the Week

Ooh I love a girly cake. My brief was to fit in with a Princess Party. I wanted to put my own stamp on it and not just make a princess but somewhere for her to live obviously!

It was REALLY windy around here yesterday so I only added the glitter and sparkle at the venue (which was really princessey btw!) My Millie went around pretending it was for her so I think it got a thumbs up from our Princess!

Have you been baking any creations this week and blogging about them? Don’t be shy – Join in!

Princess Castle Cake

4th Birthday Princess Castle Cake
One of ‘our’ favourite programmes has recently become Ben & Holly’s Magic Kingdom. (When I say ‘our’ every parent knows that you lose control of the tv until the little ones are in bed!) For a kids programme it is really quite funny – especially the Queen with her accent and sarcastic remarks. I always picture them when I make this cake which is quite a popular one. This was for a little girl that has ordered some of the most amazing cakes I have done so far – Her Mum has the best ideas! Everything except the princesses tiara and the number 4 is edible. Enjoy!