Shades of Pink Wedding Cake – Cake of the Week

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and messages following last week’s post about Aardvark Cakes. Happy to report that Cake of the Week will be continuing – at least for the time being. I have hundreds (no exaggeration ) of cake photos that I have never had time to post so I may get rid of some backlog. I have toyed with the idea about making cake of the week a bit more about other people’s cakes too – I know I really appreciate it when people publicise my work so would like to give a little back.

The cake for this week is a pink creation – A wedding cake for the sister of a friend that I used to work with in my distant days as a Council employee. I hadn’t spent much time with Jacqueline (the bride) prior to sorting out her cake last year but found she was just as lovely as her sister, Michelle. The wedding was Friday so the cake got collected on Thursday – I hope they had a wonderful day.

I had a new experience for this cake – making sugar flowers in public. By Wednesday night, the cake itself was near enough completed but there were hardly any roses finished. I had to take Millie to Stockport for a 4 hour round trip on Wednesday evening so knew that time was precious and decided to take my roses with me. Luckily, when I got to the pool Millie was training at, there was a bench and table in a quiet, not too hot area that was perfect for working on. I had to stop feeling embarrassed and keep telling myself I was saving myself a 3am bedtime! Have you ever had to work in an environment out of your comfort zone?

The famous roses!

I’m hoping to have a bit of a calmer week this week – I will tell you more about the weekend ahead in another post – but I’d like to concentrate on other people’s Cakes of the Week, so get your entries in.

Pink Lady’s 80th Birthday Cake – Cake of the Week

A day later than expected but for very good reason. This weekend was a mammoth one. We had the annual presentation for swimming in which both girls got decorated with medals, our first sleepover (3am in case you were wondering!) and I held my first Clandestine Cake Club last night. There was simply no energy left for blogging and unbelievably it has taken 24 hours for me to able to even look at a cake since.

But there was a cake last week, this traditional lady’s 80th birthday cake for a lovely family. I added little diamontes to the sugar pink roses as her son tells me the birthday girl likes some bling. The cake was a fruit cake which made a nice change from sponge and I always think the finish is so much cleaner.

Here is a gratuitous picture of the handmade flowers up close too!

I’m expecting some entries from yesterday’s Clandestine Cake Club amongst others in this week’s Cake of the Week. I’m still chuckling that I have had a request for my Mum’s lemon drizzle cake recipe – Talk about stealing my thunder!