Goodbye Dick – The End of an Era

Meet Dick. Dick the cactus has been with us since we first moved in together.

13 years ago when we bought our first house, we decided we needed to make a commitment to a living object. A mortgage obviously wasn’t enough of a commitment to each other – we needed to try and help something grow and not kill it. Looking back, we weren’t risking the biggest gamble on a £2 plant from Morrisons that is nigh on impossible to kill.

Well, 13 years have gone by and Dick has been living quite happily and unobtrusively on our kitchen window sill all that time. (Yep, I know we were hardly imaginative in our name choices)

So now it is time for Dick to leave us. He stopped growing many moons ago (could be something to do with the fact that he’s not been watered for about 3 years). He is really just a dust collector and we seem to have outgrown him.
Pretty safe to say that we’ve proved our ‘little commitment’ with the addition of 3 daughters and a cat but we’ll never forget our first commitment – Our first foray into being grown-ups!

Goodbye Dick – The End of an Era x