The Craft Walk of Shame

I like to think of myself as a Completer/Finisher (a throwback to a term I used in my HR days there!). The reality is so much different though. Hidden treasures lie around this house, taunting me of projects that started so well and never quite got to the finish line.

Let me introduce you to the hell that is my TBF pile and the promises I make to myself that I will not start another project until I’ve finished them all:

The Kitchen:
The 2 bowls of measured out fruit that has been soaking in alcohol since early December. Yep, I still intend on making those Christmas cakes even though it’s now mid January. Who knows they could end up birthday cakes for Tara in Feb (or the rate I’m going my own cake in August!) I have kept adding so much port to them over the past few weeks that you are in danger of going over the drink drive limit by just walking past the bowls.

The Blanket
The blanket that I absolutely LOVE, that is languishing in a bag in the corner of the kitchen. We’ve got so used to the bag being there, that we’ve stopped noticing it. I fully intended on Tara using this as a pram blanket for this winter, knowing that by next winter she might not be using a pram all that much *sniff*

The Rainbow Badges
Have you any idea how long it takes for a Rainbow to collect so many badges? Obviously not as long as it takes me to sew them onto the blanket she uses! I hate to think what the other girl’s blankets look like in comparison to Violet’s. My poor deprived child. Perhaps I’d better contact our local WI and ask if they’d like to help sew them on … Erm!

The Ballet Shoes
Why oh Why do they sell them with only half the elastic sewn on? Both the girls are now doing ballet and conveniently wearing the same size shoes. Yes they are looking a bit battered and grey but they have both sides of elastic on and the girls swap them over between ballet lessons in record time. God help them if they ever have lessons at the same time.

The Lavendar Bags/The Christmas Tree Decorations/The Knitted Nativity
These had a fabulous holiday to France the summer before last. I convinced myself that I would finish them before Christmas and make one for each underwear drawer in the house (not sure Derm was too keen on that idea). Thankfully I soon went off that idea – not that keen on the smell of lavendar knickers anyway! 😉

I also convinced myself that starting knitting a nativity scene and Christmas Tree decorations in blazing sunshine in August would mean that by December I would be well finished. The evidence is here in picture form to argue differently.

The Knitted Camper Van
My first ever knitted project and supposedly a child’s kit. My Mum got so sick of seeing this hanging around that she even took it to her house to sew together and soon gave up. I’m beginning to think its impossible to get a good camper shape and its about 3 times bigger than I expected it to be too.

The Knitted Aardvark
Doesn’t everyone have one of these in their home? At the time of starting, I was the owner of Aardvark Cakes so it was very appropriate – I can’t admit to myself though that maybe now isn’t the time for us to be joined by a very cute but unfinished wooly toy.

The Christmas Beanie Hat
A present for my brother-in-law for Christmas 2011 – it had a brief resurrection this December when I thought I might finally finish it but no. Its still there!

Please make me feel better, tell me you have hidden projects that are just waiting for that magic moment when they will get finished. Perhaps we should all get together and have a Finishing Party – no-one is allowed to go home until they’ve done all their jobs. Although, I may be some time with all those Rainbow badges!

Do I have to be able to sew to be crafty? – Day 29 Project 366

I’ve been asking myself this question forever. I’ve always loved having a go at ‘stuff’ – I started making cards years ago long before I discovered cakes and everyone knows where my dabble at making cakes took me.

But yet, I’ve never really considered myself to be ‘crafty’ because I can’t sew. I come from a family where our Mum knows everything there is to know about a sewing machine – I’ve never needed to know how to make clothes or fix garments because Mum has always been there to do it … and so much better than I could.

Last year though I made a decision to become familiar with materials other than paper and cake – I learnt to knit and discovered I LOVED it. My mission this year is to tackle crochet but I know being so short of time means that I’m not going to be able to learn everything I want to in a year. Eventually, I do want to learn how to use a sewing machine and produce lovely handmade items but in the meantime, can I consider myself to be ‘crafting’?

I’ve got tons of projects planned and hope to learn how to be crafty but frugal with it – I’m becoming obsessed with reusing old clothes and paper so watch this space.

One major project I have to do though is make our spare room/office into an official craft room. From the photos you will see that it is a small room – The ironing pile is shocking but getting smaller and the cupboards contain loads of books/files/paper and stuff that I have kept just in case. I foresee a calm, pretty room with somewhere to sit and escape the madness of our house.

So that’s the plan for this year – I’m going to be crafty (with or without sewing) and I’m going to have somewhere blissful to do it in!