Ice Age Cake – Cake of the Week

I’ve got a confession – I’ve never seen Ice Age. In fact, there’s tons of children’s films I have never watched. I’ve never seen Shrek either but I can more or less repeat the script word for word thanks to my girls watching it on the iPad in the car behind my head.

Anyway, back to the cake. A joint cake for my niece, Phoebe (4) and nephew, Milo (1). Phoebe more than makes up for me not watching Ice Age – she loves it. I’d be surprised if she wasn’t approaching triple figures of the amount of times she’s watched them.

Phoebe and Milo have birthdays on 27th and 28th December so maybe consigned to a few more years of joint cakes. I will always stick by my promise never to get them joint birthday/Christmas presents though.

We had a busy week for Cake of the Week entries last week. Sadly Jackie who has been so loyal about posting pictures of her cakes isn’t able to join in for the time being – Changes to Facebook mean that she cannot share her pics (or we can’t look at them) We’ll miss you Jackie and hope you still visit often.


I have to draw your attention to some magnificent football cupcakes courtesy of ChouxChouxbedoo. Mr P, the creator reckons he isn’t creative! As an aside, does subbuteo remind anyone else of Joey from Friends?


Anyhoo, back to cakes. The lovely Jen from the Madhouse joined in for the first time this week with some delicious looking English summer cupcakes. I defy you to look at these and not fancy delving into some strawberries and buttercream!

And last but not least, I give you Angie from CakesPhotoLife with 2 amazing entries. I’ve had a passion for autumn cakes and autumnal colours for ages, so this cake is just up my street. Sadly, I can’t show a pic due to security settings but please hop on over there and look for yourself. Amazeballs! Angie’s other entry is just as tempting – a Millionaire Shortbread Chocolate Cake.

The link is now open for this week’s Cake of the Week. Fantastic to see so many new people joining in with us. Don’t know about you but the end of the Great British Bake Off has given me the urge to get my ovens on. I’m on holiday this week but look forward to seeing what you come up with and I’m raring to go as soon as I’m back!