Top 5 Kitchen Inventions Under £5

I love a bargain and very few things beat the feeling of getting right good value for money. With this in mind, I introduce you to my entranklement drawer and my favourite kitchen utensils under a fiver (Its rather famous around here -there’s nothing that not in this drawer).

This little lot might seem harmless enough but they save me so much time and effort.

The Egg Separator – Cost £1

Some days I can use in excess of 60 egg whites if I am preparing for a trade fair or charity event. I’m pretty speedy at separating with my hands but this little invention separates eggs in the blink of an eye. A complete impulse purchase from an independent kitchen store about 8 years ago – I think I’ve well got my £1 worth out of it.

The silicone pastry brush – Cost £4.85
The most expensive item on my list and the one I resisted buying for ages…until I kept finding brush bristles from my traditional pastry brush on top of my cakes. I never need worry again about those rogue bristles.


The sieve – Cost approx £1.25
A harmless sieve (and rather an old, battered one at that) but with a multitude of more lumpy gravy, make hair and grass out by pushing icing through it and a wonderful distraction when given to your baby at tea-time to get them to eat.

The Ice-Cream Scoop – Cost £2.50

Seldom used for scooping ice-cream but used every day for measuring the amount of cake mix in a cupcakes. If you remember one tip, make it this one. I get asked all the time, how do I get each cupcake so even – well, ta-dah! I present to you the answer!

A knitting needle – Free as I found it lying around the house but pennies if bought on ebay
My cake tester! Its my tried and tested way of seeing if a cake is done. I’ve tried loads of professional cake testing kits but this is the one I come back to. It is also the item that we argue about most as it always goes missing just as the cake starts beeping in the oven. Yes, I know its not strictly a kitchen utensil!

And an added extra … A Chopstick … Ideal for making that hair parting absolutely perfect!

Hope you enjoyed the list. I’m entering mine in the hope of becoming a Morphy Richards Innovator in conjunction with the Foodies100.

What are your favourite kitchen inventions that you couldn’t manage without?