Hotel Chocolat Valentines Review

It has been rather a difficult week in the Costello household. Parenting has definitely reminded us that life rarely runs smoothly. We appear to be over the worst and so I feel great delight in spending this evening relaxing on my sofa with my favourite people, munching on Hotel Chocolat goodies.

We have been sent one of the latest in the Valentine’s range to try out, the Open Your Heart To Me set. I cannot resist anything Milk Chocolate and so this is right up my street with a large milk chocolate heart and a selection of dark, milk and white chocolates inside of it.

The chocolates have lasted a mere milli second – even my mother demonstrated the ultimate sacrifice in offering to help taste test the chocolate. The chocolates themselves are beautiful and very luxurious to eat but there are only 8 of them. Because they are rich, you don’t need many more and it is nigh on impossible to eat even one half of the milk chocolate heart in one sitting.

The Open Your Heart To Me set is available from Hotel Chocolat at £25 making it rather a special Valentine’s treat but ideal for sharing with your loved one. Enjoy, I’m off to indulge in some well earned relaxing!

Disclosure: Thank you to Hotel Chocolat for sending us this chocolate gift set to review at no cost – we have very much enjoyed chomping on them!

Rocky Road Extra Thick Easter Egg – Hotel Chocolat

I’ve broken my own rule. I’ve eaten an Easter Egg before Easter Sunday. All in the name of research you understand? As my 5yo would say, ‘You’re not supposed to do that if you’re a Catholic’. She is very into being a Catholic at the moment and basically says that about everything I do – even when I made her brush her teeth earlier in the week.

Anyway, I digress. The Easter Egg that I and Mr Costello demolished earlier in the week. Well, we were sent it by Hotel Chocolat in the hope that we would devour it and love it…and we did. I’ve been sent some lovely items.

A massively thick Easter Egg with crunchy, rice krispie treats on one half and a generous selection of chocolates inside. I did think beforehand that £26 was a bit out of the price range that I would pay for an Easter Egg but now I think you’d get rather good value for money. It took us ages to eat as there was so much of it.

There’s still time to order before the big day next Sunday and if you spend £35 and over before Thursday you will receive a free gift worth £7.50.

Hotel Chocolat Review

It has been a while since I did any product reviews on this particular blog, but when I got invited to review Easter Gifts from Hotel Chocolat – I nearly bit their hand off – who wouldn’t?

When the chocolate arrived, I was so tempted to nibble all to myself but being the good mummy/wife that I am, I saved it until we were all together.

My package was The Easter Pick Me Up Gift Set which can be bought from the Hotel Chocolat website for £11.00 – This is slightly more than I would normally pay for an Easter Gift but when we tasted the chocolate we all agreed that it was top quality. The Gift Set contains a Doodle Chick set – which is 2 milk chocolate slabs (one with a caramel chocolate chick), Caramel Egglets – which are 6 milk and white chocolate Eggs with really gooey, liquidy caramel inside and a Tiddly Pot – which contains 10 chocolate chicks and bunnies.

So what did we think?
The Tiddly Pot was the favourite of my girls (aged 4 & 8) and we were pleasantly suprised how much chocolate could be squeezed into such a diddy pot.
The Caramel Egglets were very rich and filling – these were perhaps more suited to adults – but that’s ok! 😉
The Doodle Chick slabs were great for a handbag snack and very yummy too!

The Hotel Chocolat website is great for drooling over and if you want to send someone a special treat, there is plenty of choice.
If you are after a slightly cheaper Easter Child’s gift, I would highly recommend the Tiddly Pot which you can buy here with an egg for £7.

This is a review – I was not paid for doing this review but enjoyed my free sample very much. Thank you!