Grace Williams Says It Loud- Emma Henderson: Book Review

Its been absolutely ages since I posted any book reviews – Reading mojo has come to visit periodically then disappeared again. I took my compulsory 9 books away on holiday only to return with 5 of them unread. Never mind, they will get read in the winter months. Summer was all about spending time with the family and friends.

One book I did read though was part of the Love-a-Book reading group I belong to, Grace Williams Says It Loud. To put it bluntly (as I do) I loved it and highly recommend it. Warning though: It was an uncomfortable read at points.

Grace is sent to live in a mental institute as a child. It is thought that she has no thoughts, no spirit and no personality even – the book even details that she describes herself as a spastic and a mental defective. This language that we are just not used to hearing nowadays is what makes the book shocking on occasion and uncomfortable in parts.

The story is brilliant though. As is the way Emma Henderson makes you think about what goes on in someone’s head who cannot speak – The book really made me look at any assumptions I may have made about people with disabilities.

The relationship with Daniel, Grace’s friend with epilepsy is just wonderful. Written so beautifully, the reader was made to question their own relationships with friends – just because we can speak, do we always say what needs saying and can we use other ways to communicate?

I highly recommend this book giving it 5 out of 5. Maybe not one for anyone who has a child with a disability – I would imagine this to be a heartbreaking read.