Resolutions – The Good, The Bad and The Ridiculous

All across the blogosphere there are posts popping up full of resolutions for the year ahead. I’m no different, like a lot of people my mind turns to resolutions straight after Christmas. I’m a big one for making promises for the year ahead, I love the thought of a fresh start. Strangely, my most successful resolution and one I’m probably most famous for, was when I decided to learn how to drink Gin & Tonic – I’ve done spectacularly well at keeping that one up!

Over the years there’s been plenty of resolutions that I’ve managed to keep for the whole year – thinking about it, these have tended to be the ‘doing’ ones rather than the ones where I try to change myself… Being more organised/ being on time/ losing weight/ being more outgoing/ being quieter – I’ve done them all. This year, I’m not trying to change myself – finally I’ve accepted that actually I’m alright. If I’m not someone’s cup of tea, then that’s their loss, I’m not about to change *insert a sticky out tongue here*

So what have been succesful – feel free to pinch any if they appeal!

  • Eating 5 fruit/veg per day – I did this religiously a couple of years ago and felt great. Lots more energy and less inclined to eat other crap. After about 18 months, I became lazy and got out of the habit – definitely one for next year.
  • Using moisuriser every day – People gasp when I tell them that I didn’t for the first 35+ years of my life (I wonder if it would be easier to tell people that I snort cocaine sometimes? I don’t by the way)
  • Walking to school – I don’t every afternoon but I certainly do more than I used to.
  • Reading books – The challenge for 2012 was 25 books, a considerable improvement on the past 5 years. I’ve enjoyed reading more (not quite got to 25 but nearly!) My sister has set the challenge for us both to read 25 in 2013 so the game is on!
  • Reading with the kids – Millie has discovered reading in her own way this year – long may it continue. Violet is getting better each day at reading and writing and we are loving working our way through the Wishing Chair books. Tara is a little bookworm too. Job Done!


What ‘we’ need to work on …

  • Timekeeping – I’ve discovered that all the good intentions in the world will not work if your 3 children and time challenged husband don’t understand the urge to be on time!
  • The ironing –we’re I’m getting there – the pile is getting smaller. I’ve given myself until August.
  • Money – Actually, I’m just not that interested in it. I have to be honest. I do my best at the beginning of the year to find out what our mortgage/bills are but less than 24 hours later, I’ve forgotten. Probably not the best example of a 21st century woman but that’s me.
  • Home Cooking – We still buy too much preprepared food for my liking but we are getting there. We no longer buy pizzas or soup but the next challenge is to stop buying biscuits and cakes – surely with our pedigree we should be making these from scratch?

And so there we are. I’m not going to make any rash promises about blogging more often, not going out of the house without make up, never shouting at the kids – if it happens, brilliant but if not, perhaps that’s just the way it was always meant to be?

So have you got any resolutions/plans for the year(s) ahead? Feel free to comment or add your own blog post – I’d love to know if there’s any good ones out there!