Cherishing Family Milestone Moments with Fairy

family cuddles

Super Soft Cuddles

I like to think I don’t take any of my children’s milestones for granted. Everyone always says how quickly time goes by and that you will never get those childhood years back (I’m never quite sure how to take that!) Parents of teenagers are quick to tell me that the toddlers years are the best – I can’t comment yet as we have 43 weeks left until we have a teenager in the house!)

I will admit though that the last 12 years have just flown – I’m wanting to grab hold of my littlies and slow life down. We have less than a year until Miss T goes to school so for this year we have one in High School, One in Primary School and One at nursery – Family planning at its best. Eh?

Tara 2nd birthday

Fairy are running a campaign at the moment to encourage us to make the most of our precious family moments. They have produced a short video that’ll make you gulp! For anyone whose child has ever had a special teddy, this is for you …

We are rearranging our photos in the living room and have been having a potter through our collection – There’s nothing like seeing pics of your kids to realise how quickly the time has passed. I’m vowing to take more pictures over the next few years – and maybe be on a few myself! As we’ve gone through the photos its been lovely to see how often the girls have impromptu cuddles themselves – Long may they continue!

Seems like yesterday!

Seems like yesterday!

Disclosure: I was asked to feature the Fairy video and write about special family time. I was sent some Fairy products to compensate for my time.

A 40th Birthday, A Poem and A Lot of Cakes

A rare picture of me & Derm!  Do I look 40?

A rare picture of me & Derm! Do I look 40?

Well, we are back from our holidays! France was fabulous as ever – our 5th year now and we loved it as much as ever. Meeting friends from previous years and making new ones. More on the holiday soon!

I have survived a week of being 40 too – last Monday was a lovely celebration in France. A relaxing day, plenty of champagne and a lovely meal out with friends.

I’m not one to stop at one celebration though so as soon as we headed home on Thursday night, preparations started for a gathering with friends on Saturday. It turned out slightly bigger than the small getogether it was originally supposed to be.

3 sisters drinking 3 sisters beer!

3 sisters drinking 3 sisters beer!

I may have mentioned once or twice about a 40th birthday cake (ok, I haven’t stopped going on about it for months!) My youngest sister amazed me on Saturday by turning up with a real life, proper birthday cake. She said it was one of the most stressful things she has ever done – ordering a cake for someone who makes cakes. I loved it! I did what I always hated customers doing and prodded and poked the decorations like the best of them! Thanks Ray! Fab cake! I actually ended up with 4 cakes – this one, a malteser one, a carrot cake and a costco spectacular!

baker's 40th birthday cake

I’m amazed at the fab presents that I got – plenty of gin! Tons of Pandora jewellery! and much more …
One gift that has stood out though is a poem from one of my friends that I’ve known since we were 4. How did I not know Jo could write poetry like this? I’ll leave you for now with the poem that sums me up perfectly – Normal service will be resumed once I’ve tackled a month’s worth of washing, kids have gone back to school and maybe some of gin and champagne has been consumed …

Hectic as Hel 

Seems I’ve known you forever and you’ve always been
Out there. Involved. Let me set the scene
Youth Mass was fun. Lowe House was the hub.
Followed by debates on Theology in the pub!
You set an example of lofty pursuits
Piano, Synchro and playing the flute.
You seemed to stretch time with how you spent it,
You multi-tasked long before it was invented.
Now a wife and a mother, nothing has changed.
In fact you carry on like someone deranged!
Running your own business with really no fear,
I watched the great bake-off and expected you to appear!
Making, baking, there’s nothing you won’t try.
So hey! You set up your own WI!!
Your social networking seems like an art
With links to all sorts, I’m not sure where to start.
But Facebook? And Twitter? Is there really a need?
Ok, I confess Casa Costello’s a good read!
So please don’t ever change what you do,
Which is EVERYTHING while others just try a few!

Introducing Tara Beatrice – The First 2 weeks

Newborn Baby Tara
The Costello Crew have a new member – our darling little girl was born on 20th February and is absolutely perfect. Tara Beatrice is a welcome little sister for her 2 older sisters who are looking forward to many years of fun together.

Tara has settled well into our household – she has received lots of visitors and once again we are amazed by how generous people are with their presents. She is very patient as we keep calling Tara, V as we are used to calling her 4yo sister.

On Day 3, OH had to return to work and the next day I developed an infection. Cue, the most AMAZING friends a person could ever have – We were so well looked after – with lunch being brought, shopping being done, photos being taken and even Baby T being bathed.

Biggest sister, M has been an absolute star – never once complaining when she is asked to fetch items and always being ready for a cuddle with T. Middle sister, V loves T very much and even wanted to kiss her tongue one night!

By the end of week 2, T has met all 9 of her cousins and has even been to a swimming lesson, visited a pub and attended a swimming gala – the life of a 3rd child. She is very popular at school and behaved perfectly at the school fashion show. Auntie Cara has kindly done 2 photo shoots – Evidence of which can be found here.

Life for M & V has been just as busy with World Book Day on Thursday (M had a fabulous Dorothy outfit made by Nanna and V was a beautiful Snow White – Photos to come!) On Tuesday, V had a visit to A&E with a huge bump on her forehead after falling off a kitchen stool – The proof of this will forever be on the school photo taken the next morning!

The next week holds in store lots more fun and lots more visitors – T is already growing out of outfits but continues to be a tiny 7lb and very beautiful – we are feeling VERY lucky.