Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake – Cake of the Week

There was no choice to be made about what would be Cake of the Week this week – Baby T is One and this is her cake. A Very Hungry Caterpillar cake. It is an absolute miracle that there is any semblance of a cake as this week has been so busy – Why do I always have my babies during school holidays??

Tara’s birthday isn’t actually until tomorrow so I will save the overly emotional mummy post until then (Just wait until you see the picture lined up for tomorrow’s post though!)

We are having Tara’s birthday party later today and once again I may have ‘slightly’ over catered. I even went to the lengths of ordering a Costco cake to be on the safe side – When I saw that they have a caterpillar design I just HAD to get it – I even got Dermot’s name put on there too as it is his 34th birthday tomorrow too.

I got help doing the board for the caterpillar cake from Millie and my Mum – Its definitely a cake design that everyone can get involved in!

Anyway, hope you like it – I’m off to bed to prepare for an afternoon of partying – Don’t forget to come back for the aftermath post along with the 1st birthday post – I’ve just finished watching this week’s One Born Every Minute which seemed the only fit way to mark doing the same thing exactly a year ago!

PS Has anyone seen Millie’s Ipod? Its going to be a very quiet party without it!