Cake of the Week – Extra Tall Rose Wedding Cake

Its been a while since we’ve had a Cake of the Week – The Costello clan are here, there and everywhere for a couple of weeks but I found these pics of one of the more unusual wedding cakes I have done and wanted to share.

The Cake was 3 deep tiers high. Doing the first covering was a challenge but as soon as I relaxed and got it through to my head that any cracks or imperfections would be covered by the folds, I was on a roll.

Looking at the pictures now, I reckon the cake could do with another band of roses around the outside – in fact, I’m trying to remember if I ended up actually adding some more roses after the shots were taken. What I do know, though, is that it took ages to make all the roses and used tons of ribbon to make the ribbon loops inbetween.

The folds of icing down the side of the cake are definitely made easier if you have help from someone. One person can be adding a layer and the other checking if it is being put on straight. The ends should all finish in the same place at the back of the cake. There are a few ways of disguising the joins – I added a heart to each fold but a bow or a button could work just as well.

The folds go from the top downwards. Find something to measure the width of each fold when cutting the icing so each fold (strip of icing) is the same depth. I’ve got a deep ruler which came in really handy.I just made sure I kept the edge of each strip quite thick to give the illusion of a piece of fabric (but not too thick or the icing will slip down the cake). I also made the sugar glue quite thick and tacky to help the icing stick better as I didn’t want to be putting my fingers onto the icing for too long.


The last Cake of the Week linky had 3 entries – all of which were quite lovely.

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And not forgetting this delicious looking Princess Carriage Cake from Sadaf, who was described by her daughter as ‘the best cake maker ever!’ Bless!





And so we move onto this week’s Cake of the Week – what have you been baking recently? Have you embarked on the Christmas baking yet? (Are you excited about the Christmas edition of Great British Bake Off?)
Join in and add your url to show us what you have been baking – doesn’t have to be decorated, recipes are more than welcome!