A Big & Mighty Gathering at St Helens Clandestine Cake Club

Big & Mighty Victoria Sponge Cake



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People think that Rugby League is the only big thing that happens in our town on a Friday night. Well not any more. 21 cakes!! That’s how many works of art we had at the latest Clandestine Cake Club held in St Helens last week. Our theme was Big & Mighty so people could choose either a huge cake, an oversize decoration or just a mighty flavour. Plenty of inspiration there but this lot didn’t need it. The cakes our ladies brought were amazing! (We nearly had a man but the rugby enticed him away)

Chocolate Guinness Cake

As the numbers of people signing up rolled in, it became clear that this gathering was going to be huge. Lots of rich flavours and wonderful combinations, which resulted in me choosing a simple Victoria Sponge for my cake to balance out the heavy flavours. (and also that my practice White Chocolate Patty cake baked earlier in the week looked dreadful)

My Mum's Chocolate Cake with HUGE Bow

We had a large number of ladies from our recently formed WI and it was lovely to see them chatting and getting to know each other better. Pat (My Mum’s guest) did a fantastic job of keeping us topped up with teas and coffees. We had a lady that managed to taste a sliver of all 21 cakes – apparently she is a connoisseur on desserts and cakes and declared the evening to be a huge success.

A High & Mighty Stencil

We had originally planned for another venue but this newly refurbished church hall came available so we moved there. We had intended on asking for a £3 fee but changed this to a voluntary donation with some going towards the church and if any was left over, the rest going to the charity chosen by the Clandestine Cake Club, Marie Curie. Well, these were generous women – We collected a wonderful £20 for the church and £58.65 for Marie Curie. Thank you very much ladies!!

A selection of our cakes