Getting Children To Eat Pickles – Project 2/366

A New Year’s Resolution that both me and Mr C feel strongly about this year is that we want to eat and cook more homecooked food. I’m not promising that we will never again get to 11pm and have to stick a pizza in the oven for tea but hopefully we won’t do it quite so often.

Another part of this plan is to get the children to be a lot more adventurous with their food. I’ve always had a rule that they need to try a food at least twice before trying to convince me that they don’t like it but have to be honest that sometimes I I just give them what I know they like.

They are by no means the fussiest of children but they are quite traditional in what they seem to like eating.

Mr C decided today was a good day to get Violet to try a fiery hot pickled onion – Not sure V was quite so keen on the idea judging by her face! Perhaps, I will save trying prawns and mussels for another day!

BTW, please excuse the state of the kitchen – we’ve just come back from holiday!