ghost cake pops

Halloween Cake Pops – Bake of the Week

I hope I’m not running before I can walk, but I think I may have finally cracked Cake Pops!! I’ve talked here so many times about not being able to master them – I’ve still got a long way to go before they are perfect but I’m more than a little bit pleased with my… 

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pecan maple brioche bites

Pecan & Maple Brioche Rolls – Bake of the Week

Oh my! This just might be my favourite thing I have ever baked (I’m sure I’ve said that before?!) These Pecan & Maple Brioche Rolls aren’t necessarily the quickest bake ever but they are more than worth it. You do need to do the preparation a couple of nights before to get the brioche dough… 

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bacon balsamic black pudding risotto

Bacon, Balsamic & Black Pudding Risotto – Organic September

We are coming towards the end of Organic Food Month and I’ve been trying to do my bit. I will admit to thinking in the past, that organic food was mainly for the rich and picky, expensive cuts of meat and teeny vegetables. I have been educated over the past few months though, and it… 

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making wholemeal bread

Homemade Bread with Sainsbury’s

I’ve talked before about my new found love for working with yeast – Its like a chemical experiment that suddenly I seem to get right and I love it. I’ve never used a pre-made bread mix though and wondered how they differed from bought bread. Do they really taste superior and yet save time? Sainsburys… 

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gin lime drizzle cake recipe

Toad in the Hole & Gin & Lime Cake: Great British Dishes with Waitrose

I was set the challenge by Waitrose to recreate some good old Great British Dishes recently. I like to think that my cooking repertoire is fairly full of traditional British dishes that I will pass onto my girls as they grow older. There’s plenty of time in life for the fancy food but a family… 

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lemon lime sandwich cream biscuits

Award Winning Lemon & Lime Sandwich Biscuits – Bake of the Week

Award winning I tell you! Well, almost – I came second at our WI Craft Night. These biscuits were a miracle that they came to exist at all. I needed to be there by 6.30 but only got home at 5.15 … and still managed to make them, decorate them, cook the girls’ tea and… 

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no cheese smoked haddock omelette

No-Cheese Smoked Haddock Omelette – Cage Free Eggs from Sainsburys

I first started getting concerned with what eggs I used when I was at the peak of Aardvark Cakes’ wedding season. It wasn’t unusual to use 70+ eggs. I just couldn’t bring myself to use eggs from caged hens although they were significantly cheaper. Slowly more and more customers were asking if I used free-range… 

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Seems like yesterday!

Cherishing Family Milestone Moments with Fairy

I like to think I don’t take any of my children’s milestones for granted. Everyone always says how quickly time goes by and that you will never get those childhood years back (I’m never quite sure how to take that!) Parents of teenagers are quick to tell me that the toddlers years are the best… 

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ok magazine competition

Win 1 years subscription to OK! Magazine

Now I know I talk a lot about wine and gin, but even I have an alcohol free night sometimes. My mum isn’t a drinker either so we always have some soft drinks in for such occasions. I first tried Shloer 13 years ago when I was having Millie – I have to admit it… 

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non alcoholic bellini cocktail recipe

Non-Alcoholic Peach/Mango Bellini Cocktail

One of my most favourite cocktail experiences ever was visiting The Living Rooms in Liverpool having their Peach Bellinis. Over the years (and it is years since I was in there!) I have messed around with various recipes to recreate the magic. I’m pretty chuffed with my non-alcoholic Bellini for taste, speed and appearance. Definitely… 

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apple pecan crunch crumble sundae

Apple Pecan Crunch – Bake of the Week

I promise you, you will never look the same way at Apple Crumble ever again after eating this! Much as I love a traditional dessert, sometimes they need a bit of refreshing. I suppose in posh circles this would be called a deconstructed Apple Crumble – Whatever you want to call it, its delicious. And… 

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