cbeebies kids go free offers

Kids go Free over the Summer with CBeebies Magazine

There is much excitement in Casa Costello tonight – tomorrow sees us trooping off to Alton Towers for the day courtesy of CBeebies Magazine. I’m solo parenting (with a little help from my niece) as Mr C has got to work, but looking forward to it nonetheless. Little Miss T, Violet and I are attending… 

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cherry loaf cake

Cherry Streusel Loaf Cake – Bake of the Week

The Costello Kitchen was closed for a few days last week (to baking – we still manage to eat other things than cake!). BritMums and school stuff seemed to take over. The ovens are back on with a vengeance today though. I started with something hearty and easy to make – I reckon we can… 

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britmums live business card

The Disorganised Blogger’s Guide to attending BritMums Live

Well, its here. The night before BritMums . Bloggers up and down the land are prepared for trundling along to London in the morning. Blog posts have been written for weeks introducing sponsors, describing outfits, even detailing what has been packed in their bags. I’ve seen perfectly manicured nails through the wonders of Instagram. I… 

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lemon frangipane pie bake of the week

Lemon Frangipane Pie – Bake of the Week

I’ve decided to make something a little more challenging for this week’s #Bakeoftheweek. The past few weeks have been fairly easy and quick but every now and then, I like to get my teeth stuck into a proper project. (And then get my teeth stuck into the Pie! Sorry) This is a real summery pie… 

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giant question mark


Its day of questions … Can you help with any of these from The Costello house? From Violet: How does the internet work? I thought I’d start with a harmless but difficult one – She means as a whole, not how does our house get it? From Tara: How can I get a tail to… 

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fish chips minted peas

Healthy but Hearty Fish, Chips & Minted Peas – Uniform Foodies

Did you know that according to a national surgery of uniformed professions, Doctors’ favourite meal is Fish & Chips? I must admit to being rather surprised, hardly the healthiest meal. I’ve been sent the task by Uniform Foodies (a new recipe APP that launches today) to create a recipe based on one of the uniformed… 

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tips for self catering holidays

Self Preservation when Self Catering with Kids – #MatalanSummerTips

Its that lovely time of year again, our caravan has arrived home! All ready to be cleaned and filled to the gills for our many summer adventures. You may remember last week, I was involved in a Twitter Party all about sharing your holiday tips? Well, Matalan have asked me to share some of my… 

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coffee melting moments

Coffee Melting Moments – Bake of the Week

Having a bank of easy, quick biscuit recipes saves my bacon on so many occasions. I’ve talked endlessly about wanting the kids to eat less pre-produced food and snacks are one of our worst offenders. Last week was crazily busy (in a good way) but our eating habits did suffer. I declared on Sunday night… 

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shelfie blog competition

It may be messy but its ours – The Costello Shelfie

We’ve all heard of selfies, but have you heard of the ‘Shelfie’? Its exactly what you think it is, a picture of a shelf. I’d love to be showing you a neat and today, freshly dusted, everything precisely where it should be shelf but I’m not. Actually what you are seeing is everything current about… 

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restaurants at center parcs

If we were at Center Parcs … Its all about the food!

Do you ever play the ‘This time last week/this time last year’ game? I’m really bad for it – I’m always reminiscing about brilliant holidays that we have. I’d like to let you know about a competition running at the moment to win a free family break at a Center Parcs of your choice. All… 

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One Direction packed lunch bento box

One Direction Bento Box

It seems the craze for Bento boxes is getting bigger and bigger. For people new to Bento, they are packed lunches. You are ‘supposed’ to have a variety of smaller items rather than just a buttie and an apple. I say ‘supposed’ to because really, who can dictate what you should do with a packed… 

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