hazelnut oil bread

Hazelnut Ficelle – Bake of the Week

… or scrawny baguettes as Mr C likes to call them. My love of baking bread is still on-going. This was the most successful outcome yet and had me squealing every time I saw how light, airy and perfect they were inside. After all the sweetness of chocolatey Easter, I wanted this week’s Bake of… 

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frozen olaf food

Frozen Inspired Food – Marshmallow Olafs

It was a very exciting day for my children yesterday. Violet has never been the same since we took her to see the movie, Frozen just after Christmas. She has lived and breathed that film. Like a lot of children, she knows every word of every song. She spends many an hour ‘researching’ the film… 

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oat cookies biscuits

Oaty Cookies – Bake of the Week

These are perfect to bake with toddlers. They don’t use too many ingredients, not too complicated and they are robust enough that even a toddler can mess around with them and they still turn out. I’ve never found it easy baking with toddlers – I always get stuck after the whisking of the eggs –… 

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ginger cake gingerbread recipe

Sticky Gingercake – Bake of the Week

Well, we’re back from a fantastic time at Center Parcs. Lots more about that to follow but for now I want to share my latest Bake of the Week entry. I make this Sticky Gingercake a lot when we are going somewhere for a few days – It lasts really well and the stickiness gets… 

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painting in the garden with kids

Painting with Kids – Center Parcs March Challenge

I was always a bit scared of painting with my first 2 children. It always seemed like a lot of hard work and an activity that could easily get out of hand. There’s something that makes me feel all ‘Earth Mothery’ about getting the paints out and letting the children be creative. Since I became… 

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irish green cake recipe

Happy St Patrick’s Day Cake

Happy St Patrick’s Day – Have some cake! (and possibly some Guinness to wash it down with!)How will you be celebrating or do you not bother? I’ll be going to a cookery demonstration tonight with WI pals and maybe persuaded to pop into a local pub afterwards. I made this cake yesterday and there’s still… 

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lemon lime scones curd recipe

Mini Lemon & Lime Scones

Scones or scohnes?! Which are you? Being a northern girl, I’m definitely a Scones with an ‘o’ rather than an ‘oh’. Even though I love the comforting taste of scones and love how quick and easy they are to prepare, sometimes I just need something extra. A bit of tang, and extra aftertaste. This recipe… 

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vegetable vegetarian curry lentils chickpeas

Vegetarian Chickpea and Lentil Curry

I’ve never thought of myself as a real meat-eater but every year 2 days come along that test me in meal preparation. They are Ash Wednesday and Good Friday – I was always brought up not to eat meat on those days and have memories of Mum & Dad eating banana butties on Good Friday… 

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nutella bread

Nutella Bread – Daring Bakers February

It doubled in size! It doubled at last! You know in a recipe when it says ‘leave to prove until it has doubled’? That’s the bit where it usually fails for me. At most, I tend to have a tiny twitch of yeasty activity but at long, long last, I have discovered how to prove…. 

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baked cadbury's creme egg cheesecake

Baked Cadbury’s Creme Egg Cheesecake

Warning! If you are on a health kick, you might want to look away NOW! When I posted an Instagram picture of this going into the oven, someone described it as ‘Heart Attack alert’. This is definitely a recipe for small portions (and its not very often I say that). It contains 9 Creme Eggs,… 

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wigan food and drink festival 2014

Wigan Food Festival 2014

Its not often you find someone from St Helens talking freely about Wigan – The 2 towns have a fierce rugby rivalry. When food is involved though, that’s different! I was invited a couple of weeks ago, to the preview dinner of the Wigan Food Festival 2014. Now in its 7th year, this event is… 

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