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What do you call this? A belly button? A tummy button? Navel (Eew!)

Apparently in our house. we have a new word for it – Tara has this week become obsessed with showing everyone her BELLY BOOB!!

We’ve had a few alternative names for body parts over the years – Violet at 7 still calls her big toes, her THUMB TOE. I admit I quite like it and am in no rush for her to change its name.

I’m sure most kids also get mixed up between their Shoulders and their Elbows.

Do you have any Body Parts that have unusual names in your house – Clean Names Only Please!!!

I’m joining in this week with Helen at Actually Mummy with Wots So Funee.

Wot So Funee?

Tatty Teddy/Me to You Birthday Cake: Cake of the Week and a rare family photo

Tatty Teddy Me to You Birthday Cake

Please excuse the look and layout of the blog. It is sick. Very sick. A new flashy blog look will be up soon!

We had a lovely day yesterday. We held Violet’s 7th birthday party. We were brave and invited the whole class plus extra friend’s children. If everyone could have made it, we would have ended up with 55+ children but in the end, 40+ could come. (Still enough!)

As usual, time was of the essence this week. We only got back from being in London where Mil was at her last England Talent Squad, on Wednesday night. Obviously, I hadn’t started any party preparations or THE CAKE before we went – that would be far too sensible! So, all systems go and 2 very late nights, here’s what we ended up with.

A brave Dermot delivering the cake!

A brave Dermot delivering the cake!

My instructions were to make a 3 tier cake with mostly chocolate cake and a Tatty Teddy theme. I saw the ribbon in John Lewis’ on Oxford Street earlier in the week and thought immediately of the cake. When I got it home, I discovered it was Washi Tape though but decided to go with it anyway. Think I just about got away with it, although the ribbon isn’t as neat as I normally prefer. It was pointed out that I had only made 6 stars (never thought to put 7!) and Violet told me this morning that I should have put ‘Violet IS 7′! What a failure as a mother ;-)

We took a moment at the end of the party to have our picture taken by our lovely friend, Cara. Amazingly, we are all looking the same way and smiling – what a professional!

The Costello Family

March Reads – What have you been reading?

Another busy old month here but still no sign of the reading slowing down. It seems to be catching too, one at least 2 occasions last week I found both M & V sitting reading quietly WITHOUT BEING TOLD TO! Hurray!

I seem to have reverted back to reading ‘proper’ books as opposed to my Kindle but as I’m trying to reduce some of the piles of books around the place, this is no bad thing. I’m even going old school and reading library books once more. Is there anything better than leaving the library with armfuls of books – the ultimate in reading hope. The challenge for me is taking them back before the fines cost more than it would have to buy the actual books.

So what has been on the reading agenda this month?

One that I forgot to mention (and I’m not sure how because I was completely engrossed in this story) was The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes. I read my first Jojo Moyes, Me Before You last year in France and knew I had to read another. The Girl You Left Behind was very different than Me Before You and even better in a lot of ways. The story was much more involved and switched easily between current day and WWII.

The story of a piece of artwork that finds its way to England after the Second World War and the legal battle that ensues to find its rightful owner. The story of the painting begins in France in 1916 with a family living with effects of German occupation. I completely fell in love with the character of Sophie who literally does everything she can think of to save her family. This was definitely a book I was sad to finish. A rare easy 5 stars.

I have seen my next read hanging around various shops and picked it up on a whim – After The Fall by Charity Norman

About a family who move from the UK to Australia to escape the demons of the father’s drink problem but end up in much deeper trouble. An easy read but one that hooked me straightaway. For the few days it took to read this book, I was mentally living a life in Australia – its just a good job my passport was nowhere to hand.

A young boy falls from the balcony of a house, the story then looks at the events that lead up to this fall. It wasn’t obvious who it could have been responsible although I did guess about 3/4 way through – I’m not telling though. Its definitely worth a read to find out yourself. PS In case you are a bit squeamish about children getting injured like me, don’t worry, its bearable to read. 4 out of 5 stars.

A Modern Military Mother: Tales From The Domestic Frontline by Clare McNaughton- Since meeting Andy Reid at the beginning of the year and devouring his book, Standing Tall, I’ve become really interested in life as part of the military. My friend, Liz, a military wife herself must be sick of all the questions by now (but much too polite to say). This is definitely a ‘no holds barred’ account of Clare’s life married to a member of the Armed Forces (I’m finding it really hard not to spout cliches describing Clare and her book here). If you want brutally honest, witty, and quite frankly very realistic, then this is the book for you. I loved the sections about learning to readjust with each other after a period apart – how refreshing that it isn’t always immediately romance and flowers. Clare is self-promoting this book and working damn hard at doing so – I encourage you to have a gander. A 4 out of 5 stars only because I wanted more – I finished it far too quickly. Good news though, I have heard on the grapevine that a sequel is planned.

The Two-Week Wait by Sarah Rayner. Not at all sure what possessed me to pick up a book about fertility problems and the workings of IVF. Luckily, I’ve never had to consider fertility treatment but it doesn’t mean that the subject wasn’t interesting. 2 couples embark on the ups and downs of IVF – I won’t spoil it by telling you the outcome. An easy read – I did want to find out how they got on. The author has obviously got a lot of knowledge regarding IVF which was interesting to read without being too medical. A generous 4 stars here (looking back maybe more like a 3.5)

Alone in Berlin by Hans Fellada.
Every now and then comes along a book that I wish I enjoyed more than I did. The failings of this book are definitely mine and not the story or the author. Alone in Berlin is also known as Every Man Dies Alone – Set in Germany during the Second World War, a couple set out to challenge Hitler’s reign by anonymously dropping postcards with anti-war messages on them. I loved the idea of the story (which is based on a true story), there was just so much detail for me and the book was incredibly long. About 100 pages in, I felt a surge as I seemed to speed up and thought, hey, we’re into it now. Sadly this didn’t last for me and I felt I was wading through some sections – In the book’s defence though, I do know that it is possible to read this book quickly in a couple of days. A 3 out of 5 for this book but please do read other reviews as they are so much more favourable than mine.

In other book news, Violet and myself are nearing the end of ‘The Wishing Chair Again’ by Enid Blyton. It is a complete joy to read these books with her – we have started having lengthly chats about the characters, these are some of my favourite parenting moments so far. We even found the Wishing Chair in one of our favourite pubs, The Britannia at Elterwater last week – of course, we were the only ones that knew it was the Wishing Chair!

All images have been taken from Amazon where the books are available to download and buy.

Cake of the Week: Parma Violet Cake

For one night only this cake was also known as The Violet Mary Costello Cake. (see photo!)

I have a new addiction – crushing up sweets and concocting various cake recipes. This was my offering to our latest Clandestine Cake Club held in St Helens last week. Our theme was Spring and I thought spring flowers and pastel colours would suit the theme.

Off I tottered to Amazon and duly ordered some Violet Syrup – I was going to go the whole hog and order crystalised violets but quite frankly, they were deeply ugly so I didn’t bother. Days went by and no sign of the violet syrup (I am in fact a week after the CCC still waiting for it to arrive and may be having a Parma Violet Cocktail night when it eventually does!) Not one to be deterred, I thought how best can I get a violet taste and so started the search for Parma Violets.

Turns out that they are considered quite a delicacy in St Helens – I was under no illusion previously that we were a Mecca for unusual ingredients but blinking hek, Parma Violets!?! Many a shopkeeper looked at me like I’d lost my marbles until my friend, Sue visited the good old market – Hurrah! I was now the proud owner of 40 packets. Yes, you read right – 40!!!

By now I had already made a sponge cake (just a normal vanilla sponge) so I crushed up 10 of the packets by bashing with a rolling pin in a heavy duty foodbag – I’m not ruining my Magimix for the sake of some Parma Violets! I mixed the crushed sweets with some thick buttercream/frosting and popped in the fridge for a few hours – I think the taste was slightly more concentrated because of this step but I’m sure if you ate straightaway it would be fine. The sweets weren’t completely crushed to fine sugar but the little flecks gave a lovely texture when we ate it. The parma violet taste was delicious and gave a little aftertaste kick – it was even nicer the next day. I also sprinkled some fine Parma Violet powder over the icing on the top of the cake for added flavour.

I’m thinking my next mission might be to try crushed Swizzels or even pear drops (although they do make me cough!) Can you think of any sweet suggestions? Don’t blame me though when you get told off by your dentist!

I know its been yonks since I did a cake of the week linky but if there’s anyone that would like to link up, I’d love to see your work.

The School Teddy – A Rant

Its not often I use my blog to rant but I feel I’m justified on this occasion. Most parents of school age children will recognise this scenario…

You are standing on the playground waiting for school to kick out (invariably it is raining as it always seem to do at 3.20PM but that’s a different story). Out comes your child with a huge grin waiving an inanimate object in your face. Huge delight ahead, we have the school frickin bear!

Who on earth decided that taking a manky, dirt ridden, germ infested, piece of tat home for the night was a good idea and in the slightest bit educational? Let me tell you teachers, its not educational in the slightest. There’s not a parent alive that relishes writing a diary about what your sodding bear has done over the weekend. Let’s be honest, its normally 8PM on Sunday night when we remember to read out what our little one needs to write in the diary.

Some things to remember about the school bear …

  • Teachers, ¬†you may think you are being helpful suggesting we might like to add photos or drawings of Bear’s activities into the diary but we truly have better things to do.
  • Parents, even if you feed your little ones 3 bags of crisps for their tea, don’t write it in the diary. Other parents will judge. Equally, if you had fois-gras and homemade profiteroles for a meal, other parents will hate you.
  • School bears should NEVER EVER be allowed in your little one’s bed – I hate to picture how many have been vomitted on/passed on nits.
  • Parents again … on the day you are giving bear back, do NOT decide it is Bear’s birthday. The next recipient will not appreciate being manipulated into holding a birthday party for it.
  • Check if manky Bear makes a sound BEFORE you wash it! (Cara Freckles anyone?!)

Yep, guess what Violet came out of school sporting yesterday?! Not only do we have the pleasure of a weekend but its sodding half term. Well, school Bear is going to have an education all of its own … it’s coming on a girlie weekend to Harrogate where it might indulge in the odd gin. Watch this space for photographic evidence that may or may not be suitable for including in it’s diary!

Cake of the Week – Birthday Cakes

The cakes for this week may not be the biggest or the most elaborate but they are definitely no less special.

I’m giving you two cakes for the price of one this week. The first cake is a 21st cake for Daniel. Daniel is the son of a good friend of mine, Donna. I met Donna when our daughters started school together and I’m so glad I did. Just one of those people and families that you are glad to have in your life (and she’s good at drinking wine too!) Daniel has complex special needs and is unable to actually eat any of his cake but that really made me want to make it even neater than normal. They were having 50 million people round to their house yesterday to celebrate with Daniel – Hope it all went well!

The second cake for this week is sadly a very quick cake (and another Hello Kitty). Our lovely Violet is 6 today but still wanted a cake to take with us on our holidays. She has requested a Hello Kitty for this week and a Moshi Monsters for her party the day after we get back – Help! The cake has travelled all the way to Abersoch intact and stands a good chance of being dished out at the Jubilee party on Tuesday. There’s no way us 5 can make our way through it all on our own.

Violet has had a lovely day. We realise now that she genuinely doesn’t need much to make her happy – a few presents and being stuck in the van as it is blowing a gale outside has made for a perfect day. She got to choose her tea (chippy) which we enjoyed on Hello Kitty paper plates and cups – complete with paper umbrellas. You can take the girl out of St Helens … Can’t believe V has been with us for 6 years – they’ve been brilliant. She has so much energy and enthusiasm – long may it continue.

How the Costellos celebrate birthdays in the van!

I’ll try to put up the linky for Cake of the week but the internet is a bit dodgy on the campsite – If you want to join in but can’t link up just put the url of your post/picture in the comments and I’ll find them when I get back from my hols.

There will be news of Aardvark Cakes next week – its too long to include in this post. Watch this space! For now, enjoy the bank holidays and your parties is you are having them. I’m off to eat more of Violet’s cake!

What to put in a Time Capsule?

My 5 year old’s Rainbows group is amazing. Those women that organise it think of everything. We get a couple of letters per week inviting Violet to one event or another.


This week’s event is the burying of a Time Capsule in the local church garden after Church Parade (which we have never managed to make it to yet but that’s another story).


Our brief is to find something that is no bigger than Vi’s fist. The item has to be something that reminds her of her childhood, a happy memory or a holiday that she has been on. A memory?? SHe’s only 5!


Anything that she associates with her childhood, she still plays with – in fact she nearly had meltdown at the thought that Pink Elephant might get buried. Its a real worry that days after the Capsule has been buried she might want the item back.


So what are we burying? Well, Mummy Pig it looks like your time is nigh. (To be honest, we’ve got 3 of them and Vi has always said Mummy Pig is really boring but who’s telling?) Let’s hope she’s not claustrophobic!

Let me out!!

When the girls met Widow Twanky – Day 3 Project 366

I know I said I wasn’t going to post every day to the blog but I’m happy with today’s picture – not the most perfect evidence of photography, I know but it was great to be able to take the girls behind stage at our local panto and meet an old friend who is starring as Widow Twanky (and was completely brilliant!)

Its back to school and some sort of normality for us tomorrow, which also means I may have to be a bit more creative about taking the pics for Project 366. I’ve booked two excursions so far this year all in the name of having a good subject to take a picture of, of course! I really can’t keep using this as an excuse though – I may actually have to do some work and bake some cakes by the end of the week if only to pay for some of my plans!

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

We’ve had a busy day. The first picture was taken of Violet yesterday before she went to her school party. Notice the difference when the second picture was taken today. Yes, both front teeth have fallen out within a couple of hours of each other, leaving the cutest gap.

The tooth fairy is being very busy tonight but we can’t stop singing this song with only a week to go before Christmas … Not sure if Violet can actually say ‘Sister Susie Sitting on a Thistle’ but I do know she’d blinking LOVE one of those dresses!