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Foodie Penpals April Edition

My box this month was exactly what being in a penpal scheme is all about. Exploring new tastes and products, whilst getting to know someone at the same time. My second month of being in the Foodie Penpal gang and our numbers are growing.

My penpal for this month, was Andrea from Made With Pink (a blog I could just read for hours – so pretty). Andrea said she was worried in case I already owned everything foodie and cakey – Dear Andrea, a girl can NEVER have too much baking stuff. When my parcel arrived, I was delighted. Andrea is originally from Canada and during a recent trip home, did her Foodie Penpal shopping – how lucky am I?

What did I get?

* Lemon Whoopie Pie Mix = I’m going to have a go at these this weekend. Can’t wait!
* Movie Theatre Popcorn = The girls are very eager to break into this.
* Some Maple Extract – I’m having great fun coming up with ideas that I can put this into. Gammon with Maple and Honey is springing to mind.
* A Coffee Crisp – Like a Coffee flavoured Creme Egg
* Cinnamon Roll frosting flavouring – I’m a new convert to cinnamon so this will go down a treat.

Thank you, Andrea – I love my parcel.

Of course, I sent a parcel out too – Mine was some little pink tagine pots (Which I have tried not to think about every day since I sent them but I’m going buying some tomorrow), some ‘proper’ chocolate and a selection of nuts. Yep, I forgot to take a picture but I believe my recipient, Sarah from NorthWestNosh was as in love with the little pots as I was.

Foodie Penpals are co-ordinated by Carol Anne from ThisisRockSalt – get it touch if you want to join the gang. We’re not that scary! The original idea is from Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean.

Things that make me happy

Its the Easter Holidays. The kids are still in their PJs at 11am. Not a TV in the house is turned on and they are getting along brilliantly playing good old fashioned Barbies.

Is there anything that has made you happy this week?

What inspires my blog? The British Parenting Calendar 2011

Let me tell you a little story. There once was a cake. Yes a pretty cake but apart from that you wouldn’t know anything about who the cake was for. So I started a cake blog. I knew nothing about blogs, didn’t even realise the world of parenting blogs existed but I had the urge to write more about cakes. Sometimes there are stories about why a particular cake is chosen. Sometimes I’m particularly proud of a certain bit of a cake and sometimes I’m just plain made up that I can even do the cake. And so my cake blog was born and happily it ticked along with me not realising how many people were reading it.

And then there were these 3. The most important things in my life (Yep, even more than cake) and that urge came again. I wanted to capture important parts of our life for us to remember. The funny bits, the unusual bits, the plain weird bits.

And then we bought this and found that the five of us have massive adventures that we really don’t want to forget.

And there you have it. How Casa Costello came to be – who knows how it will change in the next few years but I love my little spot of the internet. I love that people read about us and the cakes and even feel inspired to leave messages. How fab!

So why am I telling all of this? In June of this year, I went to Cybermummy and took part in the Parent Blogging Calendar photoshoot under the Foodies section. Organised by Tara Cain and Jay Mountford, there are 100 calendars available supplied by Snapfish in exchange for our blog CV. I’m game for a go so here’s my history!