A Younger Me – The Gallery

Helen on Wicker Chair

I knew exactly which picture I wanted to use for this week’s Gallery entry. I came across it recently when I had tons of pictures up of me all over the house for my 40th party.

I’m 2 1/2 on this picture – almost exactly the age that Tara is now. We still have the wicker chair. Its a bit battered – a few of the strings are missing but all 3 girls have sat on it as toddlers (and quite a few teddies too!) It now lives in Tara’s room – Derm and my Mum have tried to get rid of it loads of times – how could they?

Here’s Tara sat on the chair today (the teddy has been changed as a) I can’t find the other one and b) it would be a germ-ridden stink by now.

wicker chair1

There’s some fabulous pictures of bloggers in their youth over at Tara Cain’s blog today – Why not join in with the Gallery yourself and show us what you looked like as a child? I particularly like Mummy Barrow as a 6 year old – too cute!

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

Through The Eyes Of My Phone – The Gallery

children in a caravan

I love the camera on my phone – I like how handy it is, how it picks up a good shot but most of all, I love the surprises I get on there when the kids have had hold of it. Don’t get me wrong, I get thousands of useless pics – especially when Tara has been playing with the phone but every now and then I get a gem.

This photo was taken by Millie when we were in France – It is Tara lying on her bed and sums up their lovely relationship. There is no way on earth that Tara would pose like this if me or Dermot asked her to, but she just does it for Millie. I love the sun shining through the tiny window and how light the picture is.

I have it on my screensaver on my phone and it makes me smile every time I pick it up.I’ve just noticed it was taken on my 40th birthday too which makes it even more special. I know I’m biased but isn’t she just too cute?

The theme for this Tara Cain’s Gallery this week is to look through your phone and find your most favourite picture. It doesn’t have to be the best picture – just something that means something to you. Why not share your favourite? If you don’t have a blog, feel free to share on the Casa Costello facebook page – I’d love to see them.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

My Dad’s Book – The Gallery

Here’s a special book for you. A book that nearly didn’t make it. A book that took a long time. A book that my family are very proud of.

This is my Dad’s Phd.

My Dad passed away 3 years ago and was too ill by the time he was granted his Phd to really appreciate it. We only got sent a copy of his work a couple of months ago and its lovely to see it in real life. I even get a mention in the acknowledgements for my part in doing the typing – I’m really glad I could help.

Miss you every day, Dad. Rest in Peace Dr Patrick Burke MBE xxx

This post is taking part in Tara Cain’s Gallery – This week’s theme is Books! There’s hundreds of books featured – hop on over to take a look

Yellow Wedding Cake – Cake of the Week/The Gallery

Regular readers will know that every now and then, I like to take part in The Gallery. A photo sharing linky devised by Tara Cain where we all ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over each other’s pics. Every week, Tara gives us a theme to follow – sometimes they are hard, sometimes they are downright impossible.

When it was the week of the ‘Green’ theme, I entered a cake. This week the theme is ‘Yellow’ so I’m entering another cake.

A bright, chirpy colour (Its my 3rd favourite colour you know! Tell me everyone has ‘favourite colour chats’ with their kids?) I made this cake for my last ever wedding cake. I wanted the stall to be bright and happy and not too cluttered. I also LOOOVE gerberas (I think I might have mentioned it once or twice!) What you can’t see in the rubbish picture is that the board has got brush embroidered gerberas in white – they took forever to do but looked really nice and the cake didn’t look half as plain. Never mind.

I’m also adding the Cake of the Week linky, so you can share any of your creations. I know Janine is itching to share some of Mr P’s cake (which I have tasted and are just as divine as they look). So over to you!

The Costellos Go Surfing – The Gallery – Sport

Well, its been quite a week for sport putting it mildly. Although we are still in France, Olympic fever is still strong here (except for French TV not showing Tom Daley in the diving tonight but I won’t harp on about that!)

The beginning of the week started off with our Olympic adventure from Biarritz to London and back again within 36 hours (blog post to come soon!) and by Wednesday we were all back in the sea. Even Tara has developed a new obsession with the waves.

A long time ago you may remember me posting about my list of things to achieve before I’m 40 (53 weeks tomorrow by the way!) Having a go at surfing was on the list – I have to admit I’m not sure why, I’ve never been THAT desperate to have a go but on the list it was.

I was having a rare moment alone in the sea (anyone who has ever been on holiday with a 10,6 and 1 year old will know that you don’t get an awful lot of time alone) when Derm joined me complete with surfboard telling me I was having a go. Tara was being looked after by a friend and Vi was having her daily afternoon beach sleep. I started blustering about not being ready, not having the right costume on but it fell on deaf ears. My bully* of a husband said I couldn’t tell the girls to do new things if I wasn’t prepared to try so off I went.

I wasn’t a natural. I fell off. I nearly popped out of my cozzie. I didn’t manage to stand up. But it was really really funny. I will definitely have a go again and am so pleased my girls have seen me have a go. Millie has mentioned it is one of the highlights of her holiday so far. (So much for the amazing trip to the Olympics -it seems 10 minutes of seeing your mother look like a drowned rat beats that!)

Thankfully, there is no photographic evidence of my surfing efforts but I can leave you with a much prettier sight courtesy of our friend, Rob who was busy snapping the girls having fun surfing a day earlier.

I’m adding this post to Tara Cain’s Gallery as this week’s theme is Sport – I’m expecting tons of fabulous entries as the country seems so inspired by the fantastic Olympics.


* He’s not really a bully

P.S. Its raining tonight in Biarritz so I’ve taken the opportunity to catch up with a little internet time – Back soon!

Rose Wedding Cake – Cake of the Week & The Gallery

It is an absolute miracle that this cake made it to the reception, never mind that it was fit to eat. This cake was a wedding last Friday, yep, the rainiest day ever and I had to deliver it to a reception where the car park is nowhere near the door. There may have been some running and a Peppa Pig umbrella involved.

We were actually guests at the wedding (and we were child free for most of it!!) – the dire weather didn’t spoil the day. It was lovely and relaxed. Laura and Mark are gorgeous and their 5 boys (!!! All 5 and under) looked and behaved beautifully.

Unusually both tiers were fruit with a polystyrene middle section on the cake to insert the flowers into. This was definitely one of those cakes where you think you need so many flowers but actually have to treble it. It tooks hundreds!!

My new favourite flower to make is a tulip type bud – they dust up wonderfully.

I’ve attached a photo of the new Mr & Mrs Molyneux (pinched from Laura’s facebook page) along with their 3 eldest boys – the 6 month old twins were asleep at this point.

The link is up for Cake of the Week if you would like to join in. Remember its not a competition, just for fun!

We had a lovely entry from Angie at Cakesphotolife last week – I suspect that this cake was another one of those that takes 3 x more flowers than you expect!


I love the story behind Sadaf’s first fondant cake -Her eldest daughter had it for her graduation at 5!! If she has a cake that good then, what will she get for graduating from uni?


Jackie’s cakes are getting more impressive by the week – the covering on this cake is perfection and those butterflies must have taken some dedication!


I’m entering this week’s Cake of the Week into Tara Cain’s The Gallery link up – The theme for this week is Food. Always something that is on my mind but at the moment cakes are somewhat taking up every waking hour!


Easter – The Gallery

It may be my fault that we’ve had all this rain. Sorry about that. I bought the girls a rain gauge last week and it hasn’t stopped raining since. This picture was taken on Easter Monday when the heaven’s opened.

Our Easter was slightly different this year. We went away in the van as usual but ended up coming back on Saturday, 2 days early as Violet was ill. Sod’s law then dictated that she was perfectly fine as soon as we got home. Things turned out for the best though, as we had the best of both worlds – A short break and then some lovely time at home. We spent time with family, the girls had their first ever joint sleepover (not at our house – I’m not that mad!) and I even did some baking.

The weather hasn’t spoiled a thing – its been great! But I’m ready for a bit of sun, playing in the garden.

I’m entering this post into Tara Cain’s The Gallery – she has asked us to sum up our Easter in just one picture – Why not head over there to check out the rest of the Easter pics?

P.S. What you can’t see is that the rain is up to 1.5 inches

Me Right Now – The Gallery

Yes I’m in bed. It’s 9.02 and we’ve been up what feels like a million times in the night with various children. None of them ill but not asleep either. I do know that I haven’t had 2 solid hours of sleep together so when the school lot have left I’ve crawled back to bed. Baby T is now awake though so up I am for the rest of the day, hoping tonight is one of those blissful nights where I don’t move, speak or think for 8 solid hours.

For Tara Cain’s Gallery we’ve been asked to send a pic of what we were doing when we read
the prompt of ‘Me Right Now’ – so here you go! You didn’t think I’d actually show a photo of me in bed did you?

The Gallery – Home

People make a house into a home. Well, they do in my world anyway. I believe that a home comes alive when it is full of people. Our house has a constant stream of people running through it – The 5 of us are loud enough but when friends and family pop by it goes mad. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Home is this week’s prompt for Tara Cain’s Gallery. I have chosen this picture because 1. It was a great day full of visitors and lots of chatter and 2. The rest of the house looks tidyish (if you ignore all the toys at the back of the room)

The picture was taken 3 days after Tara was born which was also the day Dermot went back to work – A day I had been dreading but one of the nicest days ever. I felt really looked after and relaxed and it was a lovely introduction to how Tara’s new home works (My Tara, not Tara Cain!) If you look closely you can see me hiding at the back looking pale and tired – not my finest moment.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the other Gallery entries consider to be Home – why don’t you pop over with me?

Shoes – The Gallery

I didn’t think I was going to enter this week’s Gallery but I accidentally came across this photo and couldn’t resist.

Little Violet trying on her Dad’s shoes. I flippin love that kid.

We also quite frequently have sugar shoes in this house. Here are a couple of examples …

The Mini Slippers

and the good old sugar shoe!