Silent Sunday

Children's University

Post Edit: HI everyone, thank for all your messages about this photo – This was taken at the Children’s University presentation earlier in the week at Hope University, Liverpool. It was a fantastic celebration when the children were awarded certificates for taking part in Extra-curricular activities. The more hours they do at After-school clubs and some outside of school activities the better. The Children’s University is a National qualification open to all schools who want to take part and runs from April to April. We are super proud of Violet that she managed to achieve a bronze awards after only joining the school in September and not even counting her out of school activities. She has settled in so well and is so happy with her classmates.

Chocolate Piñata Cake

chocolate piñata cake
EDIT: The story behind the Chocolate Piñata Cake …Maybe not the neatest or best decorated cake I’ve ever made but certainly one of the quickest. I’d made the cakes on Friday morning (2 shallow and one deep in case you are interested) then I had 15 minutes to decorate on the Friday afternoon before we went out to celebrate Millie turning 12. It was at this point I discovered I had no icing-sugar – so I used powdered Fondant Icing (I’m thinking its nearly the same) to make the buttercream.

I cut out a circle in the middle of the deep middle tier and poured the chocolates in – Warning! This type of cake used LOADS of sweets. I used 2 packs of Mint Aero Bubbles, 2 packs of maltesers, 1 pack of Chocolate M& Ms and 2 packs of White Chocolate Buttons. To decorate around the outside I used Maltesers, More White Chocolate Buttons and a packet of Jelly Babies. This is not the cake for dieters!

Next time I make a Piñata cake, I will think more about the outside decoration but for such a quick cake, I’m rather chuffed!

There’s still some left in the fridge – want some?