Honey Balsamic Peaches & Pineapple – Due Vittorie Balsamic Giveaway

Honey Balsamic Peaches & Pineapple

I never fail to be amazed by how versatile Balsamic Vinegar is – Long gone are the days of only using it on a tomato & basil salad (Although it is still pretty delicious nonetheless!)

I am very pleased to be working with Due Vittorie Balsamic Vinegar as they launch their range of vinegars at Ocado. There are 2 types, Oro for every day use (£9.99) and for extra special occasions when you are really trying to impress, the Tradizionale (£49.99 for 100ml). I have been putting both types of balsamic to the test and can confirm that both the Oro & Tradizionale are pretty special.

Due Vittorie Oro Balsamic Vinegar


Honey Balsamic Peaches & Pineapple

Serves 2
Prep time 5 minutes
Cook time 20 minutes
Total time 25 minutes
Meal type Dessert, Snack
Misc Serve Cold, Serve Hot
Tangy grilled peaches and pineapple served with a thick honey & balsamic glaze


  • 1 Peach per person
  • 2 Pineapple Rings per person (I used fresh pineapple as this is a stronger taste)
  • 3 tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons Runny Honey
  • 50g Almond Slices


  • Sprinkling of Demerara Sugar


Slice each peach into 2 halves and remove the stone. Place in a small oven proof dish
Place the pineapple in the gaps left by the peaches. I chopped mine into 4-5 cm pieces first.
In a cup, mix together the honey and the balsamic then pour over the fruit. Make sure all the fruit is covered.
Place under a pre heated grill for 10 minutes
Remove and stir thoroughly - I turned the peaches upside down and cook for a further 5 minutes
Repeat step 5, this time turning the peaches right side up again
Remove from the oven and leave to cool at room temperature
Toast the almonds in a dry frying pan until just starting to turn golden
Serve the fruit with whipped double cream and sprinkle over the nuts and some Demerara sugar if required

Baslamic Peaches & Pineapple

Due Vittorie Balsamic Vinegar Giveaway

I have one bottle of Due Vittorie Oro Balsamic Vinegar to giveaway so you can make your own Balsamic delight – To enter, please follow the Rafflecopter widget instructions below. As per usual, to enter your comment must be at the bottom of this post, rather than in the widget itself.
UK entries only I’m afraid – The competition will end at 11.59 on 17th July 2015.
I will ask for the winner’s details to send to the company who will send on your prize – Your details will not be used for any other marketing.

Good Luck to everyone who enters!

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Honey Balsamic Peach & Pineapple

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FloraQueen Flowers Review

Flora Queen internet flower ordering

Have you seen how beautiful these flowers are?? I love the boldness of colourful flowers – Being brave enough to put red, yellow and orange together in a bouquet is just brilliant. Since I started making sugar flowers about 14 years ago (OMG!) I have become so much more interested in how flowers are formed and definitely more interested in the skill of arranging them together in a bouquet.

FloraQueen approached me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I would be willing to accept some flowers and give feedback on them. Erm yes please! I was hosting our WI’s committee meeting that night – Perfect to have some fresh flowers on show! How very Home Fires 😉

FloraQueen are an internet ordering service – you place an order for the bouquet that you want and it gets distributed from a nearby registered florist. Our florist was Fiesta Flowers, a couple of streets away.

I asked for a bright arrangement – The Burst of Colour arrangement seems just up my street. I’ve finally admitted I’ll never be a pink carnation/chrysanthemum type of girl. I like my flowers to have some personality! At £33 these are a reasonable price for a substantial bouquet – I can imagine a group of workmates or friends clubbing together for such a bouquet. The picture looked like this …

Burst of colour flora queen flowers

Now I will admit that the flowers I received are a little different – its mainly the yellow of the roses. I have been really pleased with them though. The first thing we all noticed was how sparkly they are – I loved the addition of glitter which really set of the red roses (Those roses are spectacular up close by the way!) I’m not sure about the blue butterfly (but Tara loves it so hey!). They do feel a really substantial bunch of flowers – All my visitors agreed that they would be pleased to receive a bouquet like this.

  close up flowers

One week on .. there’s no point in reviewing a bouquet of flowers if we don’t talk about how they last. Well, we have added to the greenery (It’s my mum, she can’t help herself and is always snipping away at the bushes outside). We are so impressed with how they have lasted – the red roses look barely any different – The yellow roses are looking a little tired but after a week in a warm lounge this is only to be expected. The white alstroemeria have opened, adding a splash of white which makes the bouquet look completely different. Everyone who saw the flowers last week and again this week, has been shocked by how well they have lasted.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post – Red Vase = Model’s Own 😉

Flora Queen Flowers

Family Fever

Magazines.co.uk Brand Ambassador Announcement

magazine.co.uk approved blogger badge

If you are particularly eagle-eyed, you may have spotted my new badge in my sidebar. I’m very happy to have been chosen to be an Official Magazines.co.uk Blogger. This is definitely up my street, I’ve been a magazine lover for as long as I can remember. I love that my girls get so excited when I buy them magazines too so its carrying on in the family.

AS part of my role, over the next few months, I am going to be reading a reviewing a number of magazines – I have chosen 3 favourites that I want to share with you. You will not be surprised that they all have a foodie theme – I have tried to mix and match them though!

Delicious Magazine subscription

Delicious Magazine
A favourite with foodies! I always think there should be 3 elements in a good food magazine:

  • There should be something to make that seems familiar but you haven’t made for ages
  • There should be a challenge recipe to make – Something that contains an ingredient you haven’t used before or something that involves different processes and steps
  • Something new that will become a household favourite in time

What do you look for in a magazine – do they always have to be impulse purchases? Mine don’t – I prefer to plan ahead when I know I will get to read my magazines and save them for long journeys or staying overnight in hotels.

For me, Delicious magazine has all of these elements. There are plenty of recipes that we could make now – Ingredients that are easy to lay our hands on. Just a new way of serving familiar foods. The back section of the magazines are jam packed full of family favourites, weekday meals and child friendly meals. Most of the meals have pictures which is incredibly important to someone as visual as me – The pictures are clear and not pretentious. I squeal when this month’s mag drops onto the doorstep!

Cake decorating Food Heaven

Food Heaven Magazine

This is my nod to my love of baking – These are a series of magazines devoted to Baking, Cupcakes and Sugarcraft. I may have been baking for several years but there is always something new to try. The Cupcake magazine that I have received so far has an excellent mix of recipe suggestions and cupcakes decorating ideas. There is something for newbies to decorating (How to make marzipan roses) and something for the more experienced decorator (Wedding favour cupcake ideas). I have bookmarked several recipes for the coming weeks so keep an eye out!

Homemade Magazine Brand Ambassador


I’ve talked before about my love of crafting – I cannot limit myself to just one type of craft though. Although there are plenty of specialist craft magazines dedicated to knitting, crochet, photography, paper craft … the list is endless. I love Homemade magazine as you never know what will be covered. The projects are not too big, expensive or time consuming which all appeal to me. I like the thought of learning something new without breaking the bank or having to move out to accommodate all the equipment I need to buy.

And so there we are for now – I very much look forward to bringing you finished projects (both edible and of the craft variety) over the next few weeks.

Tefal Ingenio Induction Set Giveaway worth £250

Tefal Ingenio Induction Set Giveaway

You may remember back in autumn 2014 I talked about how I was working with Tefal and was putting to good use their Ingenio Pans. Well some month later, I thought it was time to do an update. Its fair to say, they get plenty of use in our kitchen – there has been over 50 foodie posts alone since they arrived, never mind daily wear and tear in the family of 5 kitchen.

I will admit that when Mr C and myself were buying our first house 16 years ago, I didn’t know that much about pans. My mum gave me some advice – good lids, not too heavy, which we took on board. We were very lucky with our purchase considering how little time we devoted to buying our pans.

Fast forward 15 years (and oh my! it has gone sooo fast) and we are a little more clued up. I can’t tell you how many times I muttered about not being able to finish cooking things by putting the pans into the oven – something I never considered in 1999. We also found out pretty quickly that pans are so much better when they can stack neatly – not quite sure why we didn’t think of this when we bought our first house with the smallest kitchen ever! Tefal’s Ingenio Pan collection do both of these – They have 2 really clever detachable handles which make for easy stacking and placing in the oven. You have to be brave the first time you pick up a roasting hot pan with a detachable handle – but you soon become accustomed. The pans pictured are ours – they are showing no signs of wear and tear (and we are not gentle).

Tefal Pasta Pan

I have also been testing out Tefal’s Pasta Drainer Insert – I cannot believe how many times since having children that we cook pasta. I am guilty of taking shortcuts though and leaving pasta soaking too long, then not draining or rinsing properly. Tefal’s Pasta drainer takes the chances of soggy, stuck together pasta away. We also love the Ingenio Draining lid that we have been sent – Just feels so much safer when draining out boiling water (especially as there always seem to be a child that arrives in the kitchen at that particular moment). The lid connects to the middle sized (20cm) pan which in most families, is the one you will use most often.

Tefal Ingenio Set

I’m very excited to be able to offer a complete set of Ingenio Induction Pans worth £250 to giveaway to one lucky reader. This is a 13 piece set containing the following:

  • 16cm Saucepan
  • 20cm Saucepan
  • 22cm Frying Pan (this size comes in so handy!)
  • 28cm Frying Pan
  • 26cm Sautepan
  • 16, 20 & 26cm Glass Lids
  • 16 & 20cm Plastic Lids – The pans are great for transferring to the fridge once cooled with the plastic lids. The detachable handle means they take up less room.
  • 2 detachable patented handles

These pans are suitable for using on induction hobs, in the oven, transferring to the dining table and storing cool food in the fridge. They also come with a manufacturer’s guarantee for 10 years (including handles) and Lifetime for the non-stick coating.

To enter the competition, please follow the Rafflecopter widget instructions – Sorry UK entry only. The giveaway will close at 11.59PM on Sunday June 21st 2015. Please remember to actually leave your comment at the bottom of this post, rather than on the Rafflecopter widget. I will contact the winner within 5 days to request your postal details to allow the promoter to send your prize out. Best of luck to everyone – this is a fantastic prize!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: We were sent our Tefal products for the purpose of review – We used Ingenio products suitable for gas hobs as we do not have induction hobs. All opinions and findings are our own.

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Serenata Hampers Review & £40 voucher giveaway

  Serenata Flowers giveaway

I’ve heard a lot about Serenata Flowers – I didn’t realise that they also sold hampers though. When I was asked if I would be prepared to review a hamper from Serenata Hampers, I was really intrigued. I’ve talked before about my love of hampers and food gifts in general. We used to prepare a Christmas hamper for our Grandma each year – I hope that one day my grandkids will do the same for me. I just love the feeling of opening a box, not knowing what will be inside but knowing that it will be full of treats.

I chose to receive the Tantalising Treats hamper which retails at £39.99. I thought this was a reasonable price for a special occasion gift and that the contents were worthy of the price. The hamper contains the following:

  • Monty Bojangles Natural Rhubarb & Custard
  • Salted Caramel Fudge 113g
  • Red Box of Luxury Belgian Chocolates
  • Chardonnay Terres 2014
  • KC Chocolatier, Caramel & Praline Milk Chocolate Bar 75g
  • Luxury Yoghurt Covered Peanut/Raisins
  • KC Chocolatier, Crunchy Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Bar 75g

It comes in a Serenata Hampers box rather than a wicker basket although there are hampers that you can order that are more traditional with the wicker look. The yogurt covered peanuts and raisins were absolutely delicious – the perfect balance of peanuts to raisins and not too sweet. The Chardonnay went down very well, especially considering we are a red household too! I caught Mr C digging into the Caramel Praline Chocolate Bar earlier in the week, who declared it ‘Very nice’ (He’ll never get a job as a food reviewer!)

Delivery was exactly when planned for – Serenata offer next day delivery if requested.

I am pleased to be working with Serenata Flowers and Hampers to be able to giveaway a voucher to the value of £40 to one lucky winner. You have the choice what to order from the Serenata Flowers website which also hosts Serenata Hampers. To enter, you need to follow the Rafflecopter widget instructions below. Please note, for your entry to be valid, you need to comment at the bottom of this post rather than just on the Rafflecopter widget.

Some technical terms and conditions:

  • Closing date 11.59PM on Sunday 7th June 2015 – Sorry UK entries only
  • The lucky winner will be asked to give their details in order for their prize to be sent to them – This information is only to be shared with Serenata Flowers and will not be used for future marketing purposes
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In My Kitchen – May 2015

I’m tempted to start off this post, by telling you what should be In My Kitchen … There should be a First Holy Communion cake all ready to decorate with a tiny sugar model of Violet. There’s not – but there’s a week to go?

There should be plenty of fresh veg and fruit – There’s not … It’s been a crazy weekend and no time to go shopping.

But let’s not focus on the negative, there ARE plenty of wonderful things going on In My Kitchen.

Mini melon baller

I may not have had time to go fruit & veg shopping but I did get time to buy this darling little melon baller – With a diameter of just 12mm, it is so tiny & cute. I am envisioning plenty of meals with little balls from the obvious melon, to ice-cream, to pate to Mini mash balls.


We were also sent these macarons from Baked with Love MCR. We usually reserve macarons for holidays or when we have time to bake our own. Millie especially was overjoyed with this unexpected treat. Bake with Love are trialling new ways of posting macarons in the post – These fared quite well. In addition to the usual flavours, vanilla, pistachio, coconut, there were fabulous other flavours like Passion Fruit and Chocolate Orange.


Everyone knows I’m a fan of all things Irish – Irish Brown Bread Crackers from Sheridans sounded just up my street. We tried them with Soft Cheese as a snack and found them quite a strong salty taste. They are actually lower in salt than traditional Cream Crackers though which was surprising.Great for an alternative on a Cheeseboard for something a little different.

Sheridans Irish Brown Bread Crackers

We have been asked to try products to suit special dietary requirements this month too. Sukrin Cake mix is described as Free From Sugar, Gluten, Wheat, Egg – I have yet to try the cake mix but we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Chocolate which has no added sugar. There’s certainly no shortage of taste with the Sea Salt flavour. I’m intrigued by the low carbohydrate level, Sukrin say they are ‘All natural’ substitutes, encouraging us to lead a healthier lifestyle.


So that’s the lot for this month’s In My Kitchen – By next week the First Holy Communion will be over. A buffet will have been prepared, eaten and cleared up – I hope it is less eventful than Millie’s – we ended up in A & E as Dermot got a wine glass stem stuck in his foot!

Beat My Price

This is a post sponsored by Bespoke Offers

I’ve always said you either save money or time when you are shopping. I don’t have copious amounts of either, to be honest, but I have tended to steer towards saving time. Who has the time to potter around various shops looking for bargains these days?

I was recently introduced and asked to evaluate a new type of shopping service Beat My Price. If you are looking to buy a particular item, you enter it into the search engine and the Beat My Price people will do the hard work for you – looking to see if you can get the item anywhere else cheaper.
This is isn’t an instant service – You are told that they search can take up to 24 hours but is more often than not, a lot quicker.

The idea is that you are searching for well known items from large brands or stores. I searched for items that we would tend to want to do a bit of shopping around for or that fit in well with our usual shopping habits. In other words, I went for foodie items and swimming costumes!

Beat My Price Search Screen

The first thing to do is register with the website – This takes less than 2 minutes. It is a clear form and not too many questions – I am not sure why we are asked for Date of Birth though.

The cooking items were really easy to find – I did a google search for Spiralizer and quickly came across John Lewis’ version. I clicked on the URL and pasted it into the Beat My Price search bar. I was impressed that John Lewis’ brand is recognised as being included. Less than 1 minute later I received confirmation that a search is underway for that particular product.

Beat my Price comparison

My next item was a Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet – I chose Almond colour as I wanted to be specific and see how up to date the search is. I was pleasantly surprised that a search for Almond was accepted instantly – Again from the JL website. A couple of minutes later though, I received an email asking me to clarify which colour with a drop down list. No trouble, it was really quick to choose the Almond.

My next product was a Ricer (This is like my dream shopping list – can you tell?). I avoided John Lewis as I want to give other stores a good test so came up with Amazon. The most obvious choice was an OXO Potato Ricer which was again accepted with no bother in the search.

I then changed my searches to swimming costumes – We buy a LOT of swimming costumes! I tried both of the major online stores that we use – Swimshop and Proswimwear but it seems they are a little too specific for this sort of search. I can’t say I’m surprised really.


We received the results of our searches within the 24 hour period (apart from the Le Creuset which was only 27 hours). I must say, I’m was really intrigued to see what the results were. For the Le Creuset were would have saved £7+ – We were directed to Fireworks Merchant Limited that I had not heard of beforehand so it was useful to find new suppliers. The other items were smaller savings but savings nonetheless. You are also given details on postage/courier costs which helps. From what I have seen so far, I think bigger purchases would be ideal for this type of search – You would be likely to save more as well as saving you time searching around.

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Fairy Garden Review – Interplay Craft Set

Interplay Fairy Garden finished product

We are massive craft fans in our house (as our spare room will testify!) I’ve always allowed my girls to use materials that they find around the house and encourage them to be as creative as possible. On the whole, they are fantastic at coming up with ideas and love making projects.

There are times though when they need a little stimulation or a project to work on. I’m very conscious that having Tara at home with me until she starts school, she needs a wide variety of toys and crafts to play with.

We were recently invited to review the Interplay Fairy Garden Craft set suitable for ages 4+. I thought at least one of my girls would enjoy it – I am so lucky that all 3 love making and creating.

All 3 girls were suitably interested when the Fairy Garden arrived – Violet did lose interest though when she found out we had to actually go and get our own soil from the garden.

So … into the garden we went. A sunny (if a little blustery) day was just the job to get Tara, Me & Nanna out into the garden. We collected the soil from the borders in a matter of seconds – then spent a while choosing the perfect pebbles that we wanted to put in the garden. You don’t have to include pebbles but by now we were well into it!

The whole point of the Fairy Garden is to plant the grass seeds and wait a week for the grass to grow. There was no way Tara at 4 was up for this waiting but she was more than happy with our cheat plants that we inserted in the meantime. (as you can tell from the picture)

Interplay Fairy Garden

There are loads of parts to the Fairy Garden and you can put as many or as few as you like in it. As you can see from the completed Fairy Garden above, we went the whole hog and put everything in. We even sprinkled the little glittery stars in the Fairy’s water bath to attract more fairies. The washing is a little bit fiddly but very cute as are the toadstools.

inside the fairy garden

Tara could be really hands on with this toy – there were no sharp edges. The actual bowl is silicone so it really didn’t matter if she dropped it. We do recommend making the Fairy Garden outside just in case soil spills but if its a rainy day, its not the messiest craft activity ever anyway. There are lots of little pieces – like the glittery stars and the teeny pebbles for the footpath but these add to the charm for a 4 year old. The picture below is Tara actually laying the pebble path to the Fairy house. The Fairy house was the only bit we had trouble with – Made out of foam, it blows away if the wind even thinks about blowing. We did laugh as it blew about the garden on more than one occasion! We ended up weighing it down with a big stone through the window to solve the problem.

building a Fairy Garden

We love our Fairy Garden – the grass is starting to grow. Its definitely more suitable for younger children – especially those that like to get stuck in building it. We have a Fairy door at the bottom of the tree in our garden – I like to think now the Fairies have their own garden to play in!

Disclosure: We were sent an Interplay Fairy Garden for the purpose of this review. RRP £14.99

Juicing and Yoga with Curry’s


A couple of weekends ago, myself and a gang of other bloggers all congregated in Leeds for an Introduction to Juicing #currysintrojuicing event hosted by Philips and Curry’s. I don’t own a juicer and have always been a little sceptical about how useful they are – There are tons of green juice pictures that pop up all over the internet every day that frankly don’t look all that appealing. Don’t forget, I’m cake girl through and through!

So off I trekked (actually I completely loved the train journey on a Sunday afternoon with my book!) and arrived safely in Leeds. We were greeted with a small ready made juice which happily wasn’t green – so far, so good!

The room was split into 4 sections – A juicing demonstration by Shakela from Philips, showing us all the ingredients that can go into a good juice. For me, there seemed a lot of fruit and veg, and other supplements, to make up just one juice. I’m not sure I could justify the expense and the wasted residue of products, when I have been brought up to believe that so much of the nutrients in fruit is in the core and the skin. My Dad was renowned for only ever leaving the pips of an apple – he would be horrified how much was left inside the juicer. Having said that though, there were so many bloggers present that were really clued up on what supplements are useful for what part of the body – Its obviously big business.

Now, we had been warned that as part of the afternoon, we would be doing basic yoga and to dress in sports wear. I had woken up with horrific backache and decided to wear what I would be comfortable travelling in so opted for a dress & leggings. When the yoga started though, I couldn’t help but join in, I am so incapable of saying No to anyone! We were introduced to Rocket Yoga, which I believe is a fast type of yoga – you are not kidding – it was REALLY hard! I will admit to panicking that I wouldn’t be able to move my back the next day, I’ve always been so sceptical about the benefits of yoga but amazingly, for the next week I felt better than ever! I’m now wondering if I just need to stretch my back regularly and sign up for yoga classes. Who knew?!

rocket yoga

We then moved onto making mocktails with Nick from Lambert’s Yard, who were hosting the event. I really loved this section (except when it came to emptying out the juicer – Ugh!) I had a go at making my own – , Carrots, Oranges, Lemon, Cucumber and Basil – Sounds horrid, tasted great! Don’t you just love the really flattering picture?

healthy mocktails

My favourite part of the day though was the Gourmet Soup section – We could try from Chicken and Lemongrass or Mushroom and Truffle. I could have eaten that Mushroom Soup all day and will definitely be trying my own version soon – Perfect for after a strenuous yoga session (Isn’t yoga supposed to be relaxing?)

Wild mushroom and truffle soup

Serves 4

2 x white onions
3 x garlic cloves
50g x butter
50ml x white truffle oil
600g x chestnut mushrooms
100g x oyster mushrooms
500ml x vegetable stock
100g x creme fraiche


Slice the white onions and garlic and cook until soft in butter, add the chopped wild mushrooms cook on a high heat for 5 minutes add the stock, simmer for 10 minutes and blend with the creme fraiche and truffle oil and season to taste.

Serve with crusty roll.

currys intro juice event

More information on the event, including some juicing recipes can be found over at the Curry’s Tech Talk blog

Logitech Ultrathin ipad Keyboard Review & BigBang iPad Cover Giveaway

logitech ultrathin ipad keyboard review

I like to think we are quite on top of technology in this house – Even Tara can teach us a thing or 2 about using our phones. The one item we didn’t own was an iPad keyboard though. I tend to either use my phone or the big MAC, as typing on the iPads was just too much of a faff. When I was asked if I would like to review a Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard, I wasn’t sure how well it would go down. We already had Violet’s iPad mini in its own case and I was loathe to take it out. But we gave it a go anyway and right from the word go, LOVED it! The novelty hasn’t worn off even a few weeks later – We haven’t resorted back to using her old iPad cover as paired up with the keyboard, we feel her iPad is well protected.

This keyboard has transformed evenings – for doing quick jobs, like online googling and online shopping, we can now happily sit in front of the TV instead of feeling like I’m constantly at work at my desk. We are now travelling to Leeds 3 times per week with synchro and up and down to London for England Talent training – Millie is finding the keyboard invaluable for keeping up with her studies (and Minecraft of course!) I’m really looking forward to getting on the train to London with it in a couple of weeks, instead of having to lug about the laptop. A winner all round!

logitech ultrathin review

Now to the technical stuff … The keyboard itself attaches magnetically to the iPad which is easy to do. You can also adjust the angle that you are working at to eliminate sun glare. The keyboard is obviously than a traditional PC keyboard but the keys are sufficiently big enough to enable you to type freely. A few weeks in, our keyboard is yellowing slightly at the top – but this is more likely to be due to my dirty monkeys using it with sticky fingers than anything else. Logitech promise a 3 month battery, we have not been using it that long yet but will feed back as we go along. We are promised that it is ‘Thin & Light’ which did make me concerned that it might be too flimsy but we were pleasantly surprised and continue to be so.

I’m happy to be hosting a giveaway for another of Logitech’s products, the Big Bang iPad Cover – This can be for either iPad Air or iPad Mini (The winner will be asked to specify which product they would like). Retailing at £49-£59 this product will protect against even the toughest of children’s wear and tear.

Made from shock absorbent material and liquid repellent, it would survive even in my house! At only 16mm this iPad case is a lot more slimline than other cases but extra reliant against accidental bumps, scratches and dropping.

I have found this very short YouTube video which sells the Big Bang far better than I can – I defy you not to laugh!

To enter, please complete the Rafflecopter instructions below – Please note, to qualify the blog comment needs to be at the bottom of this post, not in the Rafflecopter widget. Sorry UK entries only – Entries close at 11.59PM on April 16th 2015. I will inform the winner within 4 days. You will be asked to provide a postal address for your prize to be sent to. This will not be used for any other promotional activity.

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Disclosure: We were sent a Logitech Ultrathin for the purpose of this review – All opinions are true, honest and correct at time of writing

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