The Teenage Years Start – #MumsKnowBest

Mum Pretty Green Photography

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From next week I am the mother of a teenager! Eek – How fast did that come around? In fact, from next week I am the mother of a teenager for the next 15 years! Here could be where spreading those children out age wise becomes interesting (Believe me, life in this house is already interesting!)

I’m sure I will be turning to the 2 Grandmothers for advice and reassuring at various points during the next 15 years – after all, between them they have raised 7 children, with 6 grandchildren having gone through or already in the teenage zone.

My mum always laughs that I will check with her if she thinks something is still safe to eat – You know, when its been in the fridge a little too long or has it been in the oven long enough? Force of habit cannot get me out of this … not even my Advance Food Hygiene Certificate, 3 children of my own and my own food business! (The picture above is of my Mum and her 6 grandchildren recently taken at Pretty Green Photography – Blog Post about our photo shoot coming soon)

Mr C’s mum is very quiet with her advice but its always there. She has the best sayings imaginable which appear when we most need them. Such as:

* You can run but you can’t run from yourself (On someone who blames everyone else for their life being a bit rubbish)

* They look at you like ‘I’m it, your **it’ (This saying doesn’t really reflect how gentle and warm my MIL is …but it is a perfect way of describing some folk!)

and my favourite when I was expecting Violet and not all that hungry …

*An empty bag won’t stand up – Brilliant!

Over on the Casa Costello Facebook page, I asked for your mum’s favourite sayings. Here’s what you came up with …

Sonia – You canne have your pudding if you dinne eat your meat.

Paul – When she’d forgotten what she was about to say:
“Must’ve been a lie!”

Jayne – When you fell over, Mum used to wipe it with a cloth and say “that will be a pigs foot in the morning”. I never really understood it but still checked the next day

Sue – You won’t feel the benefit when you go outside, I.e take your coat off. (I bet ALL mums have said this!)

Sarah – My mum warning me about boys..” it doesnt matter how nice they are or how shy they are, they all know it’s not for stirring their tea with”

Jane – Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves

Barbara – ‘Go to foot of our stairs’. used when surprised amazed etc …

Karen – Something that my grandma says in difficult times is ‘they won’t always be dark days’

Paul – The other one my Grandma said that used to make us giggle was “Better an old man’s darling than a young man’s slave.”

Sarah –  “Keep your pecker up” was my mums catch phase and answer to everything! Even thought of having it on her grave stone.

Pippa – A friend to all is a friend to none.

And my favourite is from Jackie – My mams favourite is you’ll be twice married before you’re dead. She’d use this when we hurt ourselves.

Thanks for joining in everyone – A little gift will be making its way to you soon, Jackie.

As part of Littlewoods #MumsKnowBest campaign they have produced a series of videos about Mums. In honour of the Costello family approaching the teenage years, I thought the short film (34 seconds) below was appropriate: (PS So far Miss M is a dream and showing no signs of teenage rebellion – She may however kill me when she reads this post!)

Just before I finish, don’t forget to leave me your pearls of wisdom on how to cope with teenagers – If gin is your answer, that’s completely fine!

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Kids go Free over the Summer with CBeebies Magazine

cbeebies kids go free offers

There is much excitement in Casa Costello tonight – tomorrow sees us trooping off to Alton Towers for the day courtesy of CBeebies Magazine. I’m solo parenting (with a little help from my niece) as Mr C has got to work, but looking forward to it nonetheless.

Little Miss T, Violet and I are attending an event prior to going into the main theme park, hosted by CBeebies Magazine – CBeebies Magazine has come up with the genius offer to giveaway free child tickets to major kids attractions in the UK over the summer. I can honestly say that ‘Operation Keep The Kids Entertained Over Summer’ is in full swing here – every night, my 3 ask where we are off to tomorrow? We’ve had to have a couple of home days this week as we have been struck by the Bug of Doom but fingers crossed all that is over!

Every issue of CBeebies Magazine from now until 7th October will have 2 tokens for kids to go free at selected locations: See below for more details – there’s massive savings to be had! The magazine only costs £2.99 to buy!

• Issue 410 (30th July) – Chessington World of Adventures – Save £68 (£34 per ticket)
• Issue 411 (13th Aug) – Alton Towers Resort inc. CBeebies Land – Save £86.40 (£43.20 per ticket)
• Issue 412 (27th Aug) – Warwick Castle – Save £39.60 (£19.80 per ticket)
• Issue 413 (10th Sept) – Legoland and Legoland Discovery Centre – Save £82.80 (£41.40 per ticket)
• Issue 414 (24th Sept) – Sealife Centres and Seal sanctuaries – Save £39 (£19.50 per ticket)

Some terms & conditions apply

So that’s it for now – I’ll feed back how we got on at Alton Towers. We’re due to meet one of the CBeebies characters tomorrow … Tara would love it to be Topsy & Tim (whoever they are!). I think Vi would like Nina (with or without her neurons) and I wouldn’t complain at Mr Bloom (as long as he’s scrubbed his nails!). Knowing my luck it’ll be Tree Fu Tom! 😉

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Crime & Underpants

curly haired Tara

When you read on, you’ll know why I couldn’t put a photo of today’s incident up!

Now that’s a catchy title? Nope, this isn’t a recipe containing undies *ponders if they would work?*. This is a post to give you just a little window into our world this week.

I try to add the odd snippet of info into my recipe posts but every now and then, a week comes along that necessitates a post all of its own.

Let’s start with Monday Morning – always a joy. Not especially when you open the front door to find your car and your Mother-in-laws have been broken into. No sign of entry, just a holy mess where everything has been ransacked. And a missing purse. Don’t judge, we ALL forget things in our car sometimes?

The Police arrive most puzzled that the car we are adamant we locked (we remember doing it when I got home from Bristol at 10.30 the night before) has been opened. Before long, it appears that 11 other neighbours on our cul-de-sac have also had their locked cars broken into.

We are a veritable Wisteria Lane. Mr PC looked positively bemused when we explained that EVERYONE knows each other in our street and we have a Facebook page to prove it.

The long and short of it is, they caught the buggers. Yay, Police! They have returned some property that they found in their house but not unfortunately the iPod that I told the police was white – how was I supposed to know its black?

Mr Criminal has been sentenced today. He has a curfew and has to stay in his house (probably listening to my iPod) between the hours of 8pm and 7am. Bet that made him think twice *cough*

And so onto other news …

The Jehovah’s Witnesses were around today. They mustn’t think we have had enough uninvited guests around our way this week.

Tara beat me to answering the door. Dressed ONLY in her knickers.

For once the JW’s bade a hasty retreat after looking at toddler T strutting her undies.

It was only when I got in the house, I realised she had 3 Happy Land figures stuffed down her knickers.

Why? Because she says she’s a boy!

I. Give. Up.

I’m adding this post to the new look Wot So Funee – This week we are being hosted by Nicki from Stressy Mummy . I’m also somewhat big-headedly adding it to

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Food Technology – The start of a new era

There is great excitement in the Costello household this evening. Tomorrow sees the 11yo’s first ever practical Food Tech class (At school – obviously the 11 years that I’ve been trying to teach her in the kitchen don’t count!) She is beyond excited and has been rabbiting on about this day since Year 5 of primary school. No idea where she gets her obsession about food from. *cough*

I’ve had my instructions. I was given my shopping list. I have made her promise NEVER to be one of those kids that tells me at 10PM the night before that she needs 18 ingredients that we don’t have.

I can now reveal what they are making …what they had a 2 hour theory lesson to prepare for last week … what all the excitement is about … They are making (Cooking is far too strong a word for this…)

teaching children to cook


Be afraid Gordon Ramsey, be very afraid!

While I am freaking out slightly at the thought of her boiling a kettle (I know! Don’t judge) I’m still rather proud that she’s completely gone to town on her ingredients.

She’s an A* pupil all the way with this one.

Hot Chocolate

with Whipped Cream

With Sprinkles

With Marshmallows

With Gold Spray!

There’s my girl. Look forward to many more updates on the life and times of a school girl cookery lessons – Not least the week when they make trifle using Angel Delight instead of custard. I think the cat may eat that week’s installment 😉

Body Parts – Wots so Funee

funny children

What do you call this? A belly button? A tummy button? Navel (Eew!)

Apparently in our house. we have a new word for it – Tara has this week become obsessed with showing everyone her BELLY BOOB!!

We’ve had a few alternative names for body parts over the years – Violet at 7 still calls her big toes, her THUMB TOE. I admit I quite like it and am in no rush for her to change its name.

I’m sure most kids also get mixed up between their Shoulders and their Elbows.

Do you have any Body Parts that have unusual names in your house – Clean Names Only Please!!!

I’m joining in this week with Helen at Actually Mummy