Becoming Friends of Sylvanian Families

There’s something unexpected happening since Tara started school (She loves it by the way!) I did feel a bit sorry that her toys would start to become unloved and she wouldn’t be interested in them anymore, once she started school. I just don’t remember what it was like when M & V started but I was in the midst of newborn baby/pregnancy at the time. Our house hasn’t become a toy graveyard though – Happily she is enjoying her toys more than ever when she comes home. Its like she’s been stimulated and wants more than just plonking herself in front of the TV. Her creative side has really come out and it is fabulous to see.

It has been helped, though, by the arrival of a package from Sylvanian Families – I’ve talked before about how popular they are in our house. Even Millie got involved with this package – All photos below are taken by the resident 13 year old!

Sylvanian Bunnies

We are happy to announce that we are officially Friends of Sylvanian Families and will be working together over the coming months – The girls are delighted. I’ll be bringing you news of new Sylvanian Family products to celebrate Sylvanian turning 30 this year – They are lasting well!

Friends of Sylvanian Families

We already have quite a selection of Sylvanian Families that I hope the girls continue to use – Our Sylvanian Grand Hotel is a great backdrop for all the newer products to mix into. Our newest members of the family are the Dappledown Rabbit Family – Did you know that each character has a back story and an introduction to their characters on the Sylvanian Families website? Too cute! You can also find out more about the characters in the new Sylvanian Families 2015 magazine.

Dappledown Rabbit Sylvanian Family

Over the past couple of days I’ve been telling people about my Sylvanian Family (I’m just riveting company as you can imagine!) – I’ve been amazed by how many people with grown up children still have their Sylvanian collections in the loft. I love that they can’t bear to give them away – There’s must be whole villages of Sylvanian characters packed away with the promise of future grandchildren playing with them. Have you got any? (Sylvanians not grandchildren!)

Sylvanian Families Car

And so there’s my news for today – There’ll be plenty coming up over the coming months. For now though, I leave you with a Bunny Eating a Bun. It’s all go in this house, I tell you!

Sylvanian Bunny Eating a Bun

We're going on an adventure

A Lovely Week

Tara School Visit

As we come to the end of the school year, there are so many happy events taking place.

We have started a ban on Minecraft in the last week – straightaway the craft boxes came out, the girls started chatting, they played outside and life became more about the family. I’m terrified to hear that Minecraft is being considered as an addition to the curriculum – please no!

The girls’ social calendars are bulging – Even Baby T is flitting from one party to another. Last week saw my baby go to her first party where I could leave her for a while. It was at our friend’s house but even so I thought she would insist on me staying – How wrong I was, she couldn’t wait to be left!

It wasn’t the only big event in her week though – Little Tara had her first afternoon in school! I know! How fast has THAT gone? There were absolutely no nerves whatsoever – It helps that she knows loads of little ones who will be in her class. The teacher must be wondering what a year she has in store, with all these confident kids starting at once.

We were to leave the children for about 1/2 an hour while we filled in paperwork. Again, not a nerve in sight – We returned to find the children sat drinking juice and eating biscuits on the carpet. The teacher was asking them about their brothers & sisters – Tara didn’t talk about her sisters, she just wanted to tell everyone she had a cat!

Minion Movie

We also had a visit to the Minion movie on Monday – complete with plenty of minion accessories! The girls (and one boy) sat really still throughout – aided by plenty of popcorn obviously!

In other news, I had a great night out with Violet watching Millie in the school dance show – I actually watched it twice, having a rare night out with my mum too.

And so we start another crazy week with plenty of plans – I’m hoping we have little Sonny come to visit again this week. Who knows what his outfit will be this week – this pirate ensemble was last Monday’s creation!


So how has your week been? I’m joining in with Tanya from Mummy Barrow who has started a linky inviting us all to share our weeks – Bit of a crazy one here this week … Blackpool, School Music Concerts, Leeds x 3, Awards Ceremony, Art Festival, Christmas in July London, Bristol & Manchester. Next week’s instalment is going to be enormous!

Mummy Barrow My Week Linky

When the Costello girls became models with Matalan

Matalan children sizing event

Model Tara – She’s got some work to do on her pout!

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to a children’s sizing event, ‘Fashion Fit’ with Matalan. I have worked with Matalan before and always try to support their events. Happily, all 3 girls were available and the event was only 10 minutes up the road at Matalan’s new swish Head Office in Knowsley.

The purpose of the day was to talk about children’s clothing styles, what we like buying (Good quality, tasteful, well-fitiing clothes), what we don’t like (Huge logos) and what sizes we tend to buy for each child.

Matalan is one of the only shops that consistently manages to have sizes and styles suitable for all 3 of my girls – Millie may be almost 13 but is very small – Doesn’t mean that she want to dress like a young child though.

The room was sectioned off into Teenage style, Pre-teens, Schoolwear, School Shoes, Accessories, Fancy Dress and Nightwear – The ladies in all of the sections were so patient and spoke to each child properly. They were asked if they would like to try on some of the clothes – I will admit my heart was in my mouth – Would M have a teenage moment? Would T have a pre school meltdown? Well no, all 3 trooped off into the makeshift changing rooms – giggling and smiling. Well done Matalan – Brownie points there for starters!

Tara Uniform

Now trying clothes on is definitely not Violet’s cup of tea but she played the part – The ladies just seemed to get it though and asked her if she would like to take some items home to try out and feedback on later. These included some little vest bra tops -Oh my, that little girl is in heaven! The bond between a 9 year old and her vest tops is immeasurable – I’m not kidding I have to vet when she puts them on. I have visions of her parading around school at PE time. The good news is they have washed brilliantly and are very comfortable with no scratchy seams – even last night when I caught her wearing one in bed! Violet also got a winter coat to try – which I had to ban last week when it was 23C.

Millie on the other hand, is a clothes horse and the ladies in the Teenage and Pre-teen sections spotted it straightaway. She was in and out of that changing room for hours and loved every minute.

We were so pleased to be able to help out at Matalan – The girls enjoyed their morning of being models – Tara very much enjoyed her Elsa dress that she was gifted. We even got a glimpse into what Tara will look like in September in a school uniform – Too cute!

Annie Dance Workshop at Pineapple Dance Studios

Pineapple Dance Studio Annie Movie

I know there’s quite a few people eagerly awaiting this post. Its not often you get the chance to see me dancing. Definitely not a strong point of mine. Luckily my girls don’t seem to have inherited my dance genes and love a good routine.

When we were given the chance to visit Pineapple Dance Studios during the Easter holidays to perform routines from the Annie Movie, I knew Millie and Violet would love to go. To celebrate the release of the Annie DVD today, we were taught a routine to Its A Hard Knock Life by Richard Marcel. Richard is choreographer to the stars on “So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ … and now choreographer to The Costellos!

Millie is such a dance fan and Pineapple crazy – We’ve even trekked across London before now just to stand outside. Inside is exactly as you would imagine, busy, bustling and loads of lycra! Its massive but not nearly as posh as I thought it might be – and then I remembered its a dance studio!

Annie Movie dance

It was great to meet up with some fellow bloggers and their children – Lovely to see pre-teens chatting and being relaxed all due to dance. The dance was aimed at all ages – The professional dancers were completely brilliant with the little tots – although I was rather glad I hadn’t taken Tara.

Annie Movie

We had a great time – I sat out for most of the dancing, thoroughly enjoying watching my girls. Richard was so patient and a true professional. He was right to be more afraid of us mums than any of the celebs on Strictly! Sadly Louis Spence missed out on seeing my efforts with a broom – He will never know what he missed.

The video below shows the making of the dance: Enjoy!

Tip 1: Look out for the mad woman at the end waving a brush around – I’ve obviously missed my calling in life!
Tip 2: If you want to get noticed, wear bright pink socks. Could Millie’s socks get any brighter?

Annie Movie Sony DVD

I’ve been saving watching the movie until our epic journey to France in the summer – I have a feeling it will get watched several times and sung at high volume! Annie the Movie is out on DVD today (Monday 27th April 2015) by Sony Pictures, Prices start from £9.99

Huge thank you to Colette at Going On An Adventure for sharing this opportunity – We loved every minute!

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