Mushroom & Nut Filo Parcels

filo parcels with a mixed nut and mushroom filling

There’s just some short cuts in life that are too good to miss. Using bought Filo pastry is definitely one of them. I’d love to say I always make my own pastry but life really is too short when it comes to Filo.

The secret to working with Filo (or sometimes known as Phyllo) is to be quick. I only have out of the fridge exactly the amount that I need as it dries out and becomes difficult to work with pretty soon. I have my butter melted ready to spread on each layer and the fillings ready to go. Time is definitely of the essence.

I like my parcels to have 3 layers of pastry but you can get away with just 2. I also cover the edges of my pastry with teeny tinned foil lids for the first 20 mins of cooking to stop them catching.

Mushroom & Nut Filo Parcels

Serves 9
Prep time 18 minutes
Cook time 30 minutes
Total time 48 minutes
Dietary Vegetarian
Meal type Appetizer, Lunch, Snack, Starter
Misc Serve Hot
Occasion Barbecue, Casual Party
Crunchy nuts mixed with herby mushrooms encased in a crispy Filo pastry shell


  • 1 tablespoon Vegetable Oil
  • 1/2 Small Onion (Finely Chopped)
  • 1 clove Garlic (Finely Chopped)
  • 250g Mushrooms (Preferably Chestnut Mushrooms)
  • 150g Mixed Nuts (I used Macadamia, Almonds, Hazlenuts, Brazil - Chopped into small chunks (1-2mm))
  • 1 teaspoon Dried Parsley
  • 2 tablespoons Dry Sherry
  • 1 teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce (or Soy Sauce if you are vegetarian)
  • 25g Melted Butter
  • 135g Filo Pastry (I used exactly half a packet)


Soften the onions and garlic in the oil in a large frying pan until clear - About 5 mins
Add the mushrooms, nuts, sherry, parsley and worcestershire sauce and continue to cook on the hob for another 5 minutes until soft and well mixed together
Add a pinch of salt and pepper
There should not be very much liquid at the bottom of the pan but if there is, drain it off. You don't want the mixture too moist or it will make the pastry soggy at the bottom
Cut the pastry sheets into equal squares until you have 27 squares (This recipe makes 9 parcels)
Lay one sheet down and quickly brush melted butter around the sides, add another layer on top with the points turned 45 degrees and repeat the butter. Add the final layer and again brush melted butter around the edges.
Place one large tablespoon of the mushroom nut mixture in the centres of the squares and quickly scrunch together at the top. The melted butter will help it stick.
place a scrunched up square of tinned foil over the top of the pastry before it goes too crispy and bake for 30 mins at 190C (remove the tinned foil after the first 20 mins)
Allow to cool slightly and serve with balsamic vinegar as a dip and rocket. Enjoy!

Disclosure: I was sent vouchers from JusRol to cover the cost of buying the pastry – I was given free choice which pastry to use and the recipe is my own.

Mini Marzipan Birds’ Nests Tutorial – Center Parcs Family Blogger April Challenge

how to make mini marzipan birds' nests

Even I think these are cute! Tiny mouthfuls of marzipan with a mini egg all disguised as Birds’ Nests. For people that are rather fond of grammar, I’ve had massive arguments with myself about where the apostrophe goes!

I’ve was set the task of designing (and making) a Bird’s Nest as part of my involvement with the Center Parcs Family Blogger club. There’s all sorts of tips for having a go and making your own on their website – why not have a go? CP suggested using liquorice laces which gave me the inspiration to use marzipan strands – and I could nibble it as I went along!

Here’s how to make your own Mini Marzipan Easter Birds’ Nests:

how to make edible bird's nests

You will need:

  • Marzipan (about 100g makes loads!)
  • Rolling Pin
  • Knife
  • Small Mould/Mini cake tins – I used a tray for making chocolates
  • Petit Four cases
  • Brown Food Colouring
  • Sugar Glue (or cooled boiled water)
  • Mini Eggs

1. Colour most of your marzipan brown leaving a small amount for making the ‘straw’

2. Line the tray/mould with the cases shaping them to fit – mine were rectangles

3. Place a small flattened circle of brown marzipan in the base of each case

  how to roll out marzipan

4. Glue around the edge of the circle with the sugar glue (try not to touch the cases with the glue but its not the end of the world if you do)

5. Roll out the brown marzipan until quite thin and cut into thin strips

6. Wrap the strips inside the petit four cases, building up and sometimes overlapping the edges

7. Leave to dry/harden for approx 2 hours

8. Roll tiny sausages of natural marzipan to look like straw and drop into the nests

9. Unpeel the cases away from the nests and plop in a mini egg (or a furry chicken)


edible bird's nests tutorial

‘I’m a Center Parcs Family Blogger and visited Whinfell village with my family. If you want to enter to win a place as a wildcard winner just go to the challenge page to find out how

Raspberry, Almond & White Chocolate Loaf Cake – Bake of the Week

Tasty Loaf cake recipe using raspberries & white chocolate

We had a wonderful day yesterday – an impromptu visit to Abersoch, one of our favourite places in the world. We couldn’t fit in a night away but decided to go for it and do the 2.5 hour journey and back in one day. With LOTS of stops and a Huuuuge picnic.

Of course, no picnic is complete without a slab of cake so on Saturday morning I got out the Loaf tin and made a Raspberry, White Chocolate and Almond Loaf. I believe you must do rustic for a true picnic so there was no decoration and just a few fingers crossed that the raspberries didn’t all sink to the bottom (They didn’t!) I rolled the raspberries in the flour and ground almond mixture before adding to the cake mixture.

If I could recommend one tin to have in your cake tin collection, it would be a loaf tin. You need a really sturdy one but it will be used time and time again. And they are much easier to cut into portions that a round cake.

I love extra almond flavour so am liberal with the almond extract – you might want to tone it down a bit if you are not as obsessed as me.

Raspberry, White Chocolate and Almond Loaf Cake – Bake of the Week

Serves 12
Prep time 10 minutes
Cook time 45 minutes
Total time 55 minutes
Meal type Dessert, Snack
Misc Child Friendly, Freezable, Pre-preparable, Serve Cold
Occasion Barbecue, Casual Party
Rustic raspberry, white chocolate & almond loaf cake recipe - Perfect for picnics


  • 150g Caster Sugar
  • 150g Butter
  • 2 Eggs
  • 40ml Milk
  • 1 teaspoon Almond Extract (Can use less if you don't want a strong taste of almond)
  • 200g Self Raising Flour
  • 1 zest Lemon (plus the juice of half of it squeezed)
  • 100g Ground Almonds
  • 100g White Chocolate (Chopped into small chunks)
  • 1 Punnet Raspberries
  • 50g Flaked Almonds for sprinkling over the top


Preheat the oven to 180C and line a Loaf Tin - I have Loaf tin liners which save oodles of time.
Using a mixer, beat together the butter and sugar until pale and creamy
Add the eggs, one at a time, cleaning down the side of the bowl until all mixed together
Add the milk and half of the flour alternately - it may look a little curdled but will still work out. Add the lemon zest and the Almond Extract, mixing on slow speed.
In a bowl, dunk the raspberries in the flour, ground almond mixture until covered
Fold in all the dry ingredient (inc the White Chocolate) until just combined
Add the raspberries, gently folding in - I like mine quite squished so I tend to be a bit rough
Sprinkle the flaked almonds over the top of the cake
Cook on 180C for 30 mins then reduce the heat to 160C and cook for a further 15-25 minutes. A skewer should come out clear - the outside will be darker than the inner cake. Make sure you are not skewering through a piece of white chocolate.

I’m going to be showcasing a lot of loaf cake recipe over the next few weeks – Honest answer, I need somewhere to keep them and here’s as good a place as any! If you would like to link any of your favourite loaf cake recipes too, please shout and we can keep them safe all in one place.

Collection of recipes baked in a loaf tin

 Lovely to see that Bake of the Week is getting regular contributors – Lets spread the word this week and get some of our fellow bakers joining in.

Kirsty from Hijacked by Twins gave us a wonderful Chocolate Marble Cake – I always forget how fascinated kids are by the effect of marble. Must bake one with them very soon.

recipe for chocolate vanilla marble cake – I’m hoping Kirsty links up her Easter Hot Cross Buns this week!

Otilia from p://” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Romanian Mum delighted us with these pretty pastel cupcakes – Almost too good to eat (I said almost!)

romantic cupcakes

The linky is now open to join in with this week’s #Bakeoftheweek – Don’t forget to add the badge below to your post to let others know you have entered. Entries close next Monday – Let’s see lots of Easter bakes this week!

Casa Costello
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I’m entering as usual into Honest Mum’s Tasty Tuesday linky – Why not hop on over and visit some of the other entries?

Tasty Tuesdays on

Easy Peasy Mackerel Pate – 5 Ingredients or less recipe

mackerel pate recipe

Warning! You may get seriously addicted to this!

This is easily one of the simplest but tastiest recipes ever. I first had this Mackerel Pate at my Auntie’s for lunch a while ago and knew Mr C would love it. He is a massive mackerel fan but I’d never understood why, until this.

Its dirt cheap – Just £3 for 4 servings. We are really exciting and have it with warm white toast but if you are posh and feeling extravagant you could serve it with crackers.

Mackerel Pate

Serves 4
Prep time 3 minutes
Meal type Appetizer, Lunch, Snack, Starter
Misc Serve Cold
Super easy recipe for Mackerel Pate using only 3 ingredients


  • 3 Smoked Mackerel Fillets
  • 150g Natural Yoghurt (I used Yeo Valley 0% Natural)
  • 8 Spring Onions (Chopped Finely)


You won't believe how quick and easy this is ...Open packet of Mackerel, place into a bowl, break up into small pieces using a fork,
Pour in the yoghurt and add the onions and mix together - You can add black pepper if you like
Serve in individual ramekins with warm white toast

I’m entering this recipe into Emily’s Recipe of the Week – Its definitely our Recipe of the Week, we’re addicted and have had it 3 times this fortnight (and there’ s more in the fridge!)


Link up your recipe of the week

I'm also entering into April's Family Foodies Event hosted by Bangers and Mash and Eat Your Veg- This month they are concentrating on Healthy Snacks = I know Mackerel is full of fat but its 'good fat' innit?

healthy snacks

Quorn Ambassador

Brand food blogging ambassador

I’m very pleased to announce that as of April 2014, I am now a Quorn Blog Ambassador.

There are various reasons for this, but mainly the desire to improve my health and eating habits. I’m never going to be a diet queen – I love cake and the taste of food (and wine) too much. But i DO want to be healthier – I don’t want to be fat and forty (one). I’m going to be posting recipe both here and on the Quorn website each month – tempting you with different ways to prepare Quorn.

Around this time every year, I become aware that in a couple of months, I’m going to be surrounded by beach babes on a Biarritz beach. I’m fairly confident and determined to enjoy my holiday and my time with Mr C and the girls, but I certainly would’t complain if I lost a dress size before I went.

With the help of Quron, I’m embarking on a project to eat healthily – We have so easily fallen into the trap of having minced beef a LOT in our meals – Its time to branch out and try different tastes.

I knew I had to test out Quorn on Mr C and my 3 girls before agreeing to the project. Millie especially was very sceptical as she had eaten it at school. I was amazed at the results though, we used meat-free chicken pieces and different herbs and spices in a few meals and they loved it. M & V even asked for more!

I anticipate combining Quorn products with strong flavours and plenty of veg (apparently we should now be eating 7-a-day – I struggle generally to fit 5 in!)

My WI are starting a project called 50 days to Fit, this Sunday where we have arranged a variety of activities to get us moving over the course of 50 days – sounds as good a time as any to get started on my healthy eating, holiday campaign. Watch this space for further developments!

Caramel Coconut Creation – Bake of the Week

Caramel Cookies with chocolate & coconut

This one took me completely by surprise by how popular it was. I say was because it is long gone. This was definitely one of those ‘messing around’ recipes that just seemed to work. It started as needing something to give the kids the next day and being really tired. I knew I wasn’t up to hours of preparation – I just wanted something that came together quickly, I could bung in the oven and wouldn’t make tons of washing up. The Kitchen Aid was redundant for the night!

I love that there are loads of possible combinations for this recipe – Look out for more ‘Creations’ coming this way over the next few weeks. Great for just using up whatever is in the cupboard – there’s a fantastic nutty version of it too.

Caramel Cookies with Chocolate, Cherries & Coconut

Serves 16
Prep time 10 minutes
Cook time 35 minutes
Total time 45 minutes
Meal type Dessert, Snack
Misc Child Friendly, Pre-preparable, Serve Cold
Crunchy Biscuits with a delicious chocolate, coconut and caramel topping


  • 200g butter
  • 16 Digestive Biscuits (Crumbled)
  • 100g White Chocolate (Chopped into small pieces)
  • 100g Milk Chocolate (Chopped into small pieces)
  • 100g Glace Cherries (Chopped into quarters)
  • 100g Desiccated Coconut
  • 1 can Tinned Caramel


Preheat the oven to 180C. Line an 9" square cake tin.
Melt the butter in a large pan and add the crumbled digestive biscuits. Mix well until the butter is soaked up and spread evenly about the biscuits.
Press the biscuit mixture firmly at the bottom of the tin. I use the back of a dessert spoon but your knuckles do just as good a job.
Sprinkle over the chocolate, coconut and cherries so they are spread evenly over the biscuit base.
Pour over the can of caramel and bake for 35 minutes - you may need to turn down the oven to 160 for the last 10 minutes to stop it catching on the edges.
As soon as the tin is removed from the oven but keeping the 'creation' still in the tin, mark out cut squares. This will make it so much easier to divide into portions when it has properly cooled.
Leave to cool in the fridge for at least 2 hours or preferably overnight.

Slightly late with Bake of the week this week – the Easter holidays have beaten me. My kids are all go 24 hours a day but wouldn’t change them (well maybe the arguing!)

Some very creative entries in last week’s Bake of the Week:

Have you ever seen a cuter Turtle Cake? – Searching for Spice Some great instructions on how to recreate your own. I have to admit to loathing bananas but would definitely revisit this for turtle ideas!

Banana Turtle Cake

There was this truly gorgeous combination of Lemon and Berries presented beautifully by Hijacked By Twins

lemon strawberry cake

And an Easy Peasy Chocolate Torte by Muma Leary – Just look at the picture of what her little ones got up to as she was making it though. I did chuckle!

chocolate torte

I’m entering this into Emily’s Recipe of the Week linky, Honest Mum’s Tasty Tuesdays & Romanian Mum’s Foodie Friday (even though it is none of those days!) – why not hop over and share the love?

Romanian Mum
Link up your recipe of the week

Tasty Tuesdays on


Casa Costello
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The link is now open for entries for Bake of the Week – The link will close on Monday morning as usual and the round up will be up on Monday night. I will tweet and Pin any entries to the Bake of the Week Pinterest Board – Why not follow it to see the other entries we’ve had so far?

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When Casa Costello visited Center Parcs, Whinfell

Family Holidays at Center Parcs

We are well known for a our love of holidays and equally well known for our love of Center Parcs. Even before we became Center Parcs Family Bloggers, we had spent several holidays both at Whinfell and Sherwood Firest. We were in no doubt that we would thoroughly enjoy our recent break but it was even better than we expected. Having 3 children of wide age ranges sometimes poses difficulties in what we can do all together but CP caters for us perfectly.

We got up to all sorts! I’ve made a short video of just some of the stuff we got up to …

Hair Braiding
This was number one on the girl’s lists of things to do. There was much discussion about which colours to have. The braids have lasted well over a week after we have got home (We are now experts on hiding the braids during school hours!)

Ten Pin Bowling
We weren’t quite sure how a 3 year old would get on but she loved it! She was so excited when we got in – the atmosphere with the blue lighting is fab. We had the sides up and could use the trolley to help Tara even more (To be honest, I could have done with a bit of help too!)

They say you never forget how to ride a bike – It may be try but it didn’t stop me being awfully wobbly. All good entertainment for the girls (and the other holiday makers!) Tara had a truck which was brilliant for putting all our swimming kit in … and a minion!

There’s no excuse for going hungry at Center Parcs – I’ll be sharing another video of all the eateries we visited very soon.

Well, we wouldn’t be us without a pool, would we? The girls spent HOURS on the rides … and I went on them too!! Mega brownies points for me. You could literally spend your whole holiday in the water park – its toasty and warm and there’s always something different to do. I think Me & Derm were the only people to be drinking tea in there though! You can take the people out of Ireland but …

After 10+ visits to Center Parcs, we’ve come across some of the more hidden activities that you may not know about. Here’s our tips for some of the extra treats you can find…

  • Free Children’s Disco – Every night in the Bowling Bar at 6Pm
  • The Swimming Pool is much quieter after 5Pm – Fabulous for evening swims when they dim the lights and no queues for the rides
  • Free WiFi in the main complexes
  • Later Opening hours in the shop – Open til 8PM most nights now
  • Most restaurants provide colouring kits for the children. Most also have play areas in them.
  • Hidden play area above Cafe Rouge (You’ll be amazed!)
  • Toilets have steps for toddlers- Its the simple things that work best.
  • Hair Diffusers in the Accommodation – The ONLY place I have ever known to provide this!
  • Straighteners available for £1 a go in the Swimming Paradise (You can’t have 3 girls without thinking about hair … a lot!)
  • Cash Free wrist bands that can be used in the Swimming Paradise – also serve as your locker key and your lodge key. Amazing!
  • Bowling – You can say which people you want the bars on and which you don’t. And also change your mind half way through if you find out that you aren’t very good.

I could go on and on, but really I think you should just find out for yourselves. For more information about Activities at Center Parcs visit the website. One of the massive bonuses for me is that Whinfell don’t have frogs (massive phobia!). We’ve already talked about going back next year sometime.

I’ve got tons more to talk about our trip but for now, we would like to say a huge thank you to the team at Center Parcs.


Stuffed Bacon & Worcestershire Sauce Sweet Potatoes

sweet potato bacon worcestershire sauce

Now, I know these don’t look pretty but Oh My, they are absolutely gorgeous! I can’t tell you just how tasty they are – you’ve just got to make them and see.

They’ll never be neat enough or easy to eat to be served at a posh dinner party or as canapés, but sometimes you just need some really good food that will make your tastebuds tingle … and this could be the recipe.

I was sent a bottle of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce to use as I wished in any recipe. The good people at Lea & Perrins are trying to encourage us to use a sprinkle in some of our traditional recipes. That was no problem – we use it in all the regulars … lasagne, cottage pie, sausage casserole (in fact most casseroles), chillies, Spag bol. I wanted to introduce a dish that really brings out the flavour of the sauce and that is slightly out of the ordinary.

I posted a picture of my Lea & Perrins on Facebook last night and asked people what they use it for. Some of the responses were rather interesting.
We had:

  •  Giorgio Locateli’s Duck & Broccoli with a Worcestershire reduction (definitely going to try this one)
  • Marie Rose sauce (I realised I had started forgetting to include it when I make mine – Oops)
  • Bloody Mary’s (Eew!)
  • Tomato Soup
  • Burgers
  • Salsa (Yum!)
  • Baked bean dishes
  • Omelette
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • There was one suggestions for cheesecake but I’m not convinced – it was rather near April Fools Day!

We use it in our Chick Pea Chilli too(I’ll get round to sharing the recipe soon). For now, here’s the recipe for the Sweet Potatoes:

Stuffed Bacon & Worcestershire Sauce Sweet Potatoes

Serves 3-4
Meal type Appetizer, Lunch, Main Dish, Side Dish, Starter
Misc Child Friendly, Serve Hot
Occasion Barbecue
The sweetness of the potatoes go so well with the sharpness of the worcestershire sauce. You get the smokiness of the bacon. They are just delicious!


  • 8 Sweet Potatoes
  • 1 packet Smoked Bacon (Equivalent to about 8 rashers - Chopped into small pieces)
  • 1 small Onion (Finely chopped)
  • 1 tablespoon Vegetable Oil
  • 1 teaspoon Dried Thyme
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce
  • Salt & Pepper to taste


Wash and scrub the sweet potatoes well. Prick and cook at 180C for approx 40 mins until very soft inside
In a frying pan, heat the oil and soften the onions.
Add the bacon and fry until cooked through. Add the thyme and the worcestershire sauce.
Cut the potatoes in half and scoop out the soft middles.
Place all the ingredients in a bowl and mix together. You may need to mash it slightly but the potatoes should be really soft.
Place all the mixture back inside the potato skins and place back in the oven for another 15 minutes
Serve immediately - We love ours with rocket.

Disclosure: I was sent some Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce to use in any recipes that I saw fit. I was given complete freedom what I did with it. Thank you!

I also include a video showing how L & P Worcestershire Sauce can be used in traditional recipes espec lasagne:


Frozen Inspired Food – Marshmallow Olafs

frozen olaf food

It was a very exciting day for my children yesterday. Violet has never been the same since we took her to see the movie, Frozen just after Christmas. She has lived and breathed that film. Like a lot of children, she knows every word of every song. She spends many an hour ‘researching’ the film on the internet (YouTube!). She has waited and waited, and asked and asked near enough every day, ‘When is Frozen out on DVD?’ and yesterday was THE DAY!

Off she went to school with me promising to get the DVD (Nah, I’m not organised enough to pre-order it) and so off I tripped to the supermarket. I decided we would make a celebration of film night by having a Frozen inspired tea.

Here’s what I came up with – I’m pretty impressed with myself considering I only had an hour. Once Tara got the drift of what I was doing she was solo excited – I’ve never seen her jump up and down so much. Really cute!

I had seen on Pinterest, a few people have had Frozen parties and loved the idea of Olaf noses (Carrots!) so there was one dish.

olaf noses

We had snow topped pizza (Marguerita with some extra Mozzarella) cut into mountain shaped peaks.

My ultimate favourite (and the one that took the most time) has got to be the Marshmallow Olafs – 3 marshmallows stuck together with sugar glue. Matchmakers for arms. Mini chocolate drops for buttons and orange marzipan noses, I drew the mouth and eyes with edible pen. As you can see from the picture below, Tara was more than chuffed with her Olaf! God knows why, but all 3 girls changed into white onesies for the film – bit strange at 4pm in the afternoon but who am I to argue?

Frozen inspired food

Millie made us some paper snowflakes …

disney frozen food
We had snow topped popcorn (Freshly popped kernels with melted white chocolate mixed through it), Snow Mice, Snow topped Marshmallows (dipped in blue icing and edible sparkles), Blue shortbread cookies (which were vile – far too sweet)

frozen white chocolate mice

And best of all…Me & Derm had Chilli for tea (Get it?)

The girls had a ball and were high as a kite from all the sugar when Grandma came to visit as we had parent’s evening.

I think I earned some Mum Brownie points and I did it all without the help of gin!

Oaty Cookies – Bake of the Week

oat cookies biscuits

These are perfect to bake with toddlers. They don’t use too many ingredients, not too complicated and they are robust enough that even a toddler can mess around with them and they still turn out. I’ve never found it easy baking with toddlers – I always get stuck after the whisking of the eggs – frightened that they will over mix and the bake will come out rock hard. I am getting better though and honestly really enjoy making these with Tara. She really enjoys it too as the photo below shows. Yeah, I know my utility room is a mess and I haven’t eaten all of those Creme Eggs, honest!

Toddler baking

The first few times we made them, I thought she wouldn’t like them – there’s something about oats that makes a child suspicious! Too healthy. All 3 of my kids really like these though and we frequently have to make double.

Oaty Cookies

Serves 24
Prep time 10 minutes
Cook time 35 minutes
Total time 45 minutes
Meal type Snack
Misc Child Friendly, Serve Cold
Oat Cookies that are quick and simple to make. Ideal for baking with the kids.


  • 2 heaped tablespoons Golden Syrup (This is a rough measurement - I tend to just pour it into the pan so it looks about half the butter)
  • 4oz Self Raising Flour (No need to sieve)
  • 4oz Light Soft Brown Sugar (I have used dark brown and it works just as well)
  • 4oz Porridge Oats
  • 1 teaspoon Ground Ginger (I have also used Mixed Spice & cinnamon and they are nice too)
  • 4 tablespoons Tap Water
  • 4oz Butter


In a large pan, melt the butter and the syrup. Once melted, take off the heat and allow to cool.
In a large bowl, mix together the flour, oats, ginger and sugar
Stir in the melted butter/syrup and mix (by hand is fine)
Add the water and bring together in a dough.
By hand, roll into balls (I like to cover my hands in a thin layer of oil to stop it sticking first) and place about 12 on each baking sheet
Cook for 20-30 minutes. Once golden, remove from the oven and leave to cool on a wire rack.

There were some delicious looking bakes entered into last week’s Bake of the Week.

Kirsty from Hijacked by Twins gave a brilliant play on words with her entry – A ‘Baton’Berg which was made to celebrate the tour of the Sports Relief Bloggers Baton. I nearly got my hands on this at Saturday synchro training in Sale – It left the building a mere 2 minutes before we arrived! Anyway, back to the cake – how fab is this?

bake of the week

Jenny from Mummy Mishaps is a lovely blogger that often comes up with excruciatingly tempting bakes. This week is no exception – I know a 3 year old that would love these Malt Loaf Chocolate Brownies!

bake of the week

And lastly, Sarah from Crew Cut and Newt gave us a tip for when a bake doesn’t go quite right (Happens all the time round my house!) – Serve it as a pud! With this Cherry coulis, I reckon it sounds divine.

bake of the week

Thanks loads to everyone who took part in this week’s Bake of the Week – The link is open for everyone to enter again now. Remember, it doesn’t have to be cake…bread, biscuits, tarts, flans all count. I Pin and tweet every entry and mention in the weekly roundup on a Monday evening. The linky is open until Monday morning 7th April.

Please display the badge to let everyone know that you have entered #Bakeoftheweek


Casa Costello
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Have a great week everyone!

I’m also entering this Oaty Cookie recipe into Emily’s Recipe of the Week linky …

Link up your recipe of the week

And once more, this recipe can be found over at Honest Mum’s Tasty Tuesday linky

Tasty Tuesdays on

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