The Disorganised Blogger’s Guide to attending BritMums Live

britmums live business card

Well, its here. The night before BritMums . Bloggers up and down the land are prepared for trundling along to London in the morning. Blog posts have been written for weeks introducing sponsors, describing outfits, even detailing what has been packed in their bags. I’ve seen perfectly manicured nails through the wonders of Instagram. I know of people that have packed spare shoes. I’ve even seen snacks for train journeys. I am in awe.

My reality is somewhat different …

    • The Outfit – Tried on 20 minutes ago. It arrived last night by next day delivery. Emergency online shopping trip on Tuesday night after realising it, uum, wasn’t a white trousers week. (Sorry, mum)
    • The Bag – So far contains 3 pairs of knickers and a pack of 5 fudges (Not a euphemism for something rude – I ALWAYS make sure I have snacks for every occasion). I must remember to find some decent pyjamas somewhere otherwise my roommate will have severe nightmares.
    • Nails – Just remembered last time I painted them, I forgot about my little toes. If you see someone with 8 red toenails, pop on over – say hello!
    • Business Cards – Never did get round to ordering new ones, will have to make do with ones from 3 years ago with the Twitter name crossed out.
    • Arrival – I booked the wrong train so will only get into Euston 20 minutes before it starts so I will be late. The good news is I am in First Class so will be merrily tipsy by the time I find the venue.
    • The Kids – I think they’ll be fine. Of course its a weekend that one of them finishes at 12.30, One has a party and 2 have to be at training by 7AM on Sunday (45 minutes away) – I’m sure they’ll be fine!

The good thing about being so last minute is I haven’t got time to be nervous, I haven’t got too high expectations as I’ve simply not had time to think about what will happen.

I have got gin however and a matching loom band for my new dress (which may still have crease marks from the packaging) and I can’t wait to clap eyes on everyone!


    • Helen says

      And you, Pippa! I’m relying on organised people like you to have everything that I’ve forgotten! x

  1. says

    My business cards have my Twitter name scribbled on the back as I forgot to add it when I had them printed! And I’m just about to paint my nails, no chance of a blog post being written before tomorrow! Hope that you have a fab time and I’ll look out for you :)

    • Helen says

      I had fun, thanks Steph. I’d like to say it is unusual for me to be sooo disorganised but I’d be lying!

    • Helen says

      You would be appalled – I forgot the gin! You’ll be pleased to know I found an off licence though :-)

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