giant question mark

Its day of questions … Can you help with any of these from The Costello house?

From Violet: How does the internet work?

I thought I’d start with a harmless but difficult one – She means as a whole, not how does our house get it?

From Tara: How can I get a tail to come from out my bum?


From Me: Why did the man at David Lloyd earlier today, think it was ok to shave his chest poolside then jump in the pool to rinse down?


From Me Again: Why did the lifeguard sit there watching him??


From Derm: How after a massive swim, an afternoon of playing and an evening of traipsing about everywhere, can Tara STILL not go to sleep at 10.30PM?

I fear this is one of the mysteries of life and that if we solved it, we would earn millions.

From Me: Why did we think to put ONE trainer up in the loft in the Hand-me-down box?

Anybody want a used Size 11 Child’s Lacoste Trainer?? A Left One

From Derm: Do we put the charity clothes in the Air Ambulance or the Cancer Research bag?

How does one choose??


  1. Paul says

    A very wise friend – a Cambridge PhD, indeed – once told me that there are no questions to which one might not reasonably answer “More gin!”
    I’ve always found it helpful.

  2. Diane Cooper says

    Tara can stay awake because small children are alien creatures that have tentacles that come out and attach to their parent’s heads while they are asleep, draining all our energy in the process. This is how they have masses of energy and we have none. (This reverses when they become teenagers and that is why they sleep so much)

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