Nutella Bread – Daring Bakers February

nutella bread

It doubled in size! It doubled at last! You know in a recipe when it says ‘leave to prove until it has doubled’? That’s the bit where it usually fails for me. At most, I tend to have a tiny twitch of yeasty activity but at long, long last, I have discovered how to prove. I’m thinking this may lead to a new bread baking obsession.

February’s Daring Bakers challenge was to make either a Nutella sweet bread or a cinnamon one – Since, I have only last week eaten far too much Cinnamon Popcorn, I decided it was the turn of Nutella. My kids will certainly never complain, we go through buckets of Nutella.

I’ve never even attempted bread using condensed milk before so did expect the bread to be much sweeter than it actually is. I had to go out to take Millie training half way through the bake so I was fully expecting a disaster but amazingly it was fine.

I did make a short cut (due to it being midnight when I was baking) and left out the egg wash stage – that is why the top of the bread is so burnt looking – Happily though, it doesn’t taste burnt.

The pattern is super easy and fast to do, I may be experimenting more in future with twisted and decorative breads. My advice is, don’t be frightened of grabbing hold of the dough and getting it moving. I think all these years of dealing with sugar paste have made me quite timid about being too rough – Dough is completely different though, it likes a bit of rough.

We have enjoyed eating the loaf with a steaming hot mug of coffee and some chocolate hazelnuts left over from Christmas.

breaded plait

The recipe we were given, told us to split the couch in half and make 2 decorative breads – I didn’t want 2 Nutella loaves hanging around so had a play around with some cinnamon buns (turned out brilliantly) and a plain plait (love it!)

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