World’s Best Cakes: Cookbook Review

sticky date cake with caramel sauce

I’ve mentioned before how much of a cookbook addict I am. Every now and then, though, a book comes along that I just can’t get enough of – You know the sort, you take it to bed to read, you have a list as long as your arm of recipes you want to make. The World’s Best Cakes by Roger Pizey is definitely one of these books. I was looking forward to receiving a copy but when it arrived it took my breath away.

This is a book that has toured the world, looking for the best and most popular recipes. Each recipe has at least one good sized picture. The recipes are easy to follow and inviting to make – I have made a few out of the book already (the one pictured is Lucas Glanville’s Sticky Date Cake with Caramel Sauce – The recipe in the book is for Caramel Sea Salt Sauce but I was cooking for the kids so omitted the salt and it still worked perfectly.

world's best cakes baking book

I love the short story that accompanies each recipe – about where it comes from and when, who invented it and how it has altered over the years. Some of the recipes are really simple and some more complex but none seem so scary that I wouldn’t attempt.

This is a large book that is packed full of recipes and tips – there is not a bit of space wasted making it superbly good value for money at £30 – I wouldn’t normally advise paying so much for a cookbook but if you had this one, you wouldn’t be likely to need another for quite some time (I’m not promising I won’t fall foul of temptation and stop buying cookery books at all!)

I’m really looking forward to baking my way through this book – There’s ideas in here that I’ve heard of but never tried such as Maltese Prinjolata and Kransekaka – They are rather ambitious but I’m up for the challenge!

really good baking book


  1. says

    Good Afternoon Helen, It is lovely to meet you and your little Aardvarks. I love a good cookery book and as I have been married a long time, I can tell you I own quite a few. I liked the idea of the World’s Best Cakes, as I love baking cakes which I have never tried before. I love the look of the Sticky Date Cake with Caramel Sauce as I do love eating a really good date.
    Thank you for highlighting this book, I shall be popping down to Waterstone’s to take a look.
    Best Wishes

    • Helen says

      Ooh I hope you do get the book, Daphne. It really is lovely. Thanks so much for your lovely message! I look forward to ‘speaking’ again with you soon x

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