Jersey Black Butter Review & La Mare Chocolate Giveaway

peach apple compote sweet vol-au-vents

When I was asked by the people from Jersey Tourism and Travel Service, if I’d like to test some of their local food, I was very intrigued. I’d never heard of Jersey Black Butter before but it sounded so mysterious. I loved the thought of trying something so different and that there were so many options for how it could be used.

Jersey Black Butter is a described as a conserve of apples, cider jelly and spices – In short, I’d describe it as the taste of Christmas in a jar. The most obvious use I could find for it, was as a jam spread on toast. I even thought about spreading it on a victoria sponge, and getting a ‘cheats’ Christmas cake.

I used the Jersey Black Butter in a peach & apple compote mixed with cream, inside a vol-au-vent and it was absolutely delicious. Don’t know about you but I always feel rather brave when I eat a sweet vol-au-vent – I’m strictly addicted to mushroom vol-au-vents (and also it would appear, addicted to the 80’s!) I urge you to give it a go!

For more details of how to get Jersey Black Butter and other products local to Jersey, visit La Mare Wine Estates.

dark milk white chocolate truffles

I have a box of 16 truffles from the Premier Truffle Selection


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