Winter Hands and New Babies – with Dettol

how to stop hands from getting sore chapped

I was set the task by the good people at Dettol to come up with some tips of how to look after your hands. Its due to get a lot colder shortly and from my experience, hands soon start to suffer.

Before I had babies, I didn’t appreciate how many times you end up washing your hands and the effects of chapped skin – I had the lot … cracked fingers, bleeding knuckles, red raw skin. By the time daughters 2 and 3 came along, I was a bit wiser. Aswell as making sure I used Dettol, I had a few other tricks that I followed:

  • Handcream – Have some by every sink. This was from my mum – I argued that I didn’t have time to allow it to sink in, but looking back she was right. Even if its only on for a second, it does some good.
  • One Handed Jobs – Yes, I’m serious – There are some jobs that only need one hand and therefore only one hand needs to be washed. Believe me, if your hands are that sore, you go for the one handed tasks … i.e. Getting washing out of the washing basket, wiping surfaces down
  • The Order of Events – There’s some jobs that you can do before others – I used to Empty the washing machine, peel potatoes and then feed the cat – all with one hand wash. I’m not suggesting you skip hand washing if its something that need clean hands for i.e. cooking, washing the baby, just that even one less hand wash a day can help.
  • Accept Help – If someone visits and asks the immortal question, ‘Can I do anything to help?’-  Let them! Let them wash their hands instead of you.
  • Before you go out – Last job = Put your hand cream on and put your gloves over the top. I’m going to pretend that not everyone is like me and forgets something EVERY SINGLE TIME!
  • Bedtime – Last job of the day, hand cream on before lights out. Aren’t we hot in our house? (and obviously everyone has hand cream next to their bed?!)

Disclosure: I received no payment for this post, although Dettol did send me some E45 Handwash and a beautiful gift. All the tips are my own! Thank you to Dettol.

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