A Christmas Message …

Thought the Minions could say it better than I could!

minion cake toppers, sugarcraft minions, cremem egg minions, Merry Christmas Message,

Wishing you A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my posts, commented and taken part in competitions during the past year. I hope everyone has someone to share their Christmas Day with tomorrow and some sort of treat to enjoy.

As per normal, the Costello children are finding it hard to go to sleep. Tara is refusing to take her Christmas Onesie off even though she is sweltering. Me & Mr Costello still have a mountain of wrapping to do, Dinner to eat and a lot of Port & Lemon to consume. At least 2 of us have the annual Christmas cold. I still have 2 cakes to finish and I’m wondering where Santa might have stored the rest of his presents for safe keeping. I will have my one bath of the year later (a LOT later) – I’ve even remembered to buy myself some bubble bath to mark the occasion.

Wouldn’t change it for the world!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Lots of Love

Helen xxx


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