Acer Iconia A1 Tablet – Review

There’s one day in particular that starts Christmas off for me – The Sunday in December that Sports Personality of the Year is on. Its been that way for years, I remember watching it when I was young with my Mum & Dad, starting to feel all Christmassy. This Sunday was THAT day in our house. We didn’t move too far, had a chinese takeaway for our evening meal and settled down to watch our programme. We couldn’t forget the girls though, and chose Sunday evening to present them with a brand new Acer Iconia A1 tablet that we have been sent to review.

acer iconia tablet product review

I will admit to hearing about ‘Android’ devices and not knowing exactly what they were – I now know that they are basically devices that aren’t Apple. The girls were delighted when they were presented with the Acer (and worryingly, not a bit perturbed that they were being given such a big treat the week before Christmas). I didn’t get much time to play with the tablet myself on Sunday and thought it would be more complicated to get used to than it actually was. Set up was easy and registering with Acer and Google very straightforward (You can use an existing Google account) Violet was incredible on it though, she picked it up and just whizzed away with it. Finding Google and playing on it straightaway. We have always been an Apple family, so I was very intrigued how the girls found an Android.

Once you have found the Play Store (where you buy or download the Apps from) you are well away. There is a huge array of free Apps – My kids aren’t that spoilt, I’m not about to start paying for Apps the week before Christmas.

The Tablet itself is 7.59 inches and the screen is billed as being ideal for using one-handed. I particularly like that it feel slightly chunkier than the IPad mini, which with 3 children using it gives me faith that it might last. One element that I really like is the vibration when you press a key. The Home key is really easy to find and the system has been easy to navigate so far. (If in doubt, ask a 7 year old – they do it without thinking)

One point that has puzzled me is the charger that we got with the tablet. It is a European plug fitting with a USB cable – We have got an old Samsung phone charger which bizarrely fits. We have had to charge it once already but I have to say the kids have been hammering it watching videos.

tablet review

What the kids think…

Millie aged 11: ‘Think it really good mum, I like it’

Violet aged 7: ‘I think I’ll have this as my own’ Nice try, Vi!

Tara aged 2: ‘I want it!! Me watch Ben & Holly!’

Acer Iconia A1 Tablets are available for around the £150 price bracket – We received our free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are our own genuine feelings. More information/reviews can be found on the Acer Website.


  1. says

    I would advise a little caution with the free apps from the Google Play store – many of them are funded by in-app purchasing or advertising. The selection isn’t quite a good as on Apple devices, particularly in the kids area, but it is improving, and the Android tablets are a reasonable purchase for families who don’t want to pay Apple prices.

    • Helen says

      Thank very much, Ruth. So far we’ve gone with apps that we are familiar with and have had on Apple products but that’s very useful to watch out for. I like the price comparison – when it’s a 2yo and 7yo playing with it, it feels better to save on Apple prices.

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