A Day out with Oven Pride at Cheshire Cookery School

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I’m incredibly lucky to have 2 full sized ovens – When we had our kitchen refurbished that was my main request. We had got to the point where we could only eat meals that didn’t involve the oven as there was always a cake in it. 10 years later, I still reckon that was one of our most successful decisions. Sometimes we have not just the 2 ovens going but the oven part of the microwave too. But with most things there is a downside – 2 ovens means 2 lots of cleaning.

I have heard people go on about how easy cleaning your oven with Oven Pride is but didn’t quite believe it. When I was invited to attend a demonstration day with Oven Pride at Cheshire Cookery School, I jumped at the chance.

how oven pride works

We were to have a demo of how Oven Pride works, followed by a cookery lesson – with childcare provided. What’s not to like?
I did think as we started the demo, ‘yeh, right, convince me’ but oh my goodness, that stuff is amazing!

You really do just have to pop your oven trays/shelves in the bags provided and leave overnight, rinse them and ta-da! Miracles have happened. The actual cleaning of the oven is slightly more complex but even that is super easy – wearing gloves, you just need to spread the other half of the Oven Pride mixture (you’ve used one half cleaning the shelves) around and again, leave overnight for the magic to happen. Full directions for use are available over at the Oven Pride website.

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We were then treated to a cookery demonstration by Kurt, the chef from the Cheshire Cookery School, then had a go by ourselves. I tend to think there is a little patch of heaven somewhere that has training kitchens in – I know that’s where I’ll head! We made Tuscan Mediterranean Bean Stew with Meatballs and a super quick recipe for bread (mine has tarragon in it, hence the green bits).

Tara had a wonderful day too – It was the first time she had been looked after by people other than family members and I was a little nervous how she would find me walking away from her. She was very shy but there was no need to worry – Everyone at Cheshire Cookery School was so friendly that she soon settled. Happy girl = Happy Helen!

At the end of the day, we were given a fabulous goodie bag full of Oven Pride and other cleaning products (even Tara was given a gift). Even better, we were given 2 LOTS of OVEN PRIDE! How did they know I had 2 ovens that need doing? They are on ‘the list’ to be done before Christmas. Watch this Space! Thanks to everyone at Oven Pride and Cheshire Cookery School – We had a fantastic day!


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    I used this when we had to clean the oven moving out of our rented flat – agree it is absolutely brilliant and not expensive. No scrubbing just keep turning it round so it’s all coated then rinse off after a while. Bought some more for the new house…..

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