Center Parcs Competition – What we like to do together

How to give yourself a stressful day…Wake up and decide to enter the Center Parcs Challenge to become one of their Family bloggers by creating a one minute video.

Doesn’t sound too scary? Not unless you have never even used the video function on your camera before, never mind edited any video on the computer. I didn’t even know we had a video function until this morning!

I have talked on here before about how much we love going to Center Parcs and have spent many a happy week at both the Whinfell and Sherwood Forest sites. Millie & Violet both frequently mention their favourite holidays there – Could be something to do with the non-stop swimming? They completely got behind our ambition to be Center Parcs bloggers – Violet even told the checkout lady in Costco this afternoon that we were making a video for CP as we were going to win a free holiday! High hopes of our video making skills ๐Ÿ˜‰

But here’s our offering…a few hours later. We actually had tons of fun discovering what the girls like doing together and even after filming had finished, they stayed outside GETTING ALONG!!

We tried to be clever and come up with a selection of activities that spell out C E N T E R P A R C S – Get it?

So what did I learn from today?

  • The kids REALLY want to go back to Center Parcs – Whinfell is our preferred location but Sherwood would be great too!
  • Tara will only do so much performing if her fluffy poodle isn’t allowed on set – These child stars eh?
  • The girls do actually get on well with each other
  • I am more of a perfectionist that even I realised – You will never know the faffing I did to get the text and music on that video.
  • I cough A LOT! Several retakes were done!
  • Stephen Speilberg needn’t give up his day job just yet.

So there’s our first foray into video entertainment – we’ve thoroughly enjoyed it – Hope you do too!


    • Helen says

      Thanks Jen – Yes, she seems to have grown up loads recently. I’m loving her company now she is learning to talk. She’s very funny! Lots of love to your boys x

  1. says

    Congratulations Helen – your video is fabulous. I hope you and your family really enjoy being CP bloggers! I don’t know if you remember but we met at IWM North – I was the one with the noisy children…! Congratulations again. :)

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